World Sight Day hoodies

World Sight Day 2018 –Share Your Vision with Custom T-Shirt/ Hoodies

With World Sight Day on October 11, the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) under the global initiative ‘Vision 2020’ and in cooperation with WHO intends to eliminate avoidable blindness as a public health concern by the year 2020. Many NGOs in India work for promoting good eye health and inspire individuals to become aware of the measures to keep their eyes healthy.

World Sight Day Hoodies/ T-Shirts

A marketing tool like custom tees and hoodies can help bring more resources, like volunteers and funds to your cause. Catchy and fun designs will also get more attention and help spark conversations.

World Sight Day tshirts hoodies

By incorporating the below designs on our hoodies and t-shirts, we can also contribute our part to this global initiative.

  • Hoodies that create awareness about the cause: Most of the diseases in the world occur due to the unawareness in people about them. First, it is most essential to make people aware in order to encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle and be immune to various diseases. Educating the target audience who are most affected about blindness and vision impairment will certainly play an important role in combating such a disease which is 80% preventable by making necessary lifestyle alterations.

World Sight Day hoodiesWorld Sight Day black hoodie

  • Facts related to eye diseases worldwide: Raising awareness about this global concern through quoting eye disease related facts on hoodies is a brilliant way of promoting alertness among people. As women are more affected by vision impairment than men, we can highlight these facts on the hoodies to draw attention. If you are an NGO and working for this social cause, you can print these facts and wear such hoodies to create more awareness.

World Sight Day red hoodies

  • Hoodies giving tips to maintain good eye health: Designing hoodies and t-shirts giving significant tips on how to maintain good eye health will also educate people to take necessary steps in this direction. Smoking, eating habits, exposure to UV rays, maintaining poor hygiene, etc. are some of the vital reasons that cause blindness and vision impairment. Designing these hoodies with such kind of facts will help in alerting people towards this initiative. Also, encouraging people to make necessary lifestyle changes will certainly result in eradication of this disease globally.

 health tip grey hoodie

health tip white hoodie

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