t-shirt design


T-shirts are a way to express who we are or to create brand awareness in the market about your company or organisation. Having a perfect t-shirt that suits all and ticks all the boxes to be the best is hard. But it’s not that much hard if you follow the points listed in the article precisely.

Many companies provide you the services of t-shirt printing online. You can design your t-shirt very easily. You just have to follow the below-listed points to get your perfect t-shirt design.

How to design a t-shirt in 7 steps?

  • Figure out why you need a t-shirt

The foremost thing you need to contemplate is the reason behind your t-shirt printing online. You need to analyse what you want to deliver through your t-shirt to the people. You have to make sure that your t-shirt design communicates clearly. You can write out a list of the key themes, styles, and personality traits you want your t-shirts to convey. To get the most effective design, move away from your personal preference, and rely more on real, quantifiable data. Who are your target clients/customers? What brand traits do they want to do business with? You have to think differently for different purposes, such as t-shirts for promotional gifts, internal company usage, merchandise, event souvenirs, etc.

  • Define your budget and quantity

Besides designing your t-shirt, it is one of the main things that you need to focus on. Defining your budget and quantity precisely can make a smooth pace for your t-shirt printing online. Budget and quantity will help determine how many colors you can use. As additional colours can be a little hard on your pockets. If you want to save money, conserving colours is the best option. The number of t-shirts you need also plays a vital role in the printing method as some methods are ideal for printing in bulk while others have a higher cost per t-shirt and are better for small orders.

  • Know your printing options

There are a lot of options in the printing method of a t-shirt. You can choose the best method that suits you the most based on cost, appearance, production time, and materials. These all are very important aspects that you need to consider before selecting your preferred t-shirt printing method. Some of the most common printing options are:

  • Screen Printing: It is the gold standard for t-shirt printing. A preferred choice for bulk orders.
  • Vinyl Graphics: It is the most durable and high-quality t-shirt printing. It is expensive, so good to go for minimal order.
  • Direct-to-Garment: It prints directly on the fabric. It comes with maximum detail and extensive colour choices. However, it doesn’t work well on dark-colored garments.
  • Brainstorm your design concept

This is the most interesting step as compared to all the other ones as this brings out your creative side. Your design could go in a million different directions. There are a few things you need to focus on:

  • T-shirt types: There are a lot of t-shirt types in the apparel industry. You need to focus on which will serve the goal for your brand. Think about your audience before deciding the right type of t-shirt.
  • Style and imagery: This will buzz on your artistic instinct. Think about your targeted audience and their taste and design accordingly. Also, design in such a way that it looks good on all shapes and sizes. Remember to not complicate much and just keep it simple.
  • Colour in t-shirt design: This is one of the most crucial aspects you need to focus on as every colour depicts a personality. It portrays something about your brand at just a glance. T-shirt designs have two sets of colors to keep in mind: the fabric colors and print colors. Also, if you want to choose the exact colour, Pantone (PMS) or custom blended CMYK inks are the best.
  • Find a designer

If you have got some design skills then it’s great, but if designing is not your cup of tea then also it is not an issue to worry about. If you have a tight budget or want to save some money, designing your t-shirt by yourself is the best, but the main thing is you need to understand the technical aspects too.

T-shirt printing online is not a drawing, you need to be technically sound. If you are not good in this field then hiring a pro is better for you. Here, freelancers are the best choice as they don’t take high charges. You need to provide them with all details so you can get the perfect t-shirt design. Also, then you don’t need to worry about anything and just need to supervise and approve the designs.

  • Evaluate your design

After contemplating a lot on the designs and selecting your favourite one, you need to evaluate your design. Show your t-shirt to key stakeholders and people who don’t have any connection to what you are doing as people who are not closely associated with your t-shirt design will notice things you never did. Asking their opinion about the design and the message they get through it will serve your best interest. If it’s good then no need to worry, but if it’s not, go back to your designer and figure out what you can change.

  • Get the right files from your designer

After all the hard work, the last step is to make sure that you get the right files from your designer. Firstly, you will need your t-shirt design in vector format. Probably, it will be an Adobe Illustrator, PDF, or EPS file. You will need one for each different t-shirt design you are creating. Secondly, the colour codes. To have everything perfectly, make sure you have the Pantone or CMYK color codes for your printer if it does custom colours.