Custom T-Shirts


The business of printing custom t-shirts has gained much popularity in recent years. With an increasing number of people opting for this extremely versatile and comfortable piece of garment, this specific business niche offers much scope for entrepreneurs.

However, with many new brands seeking a foothold in this niche, the level of competition has also increased drastically. This makes it even more difficult for every new entrant in the field to establish a successful custom t-shirts venture. While the success or failure of such ventures depends on various factors, some aspects are more important than others. In this context, the one factor that plays a critical role is the quality of the t-shirt opted for the printing of custom designs by a specific brand.   

Getting Familiar With Different T-Shirt Qualities

Like with most products, custom t-shirts are also available in various quality ranges. The three most common of these ranges include the following.

Cheap Quality T-Shirt: Cheap quality t-shirts are naturally made from poor quality fabric and are less costly to produce. They obviously come with an inexpensive price tag and also do not offer the benefit of fine finish and long durability. The custom print quality of these t-shirts is also not good and often fades quickly after just a couple of washes.

Standard Quality T-Shirts: These t-shirts are of a significantly better quality as compared to cheap quality ones. However, they are still not the right choice for custom printing as they might not always offer the best fit and feel. In most cases, the standard quality t-shirts are made from 100% cotton fabric which tends to shrink after washing. This can cause a reduction in the size of the t-shirt after just a single wash, besides distorting the printed image ruining its look and appeal.

Retail Quality  T-Shirts: These t-shirts are the best choice for brands offering custom printing services. Even though the cost of producing a single t-shirt of this quality is significantly higher, it guarantees better value for money and enhanced customer satisfaction. The t-shirts are designed to last really long and do not show signs of design distortion or wear out even after multiple washes. In fact, brands producing such t-shirts are able to establish their credibility and brand value amongst their audiences in a relatively effortless manner.

Importance Of Using Retail Quality For Custom T-Shirts

As mentioned before, retail quality is the best choice for custom print t-shirts for multiple reasons. The most important of these reasons are discussed in brief as follows.

They Offer Maximum Comfort And Best Fit: The retail quality t-shirts are often crafted from blended fabrics which gives them enhanced strength and also minimizes their chances of shrinking after being washed. These t-shirts hence offer the best fit within the specified size ranges. Moreover, the retail quality t-shirts are mostly quite soft and comfortable to wear, which makes them a preferred choice for buyers. They are extremely skin-friendly and can be worn by people of all age groups without developing any skin problems.

They Ensure Longer Print Life

Custom designs screen printed on retail quality t-shirts last much longer, and in some cases, the print of company logo T-shirts remain intact even after it has been worn for years. This is due to the fact that the prints executed on these t-shirts are of better quality and more stable than the prints executed on t-shirts of lesser/inferior quality. This keeps retail quality shirts looking new and appealing for a long time propels users to fall in love with the brand. They are thus, more likely to return to the brand to buy similar t-shirts besides recommending the same to family and friends.

They Offer Better Value For Money

There is no denying the fact that retail quality t-shirts are more expensive than t-shirts of other quality. However, people still prefer to buy them as they are extremely comfortable to wear and quite stylish. Moreover, these t-shirts offer a better fitting and also last way longer without losing their appeal. Thus they assure the buyers of greater value for money even when they can easily buy several cheap or standard quality t-shirts for the cost of a single retail quality one.

The above discussion makes it quite clear as to why investing in retail quality t-shirts for custom printing is beneficial for any brand.