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As the world ushers in the new decade, everyone is ready for wearing brand new t-shirts. Leaving behind the fashion trends of the past year, it is time to look at some cool and new design ideas for custom t-shirts. Before you place your order for t-shirt printing online, explore these top eight trending design ideas for custom t-shirts in 2020.

1. Animals 

There’s a growing rise of animal influencers on social media and we’ve seen a trend where large animal portraits are printed on t-shirts. People are becoming fans of these “pet celebrities” and celebrating them by wearing t-shirts printed with animal portraits. Most people are printing their custom t-shirts with large, stylized portraits of their pet dog or cat, or even turtles, and cows. It is a cool design trend for any parent of a pet celebrity, especially when you are planning to make merchandised t-shirts for animal rescue or pet care organizations.

2. Rainbows

T-shirts printed with colorful rainbows are always appealing to the eye. They have become a popular design to resemble peace and happiness. Rainbows evoke several sentiments but mostly joy, wonder, and hope. The colorful rainbow designs are a perfect image for printing personalized t-shirts. Several t-shirt printing designers prefer adding an inspirational quote on the rainbows. If you are making custom t-shirts for a group or an organization, you can also add the phrase of your cause or mission on the colorful rainbow designs.

3. Mountains 

Most people love nature and prefer having it on their apparel. Among these, mountains are the most popular scenic elements of nature that people adorn their t-shirts with. They are symbols for challenges and they represent the strife to achieving the goals of our lives. They can also mean that a person loves being outdoors in nature. Most hikers and campers have custom t-shirts with one or another beautiful image of mountains printed on them. And, there are several ways in which a mountain range or a valley can be graphically represented on your t-shirt apparel.

4. Flowers

Floral prints are popular among young women and girls. Printing flowers on t-shirts make them beautiful and also adds the elements of freshness, youth, and love to them. Floral prints also symbolize growth and a fresh start to life. And, you can make them more interesting when you add added some words or phrases as ornamental decorations to your flowery t-shirt designs.

 5. Inspirational Quotes 

One trend that remains popular among most custom t-shirt printing services is designing inspirational words or quotes. You can accompany almost any other design with an inspiration quote. It not only encourages people around you, who read them intently but also uplifts the appeal of the accompanying designs. From the wallpapers on our smartphones to the posters and portraits on the walls of our homes, we love having some inspirational quotes around. We read them and get motivated, so why not be around them even more by having them printed on our custom apparel!

6. Rainbow-ed Words

If you just want to print an inspirational phrase or a word, you might as well bring more spunk to it by making the designs of text-based letters more colourful. Rainbow-ing the words on the t-shirts can add more energy to the apparel. They can highlight the words in the best way possible. And, this also makes people more attentive to what’s written on the front or the back of t-shirts. Rainbow-ed words are more feminine and playful in nature, and they can surely lift the mood with the use of a refined colour palette for every individual word or letter.

 7. Abstract Sketches

 You can print t-shirts with some abstract drawings. The more organic and abstracted the sketches or drawings are, the more compelling your t-shirt appears. This design trend is also accompanied by text. Most importantly, you can use your own drawings to make unique t-shirt designs. The most popular abstract sketches t-shirts are made with a mixture of creative strokes, artistic lines, and vibrant colours that make the t-shirts stand out in the crowd. 

8. Left-Aligned Text 

You can also try aligning the text on your printed t-shirt to the left side of the shirt. It is a simple but effective great way to stylize your existing t-shirt designs. And, this minimalistic design trend adds more aesthetics to the t-shirts. 

 So, what’s your favorite custom tee design? Let us know, or design your own with our design tool on our website!