t-shirts printing in bulk

T-shirts Printing in Bulk: Why you should consider Screen Printing?

T-shirts printing in bulk- Technology has a significant impact on every aspect of the way we live. Many things get changed, and so is the printing industry. Since a couple of decades, the printing industry has been through a lot of changes. The tradition approaches made now getting affected by the presence of the technology around.

In this guide, the readers will be enlightened about the reason why one must consider high-volume screen printing. But before that one also requires to know about the trends of printing. Go through this guide to know well about screen printing and why it is one of the excellent options.

What is the difference between digital printing and screen printing methods of t-shirts printing in bulk?

The digital printing is the process of t-shirts printing in bulk that is used for a small number of t-shirts whereas when it comes to a bulk order custom t-shirts, then screen printing is the best option that one can choose. The digital printing uses a four-colour system of colouring and printing t-shirts like those of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black. This does not at all require screens or plates.

This can get a print of 120 inches at maximum. But the advantages that are associated with this system is that this can help in printing many colours with a single pass. Any graphic can be produced. The prep time is also very less, and the completion of the project is also done efficiently. This is a great way which can help in saving cost and getting the t-shirts having graphics. The quality of processing is excellent.

There are more dots per inch, and this is one of the most significant advantages of digital printing. The art file scan also directly be moved from computers to be press. Altogether, the digital process is convenient. But there is a disadvantage, and that is it is not a productive method. To meet the orders of bulk, this will require a lot of time.

Advantages of screen printing

Screen printing features are the best to meet the requirements of a majority of products. The colours are laid down at a time, and there are different screens for different colours. This helps in t-shirts printing in bulk. The maximum print size of the screen in 32 inches. Some of the advantages of screen printing are this is a cost-effective method of distribution. The inks used are affordable. The inks are even more opaque than that of the digital ones. They can be used to t-shirts printing in bulk with graphics with a considerable bulk.

Which is the preferable option?

The best way of t-shirt printing is the screen-printing method, and there are reasons behind that. The order of t-shirt customizing comes in bulk. In these cases, the digital process can fall short of producing t-shirts printing in bulk. The productivity of the screen-printing process is just unbeatable.

This is the reason why screen-printing is considered to be the fittest option. The screen printing apparel is quite nicely finished as well. The quality of the apparels is also the best. The slash in the investment is also a benefit that is offered by this method, whereas, digitally, the cost that is to be spent for the printing is too high.

Thus, these were the few things that one must know about screen printing and  t-shirts printing in bulk. This is the best way to be preferred. The advanced technology has led to a lot of changes. They have made the bulk order t-shirts produced at a faster rate. Thus, the productivity of the industry is also positively affected. The bulk order custom t-shirts are produced with the advanced printing trends which are opted. Amongst all the methods chosen; screen printing is the most opted ones.