ways to make your t shirt design go viral

5 Easy Ways to Make Your T-Shirt Design go Viral!

Alma Mater  |  16 April

Does it ever happen to you, that you’re walking down the alleys of a flagship store, looking for some comfortable and quirky t-shirts, but you don’t like the t-shirt design? This is the day and age of expressing yourself, especially through fashion.  But sometimes in life, our likes and dislikes do not figure in fashion for the general population. To cater to the people who believe in wearing something personal – as effortless fashion yet tasteful – exists the industry of customized wearables. It has been a booming industry for quite some time now, with its initial rise coming from universities and alma maters needing custom t-shirts. It is the brainchild of modern-day merchandise marketing, which doesn’t require one to be a brand per se, to have people adorn a customized piece of merchandise.

From teams looking for representation by means of a custom t-shirt design for an upcoming event to college societies designing merchandise is a very organic way to create visibility for anything that can be classified as having a brand identity. This trend has further expanded into something that has emerged from the design sense that social media is slowly starting to develop in its users. People like to see relatable things; humour and satire on a custom t-shirt. Customising your clothing, with the culture you talk about and the sense of humour you inculcate in yourself, becomes a fun activity.

5 Easy Ways to Make Your T-Shirt Design go Viral:

To make sure you know how to design a cool t-shirt designs and make it stand out amongst the masses, follow the tips below:

  1. Choosing the right style is imperative:

One thing that affects the look of a t-shirt is the style of the garment itself. T-shirts come in many styles, like the classic short sleeved one, the polo tee and the long-sleeved classic American inspired style. These styles have different appeals to different types of buyers, depending upon their tastes. Sometimes, a design might look better on a polo tee, than a normal t-shirt.

choose the right style to make t shirts design go viral

Another reason why these tips for creating a better custom t-shirt are important is that if the garment itself doesn’t fit properly then the purpose of design is moot. A person will re-order if the material and fit itself is comfortable, which draws the most attention via a satisfied customer.

  1. Content matters:

What you choose to portray with your content is what will serve as the highlight of your t-shirt. A great piece of content or visualization for a design will be more purposeful compared to a pre-existing design and concept. People generally opt for humour based or satire based comical content. If you cannot think of something original, look for t-shirt design ideas online and go from there.

  1. When thinking design, think interactive:

Take this as a baseline before anything else, what you create as a design should be interactive. It should invoke a feeling or emotion in the person buying or looking at it, as that is what ends up in actual sales. When designing a t-shirt design template, it is imperative to focus on colour pallets and combinations, visibility over the t-shirt itself and the final placement of design.

viral t shirts designs

A great way to shake things up is by using the space given to you innovatively, while also maintaining a level of comprehension with the buyer.  You could always look to your competition to know how to design a cool t-shirt.

  1. Placement matters:

The placement of your design will do wonders for your concept, as out-of-the-box thinking is sure to give results. Some fresh ways, to use designs is by printing on sleeves, using the space creatively, and telling a story with your design.

Here’s a pro tip for creating a better custom t-shirt, place the content uniquely by using words as a preamble on the front and something to validate it in the back, like a story of facing a person and facing their backs when they walk away.

  1. Vintage as a trend:

You can never go wrong with vintage in fashion! The whole concept of vintage is all-inclusive in the sense that it can be applied for a wash or look of the fabric with which the t-shirt is made. Play around with transparency, textures, shapes and distressed gradient.  It can be incorporated as cultural aspects of the design, or as a whole garment, promoting an era itself.

Trust vintage to get you a plethora of t-shirt design ideas, as fashion designers swear by its timelessness as a trend.

vintage t shirts trending

There are many ways to do a custom t-shirt right; however, there is no one correct way of doing it. Viral things go viral because of sheer creativity, so go crazy and let your illustration take centre stage!

