custom t-shirts


Custom t-shirts have become iconic due to their eye-catching designs. When you personalize a t-shirt, creating an amazing design is probably the first step for customization. A customized t-shirt is bound to stand out if it features a smart and attractive design that can catch everyone’s attention.

To come up with a great design for your custom t-shirt, you need some resources to start with. Most of us are not that good at designing – however, all of us possess some innate level of creativity within us. You could use that creativity and build your thoughts & ideas around how your custom t-shirt should be designed. Let’s get started on creating the best artwork and design for custom t-shirts, even when you have little to no design experience.

The Concept

Before selecting a service that offers custom T-shirt printing online, you need to finalize the design. The first step would be coming up with ideas that resonate with your expectations. If t-shirts are being customized for a company or an organization, then you need to develop an idea that goes along with the core values and agenda of the company. Similarly, the idea for designing your own custom t-shirt should be in-line with your motto/sense of style.

For instance, if you want a custom t-shirt for vacations, then you need to come with a design that represents your idea of a vacation. For some, it could be sundowners at a beach – for others, it could be adventure sports. Once you are ready with an idea, the designing process starts to progress on a set track and does not deviate.

The Inspiration

Based on your idea, you need to look for existing designs and artworks. If you’re already inspired by a particular design, then you can refer to it and create your own version of that artwork. To get inspiration for your design, you could use a lot of online websites where people share photos and designs.

The best way to get inspiration is to visualize your idea and find its relevance across several resources. Pinterest is a great tool for finding design inspirations. You can also create a vision board and bring all your inspirations together. This way, your design could be inspired by multiple resources and would end up looking completely unique. You could also go visit Behance or Dribble, where designers share their work portfolios. Such platforms are quite useful when you have no or little experience in designing.

The First Sketch

A trendy design stays memorable for a long time, which is why the actual effort goes into the artwork of your design. After finding the right inspirations for your design concept, the next step would be to create a rough sketch of the design. If you are a professional digital artist, then you could be familiar with design softwares such as CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator. If you are not that good at sketching, then perhaps you could start with a colour-coordinated design.

Take a pencil and paper, think of a graphical design drawn from your inspirations and ideas, and draw it to reality. This step is important for creating any sort of design for custom t-shirts. You don’t necessarily need to be good at drawing, but this first graphical sketch becomes a starting point for establishing your design.

The Digital Transformation

Based on the sketch, you convert the design into digital formats. You could use an easy and free online tool such as Canva. With its drag-and-drop features, various amazing templates, stock design elements, and unified design interface, you could easily bring your sketched design to life.

On the other hand, you can also scan your sketch and render it with professional design softwares such as Adobe Photoshop. Such software cleans up the lines and makes the design more vibrant. It also allows you to manipulate the design without any restrictions.

…. Or You Could Hire a Professional

If creating designs for your custom t-shirts is too complicated for you, then find a professional artist or a digital art design service. They could help you with this process and even let you explore some amazing design options. But, make sure you are actively taking part in each step of the design process. It would help you add that personalized touch your custom t-shirt design.

Conversely, you can visit our easy-to-use design tool here and transform your vision into reality!