Top 4 Selling Colors of Customized Printed Hoodies in India

Hoodies are one of the most loved garments in anybody’s wardrobe.
Just like comfort food, hoodies are symbol of comfort fashion. Hoodies made with 100% Cotton fabric provide ample warmth during cold winter months . Kangaroo pockets and the hood cap take very well care of hands and head, providing complete protection from the cold.

College students love to buy customized hoodies in bulk. Printed hoodies with the college logo on the chest and some quirky slogan on the back are visible all across the campuses in winters.

Many brands like Alma Mater Store, which deal in customized merchandize, provide hoodies in various colors and shades but the Top 4 selling colors of hoodies based on the sales data collected from various suppliers and buyers are as following :
1. Black: Black color is the undisputed leader and tops the sales charts by a huge margin. Black color looks great in winters and also matches well with all kinds of shades of bottom wear. During winters, you are definitely going to see a sea of black customized hoodies on college campuses.

2. Navy Blue : On the second position comes another very popular color from the dark family i.e Navy Blue . With all its sophisticated charm, navy blue customized hoodies rule the heart of a large number of people.

3. Maroon : At third position , there is a surprise entry of Maroon color. In the last few years, maroon color has carved a strong niche for itself in the customized hoodies category. With its royal elegance, maroon color imparts a grace of different level to the college hoodies.

4. Dark Grey/ Light Grey: Interestingly, there is a tie for the fourth position between Dark Grey and Light grey. Grey with its both hues light and dark is very popular amongst the students. Both the shades of the grey customized hoodies go very well with denim jeans and therefore become a top choice by default.