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5 Reasons for the Immense Popularity of Custom Hoodies

Saurabh Chhabra  |  9 October

Hoodies have been an all-time favorite as they are comfortable, cool and versatile.  A wide range of people swears by the hoodies. The best part about them is that they don’t go out of fashion. Their popularity is increasing on a daily basis and nowadays people prefer them with a personal touch. That’s how one can witness the increased demand for customized hoodies. People are really motivated to possess them. Customized hoodies are in vogue and the reasons are quite genuine. Don’t believe us? We have listed out the causes that are making customized hoodies immensely popular.

  1. College-going attitude

Personalized hoodies are quite popular among the college-going students. The reason for their immense demand is that they help students express themselves to the fullest. The easy-going and happy go lucky attitude of the students is reflected quite well in these. The customized hoodies let these students wear an attire that portrays their thoughts and imaginations. This grants them a freedom to be themselves and also compliments their perspective of “I am what I am”. Moreover, being comfortable for a whole day at college in the personally styled hoodies is something that cannot be missed. The personalized hoodies make the students look more stylish and are really affordable to go with their budget. Furthermore, there are many colleges which get customized hoodies designed for special college events and fests and that has started creating a huge demand for the customized hoodies.

custom hoodies with college going attitude

  1. Workout motivation

Customized hoodies are quite popular among the fitness enthusiasts for their wondrous potential. They are comfortable for any workout, does not restrict movements and the personalized touch provide people with the much-needed enthusiasm everytime they fall short of it. People get their hoodies designed in a way that will depict their persona and their love for fitness. Moreover, some people are really concerned about their appearances in workout wears and hence personally choose the color and labels to go on their hoodies, that will complement their appearance even when they are in the process of working out.

  1. Represents your gang

There is always a group of friends, who stays together, eats together and nowadays even wear the same hoodies when they have to showcase their bond. Not just friends, but family members too have started ordering customized hoodies, with different hoodies designed personally for the different members of the family. Then there are couples who portray their love for each other by wearing the customized hoodies with personal messages for each other.

custom hoodies with college going attitude

  1. Best gifts

During someone’s birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion, we are always stricken by one question-what to give as a gift. A gift should be something that is valuable and will elevate the happiness of the receiver. And what better than a customized hoody will be able to fill that criterion. It will have your deepest thoughts portrayed on it, which can be a message from you or an inside joke of yours. Moreover, the hoody can be used by the receiver as daily wear. The receiver will be gratified thinking about how much efforts you have put in to give something that has a personal touch to it.

  1. All in one

We are surrounded by the generation, who want things to be at their simplest. They will mix and match everything possible to make their work easy. That’s where the customized hoodies come to their rescue. They are really comfortable, match their persona and hence are preferable to wear at almost every event. The customized hoodies can be worn while performing a number of activities, be it traveling, hanging out with friends or going to sleep after a day full of happenings in the same hoodie.



Saurabh Chhabra  |  2 October

Whether it’s your wife, mother, daughter, sister or friend, life is incomplete without women. They are a great support and offer the best advice – be it a relationship problem or a career dilemma.

With the spirit of October and Breast Cancer Awareness month, it’s important that we gift them something which celebrates girl power and helps convey themselves better. A customized T-shirt will speak your mind, creativity, and thoughts. We have come up with various ideas that will help you achieve that perfect customized t-shirt, which will truly showcase the girl power in them.

  1. Being sassy

A girl is a great amalgamation of sweet and fiery nature and an air of sassiness surrounds her. She is dynamic, high-spirited and does not give too much of a damn. That sassy nature needs to be reflected in her clothes as well. Choose a line or quotes that you swear by. It can be as simple as “Too glam to give a damn” to let the society know that you aren’t amongst the ones who will care about their unnecessary commentary.


Don’t hold yourself back and let your sarcasm make way to your t-shirt. It will speak volumes for you. People will know about your sense of humor even before having a word with you.

  1. Get motivational

All the girls have it in them to prove themselves. Be it a household chore or a mess at work, they have their sleeves rolled up. But that is followed by some days when you are at your lowest. Let your t-shirts motivate you in those hard times, reminding you that you have overcome large obstacles and soon this will also be a thing of past.


  1. Getting inspired by the strongest women characters

There are a lot of women who inspire us, but then there are some who are our favorites like Jane Austen’s Elizabeth, Wonder Woman, Rani of the movie “Queen”, Powerpuff girls and many more. We have grown up reading and watching them. We could easily relate to them and that assured us we are not the only one undergoing a time of dilemma and chaos.  They also made us believe that we girls can achieve anything, even if we stand alone.