Reasons Why Customized Hoodies are in Demand

Top 10  Reasons Why Customized Hoodies are in Demand

Alma Mater  |  3 December

Customized hoodies are now-a-days are in great trend because of their attractive appearance and availability of sizes, and even because it almost captures the fashion market at a faster pace which is also due to the e-technologies or we can say with the growing online marketing or digital marketing which embraces fashion geeks very easily. Self-designed online hoodies can easily available on various websites at economical rates.

Customized hoodies are in great demand since customers can design the hoodies on its own as per their preferences and provides the customers to use the drawing tools which helps in fetching your desired design and provides you with the customized hoodie as per your ideas and prints.

Customized hoodies are in great demand due to following reasons-

  1. Greater Customer Loyalty – Give consumers exactly what they want, when they want it and they’re more likely to stick with your brand. If you’re always saying ”yes’ to their personal needs, they’ll have no reason to switch to a competitor.

blue customized hoodie

  1. Promotes uniqueness- When you wear a customized hoodie, you not only flaunt your custom made the design but also your identity and uniqueness, and the designs are customized as per your choice.

custom hoodies online black and grey

3. Promotes brand name- Customized hoodies give you vibrant choices in designs where you may explore your own ideas and get the design be customized as printed hoodies, paint designs hoodies, etc,.as now-a-days schools, colleges and different corporate organisations too are doing in the same manner and pushing their publicity on the whole.

custom hoodies for branding

4.Personalized gifting option- These provides you great options in case of gifting purposes , to your close friends and is a bundle of happiness and memories which can gifted and praised in close relationships which helps in cherishing different bonds which exhibits love and affection, and helps in customizing lot of memories with that personalized design or ideas which are used as a printed design on customized hoodies.

Customized Hoodies for weekend black

5. Reflects expressions- Customized hoodies helps in enabling different expressions which happens randomly which is based on personality sometimes and more or above it is a reflection of contingent events or stated as mood swings.Customized hoodies help in relieving the words which is left unsaid or we find complexity to state it.

custom hoodies all colors

6. Promotes creativity- Customized hoodies give you a platform to promote creativity by putting your own design and then working on it to turn that into the reality of your choice.You can use your time and efforts in experimenting with different designs, colours, images, brush tools and texts while designing your perfect hoodie and even you may use our Alma mater Play Tool.

creative and customized hoodie online

7. Ensures comic feature- This type of hoodies helps in ensuring comic character which adds to your personality and even featured as one of your personality traits and helps in promoting funny character which creates positivism and fun in life.

comic hoodie black and red

  1. Promotes event management activities- Personalized hoodies help in promoting event management activities such as theme parties on birthdays, bachelorettes, rock bands, etc.

hoodies for event management

10 Best Customized Hoodies Ideas to inspire your Weekend

Alma Mater  |  1 December

The hoodie is a type of sweatshirt with a hood or a cap attached to it, at the backside. Photo Printed Hoodies are quite famous among the youth and among young boys and girls. They are the most fashionable type of sweaters worn in the winters. They are generally made of polyester or wool. Hoodies printing are very popular in the market. These can be customized according to one’s own choice and one can print a picture or a sentence or a word according to his desire to make it personalized hoodies.

Customized hoodies are in great demand, since one can wear as per his/ her desires, and can look at the way they wanted, they look more trendy and vibrant and pervasive to almost all sections of society, especially teenagers, kids and even adults, exclusively both for girls and boys.

Customized hoodies provide you attractive hoodie design with your favourite captions and use of images and can ensure your imagination turns into reality, and one can have your own personalised hoodies by using their own ideology and creative write-ups and print them on hoodies.

Hence, the below we shall discuss 10 best-customized hoodies ideas which are perfect to inspire the youth or even kids and in today’s scenario, we can even include elder section too since hoodies even ensure comfort and sustainability and is not age bounded too.

  1. Hoodies for couples-These are the latest trend which emerged among the couples now a days due to the increased demand for customized hoodies, which is most common among the newlywed couples those go for their honeymoon vacations, hence, in order to twin themselves they took advantage of these personalized designs which create love as it is a perfect gift for couples.

