custom t-shirt printing


If you’re about to establish an online store or organize a meeting or event, opting for custom t-shirts play a major role in brand recognition. Many custom t-shirt printing portals nowadays offer high-quality t-shirt designs but choosing an ideal one for your business requires a bit of research. So, here we have compiled some tips on choosing the right wholesale supplier for your custom t-shirts to increase your brand worth and identity amongst the rest. Keep on reading. 

Finding Best Wholesale Supplier 

There are various wholesale suppliers out there in the market who sell t-shirts in bulk but you need to make sure it’s quality over quantity. Also, some of the wholesale suppliers are not so good at offering high-quality t-shirts. One of the most common questions which you see every customer ask is that “Can I receive good quality t-shirt which is not too expensive to afford.” But unfortunately, you get what you pay for, like for most of the things. For apparel sourcing, the first step would be to determine how the blank tee fits. The size of the t-shirts also does matter depending on the customer demographic and the way it must fit that can dramatically influence your choice of brand. 

Read Reviews 

Today most things rely on the internet be it establishing your business or promoting it online. Most of the users are active on the internet. And with the advancement of technology, people surf the internet to get their things done. So, here comes the part about reviews. For online shopping such as Amazon, Flipkart, where it provides a feature where you can read reviews about the products before making your mind to purchase them. This makes your online shopping much easier and convenient without facing any hassle of putting your money first. So many wholesale suppliers do have their online reviews as well where you can go through it and make your mind accordingly for opting for custom t-shirts. 

Domestic Vs Overseas Suppliers 

When you look for wholesale suppliers for customized t-shirts online, you need to figure out whether you want to source them domestically or internationally. For your knowledge, overseas suppliers countries like India, China, and Taiwan, offer cheaper products to source from. But it requires higher manufacturing costs and you will also have less product choice. Whereas, domestic sourcing has higher manufacturing quality and labour standards and is quite easier to communicate without any language barrier. It has a faster shipping facility than overseas. 

Tools To Search For Manufacturer 

The Internet is the best place to start searching for the manufacturer. Some of the tools which you can use to find them are Google, Directories, Local Library, and Referrals. Directories are considered to be one of the best free sources for online supplier directories. The suppliers for the online domestic directories are ThomasNet, MFG, Kompass, and Maker’s Row. Whereas, for online overseas directories, Alibaba, India Mart, Sourcify, AliExpress, and Oberlo, are the perfect suppliers. 

Other Suppliers Research Tips 

Another best way you can search your product suppliers is by searching for your products by their NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code. Every product is attached to a NAICS code. Suppliers and manufacturers used to list their products with a NAICS code which makes it easier to find the products, especially when using professional directories. However, you can find the NAICS directory at your local library or online as well. Also, don’t forget to check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to ensure that there haven’t been any complaints filed. You can also browse Facebook page reviews and use Google search tricks to query about the name of the company and see its reviews to make sure if any red flags come up against them. 

Quote Requesting 

Now it’s time to approach a suitable supplier. So, start grabbing yourself some questions to ask your wholesale supplier for the custom t-shirts to avail the information which we’re looking for! The questions which you can ask them are listed below: 

  • What is your minimum order quantity?
  • What are your payment terms?
  • What is your sample pricing?
  • What is your production pricing?
  • What is your turnaround time? 

So, these are the questions you should ask your whole supplier before proceeding with manufacturing custom t-shirt printing. These questions will make your negotiation process easier for proceeding with the supplier and will let you find the best wholesale supplier for your business. 

Negotiate Order 

Before you start negotiating the order price with your supplier, you need to understand why a supplier should impose a minimum. When you understand the reasons behind the minimum will make you understand better about their position and eventually will allow you to negotiate the best counter offer. 

So, have you found your supply partner? We know that sourcing suppliers could be a unique process especially when you are new to this field. So, do some research first in order to locate suppliers which could be a good fit for your new business. Don’t get frustrated! This field requires some patience and perseverance to find the perfect wholesale supplier for your business. However, if you’re looking for the customized t-shirts online, you can hop on Almamaterstore to get the best custom clothing in India. The online design portal offers high-quality t-shirt printing at affordable rates. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and start creating compelling t-shirts for your business today!