  1. Break the Stereotypes

Use your t-shirt to send a message across the society which has formed useless stereotypes. Show them that women are better drivers, they can earn well, that their world is not limited to the kitchen, not every girl likes pink and many others that you find useless. Legendary Mia Hamm too came across this and she gave a befitting reply “My coach said I ran like a girl, I said if he could run a little faster he could too.”

Custom Hoodies for Travellers

Custom Hoodies for Travellers: Celebrate Your love for Travel on World Tourism Day

Saurabh Chhabra  |  20 September

Custom Hoodies for Travellers- Are you a seasoned globetrotter? How keen are you on learning the local culture of the destination you visit? This year’s World Tourism Day on September 27th provides an excellent opportunity to convey your love for travelling. Whether you want to raise awareness about your favourite destination or simply feel like displaying among your less travelled mates how travelling can change their perspective on the world, there is no dearth of design ideas when it comes to customizing your hoodies.

So, hop aboard for the coolest hoodie design ideas:

Custom Hoodies for Travellers: Celebrate Your love for Travel on World Tourism Day-

Hoodies with travelling tips: Travelling tips are essential wherever you go. So, why not spread the message across? There are various ideas you can incorporate. Suppose you are travelling with your better half, the things you will pack would be different for each. What would be funny is that you can have your own list of essentials on your hoodie and your partner’s list on the one he/she wears. We are all prone to carry unnecessary things when we travel. You can add these too. These would have a funny appeal.

Comical designs that would show you are a travelling freak

You may mention in passing to someone that you are a devoted traveller and no matter what, you believe that travelling is more important than anything else in the world. The best way is to wear your beliefs and your travel design ideas can be really witty. Go for minimal designs with famous quotes with travelling puns or add your own creativity with travelling related quotes. You would be encouraging more people to travel like you with these quirky design ideas.

Custom Hoodies for Travellers

Custom Hoodies for Travellers

Custom Hoodies for Travellers

Destination themed designs on hoodies

Hoodies with designs that are themed according to the place you visit will let you blend in better with the new crowd. Just before you go make sure, you know a little about the destination you will be going to. There are loads of cultural references you can take as inspiration and print them on your hoodies. For instance, if you are heading to Australia, you already know how much kangaroos are popular there. So, you can print some really interesting designs of this animal and how it is perceived in their culture. It will just show your awareness about the place while also not giving away a very touristy vibe.

custom travel hoodies

custom travel hoodies

custom travel hoodies

Hoodies about the places you have already been to and likely, going to visit again

Out of the many places that you have visited around the world and in the country, there must be one single destination that you want to keep visiting over and over again. While the famous and historical logo design, ‘I Love New York’ can be seen almost everywhere, you can put your favourite destination by replacing the initials of the design. This design is quite simple to incorporate into your hoodies.

custom travel hoodies

custom travel hoodies

With these fun design ideas, you can now easily convey your hardcore travelling craze and also, encourage others to join your bandwagon. As the World Tourism Day approaches, try some of these designs and raise awareness about this special day wherever you go.

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Engineer’s Day Special – Fun T-Shirt Ideas for your Employees

Saurabh Chhabra  |  19 September

Fun T-shirt ideas for Engineer’s Day- When you are part of a tech company or an entrepreneur who is starting a new in the tech industry, it is a proud feeling to be at the forefront of innovation and making the world a better place. However, in this era of too many startups, your brand needs to stand out, as it won’t speak for itself. So how do you share your sense of belonging to your company and at the same time promote it?

Well, the best part of working in most tech companies is that you maintain a smart-casual dress code with t-shirts and denim. Basically, you are comfortable in your workplace to keep ideas flowing. Customising t-shirts for work is quite a fun and effective way to promote your brand and show team spirit.

Fun T-Shirt Ideas for Engineer’s Day:

Engineer’s Day in India approaches on the 15th of September celebrating the birth anniversary of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. As he was a renowned engineer of his times, this day is dedicated to him and all engineers who strive hard for the betterment of society. Now we all know how much value does engineering have in our country. Being a vast field with so many areas of expertise, you can come with ample ideas for customizing t-shirts to promote your brand on this day. Here are a few that you might want to try out:

  • T-shirts that define your profession: Showing that you work as a unified whole is easy when you go with the simple and straightforward designs on t-shirts. If you and your team are a bunch of computer or software engineers, bring out your zeal in a funny way with the common computer language that only computer programmers and engineers like you would be aware of. Not only would these t-shirts define your allegiance but also would be fun to express in a workplace setting.