Customized Hoodies for weekend black

2. Hoodies for friends– Customized hoodies are best to express your ideologies and for good gesture in any relation, and hence it is a perfect way to indicate the expression of friendship which even one can use for short weekends which ensures the best time to part with your old friends.

Customized Hoodies for friends white

3. Hoodies to promote humanity– During weekends we can have an insight over the mass too, in order to promote morally and extrusively build insights on humanity and ethical values.

Customized Hoodies black

4. Hoodies for Gym Freaks- These hoodies are in great demand among the young boys and girls too, especially on weekends, where boys looks to have more outlook towards their attitude and style features, NIKE Pullover hoodie Long sleeves Adjustable drawstring on hood NIKE Swoosh logo on chest Front kangaroo pocket Soft inner fleece for comfort.

black Hoodies for Gym Freaks

5. Hoodies for the motivational weekend– Weekends are always welcome with positivity and fun, where one can indulge oneself in other activities apart from what exactly one is doing on our regular weekdays, So one seeks for a motivational attire to ensure confidence in oneself.

Hoodies for the motivational weekend

6. Hoodies for families- Weekend is more and above a family time, where we sit and have a joyful ride with families by planning for a picnic or some or other, where these hoodies provide creative ideas for weekends.

blue Hoodies for families

7. Hoodies for casual wear– Hoodies provides a smart and comfortable attire as preferred by teens, even on a casual basis, and the below-personalized design provides you with the perfect idea for the weekends which embrace you at home, especially on weekends.

grey Hoodies for casual wear

8. Customized Hoodies for Boys- To embrace weekends, and to enjoy the perfect mornings of the weekends, these hoodies provides them with glimpses of comfort with an informal attire.

white Customized Hoodies for Boys

9. Geeky Customized Hoodies– This type of hoodie is more cool and elegant.This will provide you blend of trendiness and classiness.

Geeky Customized Hoodies

10. Outdoor T-shirt Hoodies– This type of hoodie is perfect to plan a weekend with your friends and the quote gives you itself an outline of fun and Masti.


Customized T-Shirts

Reasons for Demand of Customized T-Shirts

Khyati Kaushik  |  21 July

The fashion industry is revolutionized with the print on demand items especially T- shirts as they can be customized as per your requirements. There’s no luck factor in being Customized T-Shirts extremely popular now- a- days rather there exists plenty of reasons behind it.

Why Customized T-Shirts are in Demand:

Here are some of those reasons for demand of customized T-shirts:

Suitable for several occasions

Customized T-shirts suits almost every occasion and makes one of the best gifts to give. You can gift it as a birthday present, anniversary gift and more. For making it suitable, you just need to customize it with a relevant text or image having a special message for them.

Emergence of more and more customized T-shirts designers

You can easily find so many options not just for designing but in designers as well. Every designer being better than another in some way or other provides people with different options to choose from. If you don’t like the work of any one designer, you can always go to next.

Appropriate as promotional gifts

Customized T-shirts prove to be an amazing promotional gift. Owners can get printed their brand or company name and gift it to their customers or other people just as a promotional gift. Such gifts help companies in developing their brand identity by promoting it.

Adds a personalized touch

As we know, these T- shirts are customized and everybody customise them in accordance as they want it. They add special messages, quotes or memorable images to the T- shirts which adds a personalised touch them. Therefore, they attain a special value and always keep on reminding you of the moments close to your heart.

Fits in your budget

One good thing about customized T-shirts is that buying it does not burn a hole in your pocket. You can select them keeping your budget in your mind. They are made available to you in a wide price range which makes it affordable.

Advancement of Technology

With such advancement in digital printing technology, customized T-shirts demand have increased many folds. It is now easy to get images printed on T- shirts in a really fine and sharp quality that too without spending a hefty amount on it.

