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15 Pro Tips for Creating Best T-shirt Design

T-shirt printing has been a trend in the past few years. The power of t-shirt design has got into the minds of designers in terms of advertisement. With the advancement in technology, you would have marked the purchase of t-shirts has grown higher. You can customize your t-shirts, which is the new revolution where words of mind can be put into the picture. Surveys condemn that t-shirt design industry are expected to cross the US $10 billion by 2025. These days the best t-shirt designs come in different brands.

What tips should you Consider for Manufacturing Best T-shirt Design?

T-shirt designing appear fun activity from its rear view, but it involves a lot of strategies to converge the market to make it a marketing tool. So, read out to know the tips that will help you create the best t-shirt designs.

  1. Explore your Concept

It is not necessary that you publish your design upon a t-shirt in the first stroke. Prepare a scratch of the thought you want to print. If nothing comes to design custom t-shirts, then, walk around, eat, take rest, brainstorm, and come with creative options.

  1. Designing Process

If you are a designer and working for a company, then strictly keep your company’s objectives at the front foot. As an old saying dominates this industry saying that ‘a picture is worth of thousand words.’ So, to create the best t-shirt design, you should know the brand you are working with. Promotion of custom t-shirts is similar to that of advertisement.

design process

design process

  1. Audience’s knowledge

The second thing to do when you get your prints ready is identifying your target audience. For example, ask yourself who is going to wear that custom t-shirts or the interests that person has or the social media they come from or the last and important thing if at all they want to purchase your services or products? The preferences for different age groups for t-shirts design will be unique and independent.

  1. Consider BAT

Here, BAT stands for Budget, Quantity, and Timeline. These three parameters will help you design better. Budget is the first thing among it. Your design becomes powerful with the amount of investment it indulges. Best t-shirt designs are carved out of quantity and the time attached to complete it. Remember to complete your t-shirts design within timeline and before the deadline to avoid that last moment running race.

  1. T-Shirt Type

T-shirts are available in different shapes. You will get a round neck, v-neck, long sleeves, polo-neck, long sleeves, and many more. If you want t-shirt design in bulk, your choice for your design will enable you to set distinctive designs on it. If you take long-sleeves, you can print your brand’s name upon it.

  1. Good Fabric

Fabrics are always good. But, what you want to print should be given importance. If you want custom t-shirts printing for screen printing, then cotton is the most preferred type. If you want to mount directly to the garment, then again cotton should be your choice. For transfer and sublimation painting, the preferable fabric should be polyester. Best t-shirt design are not that easy to carve like normal or regular shirts.

  1. Right Size

This is a basic formula that you have to remember are small designs normally vanishing like a dot in big t-shirts. So, try encrypting big designs on small-sized t-shirts. The right size of the design is essential to provide a complete look at the t-shirt. You can place the bulk order t-shirts printing you want to design on a table and position the paper on it.

right size

right size

  1. Color Scheme

Each color embellishes a different personality. As a graphics designer, you have to make sure that different attitudinal people receive the right color and right message. Color combination is the breaking point for an outfit. You either break the ceiling or don’t even get a chance to reach there.

  1. Placement of the Design on A t-shirt

Place the logo or design in the right place of the t-shirt. You need to determine to keep the size of the t-shirt in mind.

  1. Right Typography

If you know your audience will understand the text that you want to set in their t-shirts then go for this traditional method.

  1. Printing Options

Check minutely for the number of printing options you have. That can be either Direct to Garment (DTG), Dye Sublimation, Screen Printing, or Heat Press Printing.

  1. Search for a Designer

If you want a logo to be printed in your t-shirt, leave it in the hands of experts. Chances are there you might mess up.

  1. Evaluation of the Design

Evaluate your design from top to bottom in terms of budget, pricing, sizes, colors, and all parameters possible.

  1. You need a Printer

Now, you are not going to put your fingers to your design to see it alive. You need a printer for it. So, take a printer and set it to pre-press proof.

  1. See in furtherance

Do not copy designs from anyone. Put your efforts to get your product launched in the market. You will get good brand results and high purchase.

These 15 Pro-tips will get you through the custom t-shirt printing task.