Custom Apparel Trends


Custom apparel offers multiple advantages over pre-designed ones. This single fact has been responsible for the significant increase in their popularity over the past several years. Apart from providing a sense of creative freedom to the wearers, they also enable them to flaunt their choice and style interestingly. From t-shirts to dresses, hoodies to jackets, customization of custom apparel continues to be a major fashion trend. Despite most people staying indoors, the trend did not lose its sheen even in 2020. Now, with the year-end just around the corner, here is a throwback on the custom apparel trends that were most popular in 2020.

Displaying The Love For Nature

This year people choose to display their love for nature through the design of their clothes. Hence, it is not surprising that natural elements such as forests, birds and animals, water bodies, mountains, etc all became a part of apparel design. Dresses, shorts, and T-shirt printing in floral patterns gained much popularity especially among people, spending a long time at home. In many cases, the designs inspired by nature were also accompanied by motivational words and phrases to enhance the overall appeal of the apparel.

Fashion In Fitness Wear

With the growing awareness about the need to stay fit and healthy, there has been a significant rise in the number of individuals opting for various fitness activities. Most such people have been using fitness wear customized as per the latest fashion trends. Whether they need to go to the gym or even choose to workout at home or even go out for a run in a park, fitness apparel that has been customized to match the unique sense of style and taste of the wearers has been much in demand throughout the year 2020.

Focus On Smart And Comfortable Workwear

This year saw a surge in the demand for workwear apparel that was deemed both smart and comfortable. As businesses tried to keep their employees motivated and ensure their maximum productivity, they promoted the use of clothes that were both smart and practical. Polo t-shirts featuring company logos or imprinted with abstract messages relevant to the business or even inspirational quotes. Such clothes helped in maintaining the sense of belonging and uniformity among the employees besides assuring them of the support of their employers in a highly stressful time.

Revival Of Love For Colors

When it came to custom apparel, most people favored a combination of bright vivid colors printed on different pieces of garments. In this context, rainbow designs and texts gained much popularity as they add a unique appeal to even a plain costume. Another reason that made this trend quite popular in terms of custom clothing India is that it helped in lifting the mood of the wearers and made them feel less stressed and more relaxed. The use of vibrant colors in custom apparel filled the wearers with a sense of hope and helped them to stay upbeat even amidst all the gloom surrounding them. 

Casual Wear Featuring Abstract Sketches

Wearing casual everyday clothes became a norm for most people in 2020 although this trend came with a twist. Most people opted to get their casual clothes imprinted with abstract sketches and random phrases or lines of text to make them more interesting. A majority of such individuals preferred to use sketches they had created. However, several others used the art available online or taken from their surroundings to turn their boring casual wear into something truly appealing and remarkable. The most creative of these sketches also featured a mixture of creative strokes, artistic lines, and vivid colors to make the clothes stand out in a crowd.

Hoodies Of Different Styles

Since they first came into existence, hoodies have become an integral part of the wardrobe of most people. This year too, different styles of custom hoodies were favored by people of all ages and both sexes. In this context, retro hoodies, i.e., the hoodies featuring designs inspired by the ’80s and ’90s, became much popular. Similarly, the extremely stylish and comfortable quarter zip hoodies were also much preferred by people in 2020. In the case of retro hoodies, pastel colors and neon prints became quite a rage both among professionals seeking a somewhat formal look and casual fun-seeking wearers. The demand for these hoodies is likely to continue growing in the next year as well.