Almost everything can be customized

You get plenty of options to choose from and who doesn’t love to have options? You are able to have as many options available as one could possibly think of getting when customizing a T-shirt. You get to choose the type of fabric, size and colour of T- shirt, Type of text on it i.e. the font and colour, size of image and much more.

Transforms your imagination into reality

Customized T- shirts help you in transforming your imagination into reality. With numerous options provided to you while designing it, you get to customize it just as you’ve always imagined it to be without making any adjustments or compromises. Thinking of having your T-shirt in your hands looking just as you imagined can make anyone happy and attracted towards it.

Brings a sense of unity to a group

A group is nothing if its members lack sense in unity in them. When working towards a similar goal, people need to have a sense of unity in them which further motivates them to give their best in achieving that goal. These T- shirts help in providing that feeling to a group by providing them all the same customized T-shirts having their team name and constantly reminds them of it.

Scope for experimentation

With customized T-shirts, there is a wide scope for experimentation as you can customize it with different colours, images and more. It helps in bringing out your creative streak. And good thing about it is that you can see the final product beforehand and easily make changes before ordering it finally.

No limits for quantity

You can place your order on a website when you want to buy a single T- shirt for yourself or for gifting as well as when you want to buy a large number of T-shirts for a big group. This helps in increasing the number of customers without doing much.

Easy to Use

The increase in demand of customized T- shirts also relies on its ease of using the tools used by websites for customizing them. Such user- friendly tools can be used by anybody and therefore, do not scare away people of customizing their T- shirts on their own.

cool t- shirt fashion

Stay Ahead in Fashion World with Cool T- Shirts

Khyati Kaushik  |  20 July

Cool T Shirts- Fashion is the latest popular trend and when it’s about clothing, it always keeps on changing and all of us want to stay ahead in this fashion world. Though this gets a little tricky sometimes so for helping you out, here are some designs of cool T shirts which will surely help you rock the fashion world.

Rock the Fashion World with Cool T Shirts:

cool t shirts

The combination of black and white will always be in fashion so one can most definitely not go wrong with it. Except for the colour scheme, this cool T shirt also has an amazing print of birds which adds oomph to it.

                                              3d colour print
This 3D colour T-shirt will no doubt catch anyone’s attention within an instant. The blast of several bright colours makes this cool T shirt unique, eye- catching and easy to pair. Also, the 3D effect of the colour print makes it even cooler.

knitted wool print tee
This T- shirt has a really cool 3D design of knitting the wool taken from sheep. The 3D print makes the knitted wool appear as real wool attached to your T- shirt. It sure is one unique T- shirt.

comic strip tee
The cartoon comic strip print is what makes this T- shirt cool. Also, the details are finely printed on it. This T- shirt comes in so many variants having different comic strips printed on it which provide you with a lot of options to choose from.

bearded man tee

This cool T- shirt is for the men who love their beards and want to show it off or just acknowledge it. And it is said, without the beard a man is like a lion without mane!

be unique tee
Not just the text Be Unique adds the cool element to this T-shirt but also the way it is written in between a ‘fingerprint’ print. We agree that one should be as unique as their fingerprints and that is what will make you cool.

graphic skeleton tee
No one can deny that graphic print T- shirts are cool T shirts. If this T- shirt having a black base and print skeleton fingers symbolising peace and dope is not cool then what is? Also, the print quality is brilliant and the details make it stand out of the crowd.

sab moh maya hai funky tee
You can also play it cool while telling the world a fact- Sab Moh Maya Hai! T- shirts having cool texts written in even cooler style can never be out of fashion.

super heroes tee

This cool T- shirt pleases the eyes with its colourfulness. It has names of various cartoon characters or games printed on it. The print also looks nicely structured as no single name is completely hidden or taking up all space.

mickey-hand-peace mickey-hand-signs-heart
Do you recognize these hands? Well, Mickey Mouse was and still is one of the most popular shows of all times and the Cool T- shirts having these cute hands printed on it making a peace symbol or a heart shape looks pretty cool. You can get this in various other designs as well.