Fun T-shirt ideas

  • Witty Engineering Quotes on T-shirts: Witty quotes on t-shirts are quite attention-grabbing. In light of Engineer’s Day, you and your team can customize t-shirts with some funny passages. Each of you can print different quotes on your t-shirts and make this special day exciting. 

Fun T-shirt ideas

  • T-shirts of your favorite scientists and engineers: The world has offered us with plenty of scientists and engineers who have ushered us into the modern civilisation. T-shirts with designs of your favourite science heroes along with their interesting quotes would be a nice bonding experience with the rest of your team. Sporting them on this day would also show your high team spirit as well as encourage others from your team.

Fun T-shirt ideas

  • T-shirts with the company logo: When your entire team is sporting your company’s logo on t-shirts, it raises brand awareness in a much effective way. Much like uniforms, customizing t-shirts with the brand name or logo brings about a good internal balance among co-workers and also, shows brand loyalty. 
  • Fun T-shirt ideas

Now that you have enough ideas to customize your tees for Engineer’s Day at your workplace, spread awareness of your brand or simply put on the witty designs that would show your dedication and love for what you work for.

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engineering T-Shirts for Techies

De(code)ing Engineers’ Styles – Quirky T-Shirts for Techies

Saurabh Chhabra  |  19 September

“Mera beta engineer banega”

Doesn’t this sound familiar?

Most of us have lived through this cliché. Some of us happily opted for it as a career option whereas others had to fight fierce battles.

From entering late in the classroom to dozing off in the middle of the lecture, from late night assignment completion to sleepless nights during the exam time – all engineer’s have stories to tell and memories to cherish. Therefore, this engineer’s day feels free to share your experiences and journey with others. But not the usual way, we have a really interesting and artistically driven idea lined up for you.

Why not let your outfits speak for you?

After all, you’re the young brigade full of innovative ideas and mind blowing fashion sense. How can you not experiment with customized t-shirts as your cool and comfy garb for special occasions like Engineer’s day?

Yes, mix it up. It is time to bring your engineering expertise and fashion on the same platform.

engineering T-Shirts for Techies

Irrespective of your field of engineering, you can come up with some really innovative ideas on engineering to print upon your customized t-shirts. You can spread a word about this in your entire class and design customized t-shirts for your entire batch to make this day a special one. You can also organize a cultural programme or sports event on Engineer’s day at your college and wear your customized t-shirts to reverberate the feel of the day.

engineering T-Shirts for Techies

Engineering related quotes or the popular jokes on engineers will all make for an interesting content. Over and above that you can work on the presentation of your design by using eye-catching fonts. To enhance the realistic appeal, you can share your experiences with the usage of imagery coupled with a good sense of humour. After all who doesn’t love a good laugh?

Whether it’s the insights of Satya Nadella or Sundar Pichai; Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk whoever makes it to your list of top influential techies could be your next inspiration for customized t-shirts as well. Their ideas, sayings, inventions can all be transformed into interesting designs for your customized t-shirts. There is no limit to the creativity you can pull off while creating suitable customized t-shirts for yourself. Just, don’t forget to keep it in tune with the theme of engineering.

From fixing broken down machinery to being a Mathematics genius, if you’re proud of your engineering skills then don’t shy away. Just let the world know about your extraordinary talents by wearing customized t-shirts that depict the same. Look for interesting statements like “TRUST ME I AM GOING TO BE AN ENGINEER”, “I MIGHT BE AN ENGINEERING STUDENT BUT I CANT FIX STUPID”, “FUTURE ENGINEER BECAUSE BADASS PROBLEM SOLVER IS NOT A SENSIBLE CAREER GOAL” and others to make heads turn. It is important to be careful regarding the font size when you have long statements to print.

engineering T-Shirts for Techies

Let everybody know that you are a proud engineering student. Shout it loud through your customized t-shirts the same. “LOADING AN ENGINEER” and various other statements can be printed on the back of the t-shirts for an overall engaging design. Sleeve prints are also fascinating. So gear up to design quirky and fascinating customized t-shirts. After all, its Engineer’s day and you deserve to brag about it!

engineering T-Shirts for Techies