t-shirt printing online


Customised clothing has the heart of many people. People are tending to move more towards customised clothes. There are several options for t-shirt printing online. You can easily design your own t-shirt online in India.

There are two options in which you can custom make your clothes, the first is printing and the second is embroidery. However, often people get confused about choosing the right option for their customised clothes. Whether it is for workwear, uniforms, merchandise, or fashion, it is a question many ask, ‘which is better? Print or embroidery?’. 

Here, we want to tell you the basic factor that determines which method will work best for your customised clothes is how you treat them and how often you wear them. Any overused cloth will be worn-out after a while. Also, if you don’t take proper care of your clothes and don’t wash them accordingly, their quality will gradually deteriorate. However, there are several other factors too that will help you to choose the perfect method for your customised clothes. What is worth noting from the start is the fact both are highly durable and both look great.

In this article below we will go into greater detail on a few factors that can help you decide which is best for you. Alma Mater has both the options for your customised clothes. Whether you choose embroidery or printing, they will deliver the best services for your customised apparel.

Printed Clothing

There are various methods of t-shirt printing online. Alma Mater offers a huge range of print methods under their roof, ensuring that they can deliver the best results no matter what your requirements are. If you opt for a printing method without any specific description of any particular printing method, then they will allocate the most suitable method for your order themselves. You still don’t have to worry as they have great expertise in their work. Also, if you have any specific printing method in your mind in which you want to get your customised t-shirt, you are most welcome to specify it.

Here are a few situations where printing is the best option for clothing, bags, and other garments:

  • T-shirt printing online is the best option if your artwork or design is of a large size. It is much easier to print large size designs than embroidering it. If any design is larger than A5 (paper size), it is highly recommended to go for the printing method. You can also design your own t-shirt online in India and get it printed.
  • If we look at it from the economical point of view then also printing your customised t-shirts is generally advised. Print provides great value on both large and small orders. However, it is far more economical than embroidery on small volumes. You can save a lot by opting for the printing method.
  • If you are planning to get a photograph or a complex artwork on your customised t-shirt, then a print is the way forward. Embroidery in this case will not give you the desired results as it will not accurately re-create the intricate elements of your artwork or design. Whereas, printing it will give justice to your artwork or design with greater accuracy.
  • If you are running late from the deadline in which you want your customised t-shirts then we will advise you to go for the printing method. In this situation, printing is the best option and it has faster turnarounds. Embroidery takes much more time than printing as it requires more effort and precision. Go for the printing method and you will receive your order within the deadline.

Embroidery Clothing

If you opt for the embroidery method for your clothes, then be ready to see some variations in the quality of your design or artwork. The quality is dependent on several factors, the primary ones are the digitisation of your artwork, the embroidery machinery, and the type of threads used. Alma Mater takes no shortcuts and uses some of the most advanced machinery, the gold standard of threads, and unrivaled digitisation expertise. You can rest assured about your customised clothes as they are professional in their field and offer the high-value results that you are looking for.

Here are a few situations where embroidery is the best option for clothing, bags and other garments:

  • If you are planning to order in a bulk, i.e. at least 25+ products per design, embroidery can prove to be a good option as it will be very economical. Also, when all the people in your group will wear the same embroidered t-shirt, it will leave a great impact on other people’s mind.
  • Embroidering your customised apparel is a great option if your design or artwork is of small size with fewer details. Embroidery can provide a professional finish, especially on polo shirts and other smart garments.
  • Embroidery works best for apparel which is less suitable for print such as, fleeces, knitwear, and other workwear and uniform products. Embroidering your designs on these kinds of apparel can work really well and lift up your design or artwork.
  • Prints tend to fade away after some time but embroidery lasts long. It is highly durable, so it is perfect for those working outside against the elements.

Here, all the information about print and embroidery clothing ends. Now, it all depends on your preference, as both options are normally possible and both have their merits. With Alma Mater, whether you choose a printed or embroidered clothing method, you will just receive the best service.