Six T-Shirts to Pep Up Your Cool Quotient This Summer

Six T-Shirts to Pep Up Your Cool Quotient This Summer

Saurabh Chhabra  |  16 July

With summer reaching its peak, dressing casually in simple basic tees with denim or shorts works well for day-to-day wear. It is also the best time, however, to showcase your style with different T-shirts that come in several colour combinations and funky designs.

While pastel-hued tees are the current summer trend, T-shirts with quirky prints, slogans, logos, and bands never go out of fashion. Short-sleeved T-shirts in basic colours look classic on most occasions. However several other sizes, be they fitted and oversized tees, look quite stylish as well with their contemporary graphic designs.

Here are the six T-shirts that promise to raise your style quotient by quite a few notches this summer:

  • Pastel-hued T-shirts: Pastel-hued tees are an excellent wardrobe choice if you are thinking of incorporating a trendy look this summer. These tees come in many suave colours that do well on any occasion.


  • T-shirts with geometric designs: T-shirts with geometric designs look highly fashionable and you can pair them denims any day and stand apart from the crowds. The well-defined designs in various funky colour combinations with interesting geometrical shapes give a sharp and unique look, taking your style quotient up to a completely new level. Oversized tees in basic colours with geometric designs look quite trendy too.

Six T-Shirts to Pep Up Your Cool Quotient This Summer

  • T-shirts with band logos: T-shirts of bands or artists are always hip. If you go to any concert, you would know how passionate fans are about their favourite music bands. There is a strong sense of identity that fans love to share. Commemorate your own favourite bands, ones that you listened to as a teenager, by wearing their logos in lighter colours. Pair them with dark denim for a classic look.

Six T-Shirts to Pep Up Your Cool Quotient This Summer

  • World Cup-themed T-shirts: On the topical side, pick your favourite team on the World Cup this summer. You can easily include a sporty vibe in your casual look with these themed T-shirts wherever you go. On the other hand, they simply portray that you love the game so much that you cannot do without it.

Six T-Shirts to Pep Up Your Cool Quotient This Summer

  • T-shirts with minimal designs: Flaunt a minimal vibe with quirky texts or symbols on your T-shirts. Try getting them in cooler colours for a casual look. These would reflect your mood in a lighter vein.

Six T-Shirts to Pep Up Your Cool Quotient This Summer

  • T-shirts with slogans: In the light of recent events around the globe, people have begun to wear T-shirts that speak about the concerns they care about. For instance, the recent Me Too movement (#Me Too) spread awareness among the youth and gave a feeling of collective empowerment.

Six T-Shirts to Pep Up Your Cool Quotient This Summer

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lord of the rings custom t shirts

Five T-Shirts to bring out the Movie Fanatic in You

Saurabh Chhabra  |  6 July

Movies play a big role in our lives and their influence is certainly far-reaching. As movie watching has always been a collective experience, we can find plenty of people all over the world who are up-to-date about a much-anticipated release. With so many fans around the world, it is always great to meet people who share a common interest in movies. Films not only let us feel that we are part of something bigger, but also let us engage in passionate (and interesting!) debates about our allegiances to a particular hero or a villain. Whether you are a fan of Star Wars or Star Trek, or even if you love Marvel films more than the DC adaptations, you can always show your loyalty and nerdiness by wearing T-shirts that show which side you are on.

Below are five T-shirts that would easily bring out the movie fanatic in you:

  • Marvel: Marvel’s cinematic universe has taken the world by storm. Superheroes, antiheroes, and villains have become a part of our everyday lives. Think about Avengers, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Deadpool, X-Men, Thor, Iron Man and the list is never-ending. Display the fandom of your favourite Marvel movie that you recently watched and collect all before you go to the theatres for the next big hit.

marvel custom t shirt


  • Harry Potter: Are you a fan of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, or Ron Weasley? Or, are you among those who side with the menacing villain, Lord Voldemort? Maybe, you feel like you belong to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and may remember your favourite spells from the 7-part series. T-shirts with funny prints about Lord Voldemort or some funny spells from the movies would show out how much of a fan you are.

Five T-Shirts to bring out the Movie Fanatic in You

  • Star Wars: Star Wars has had a long fan following over the years. There is at least one person in one’s extended family who would have made you watch this entire saga of wars in the galaxy. With so many interesting characters in the movies, you may relate to the Jedi Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader or the protagonist, Luke Skywalker. Perhaps you may associate with the Stormtroopers from the Galactic Army. The list is endless.

star wars custom t shirts

  • Lord of the Rings: The greatest epic of the 20th century which has been adapted into a long three-part series, Lord of the Rings is one movie that has been watched by all. From the brave Frodo Baggins and Golem’s scheming villainy to the inimitable Gandalf, there are fans for all who belong to Middle Earth.

lord of the rings custom t shirts


  • DC: Just like Marvel cinematic universe, there is another cinematic universe from DC. Movies such as Wonder Woman, Flashpoint, Green Lantern, Batman and Justice League Dark have made fans around the world. Go ahead, be the superhero you want to be and show that you are a DC fan to friends who are Marvel-loving fanatics.

dc comics custom t shirts

customized tees are pocket friendly

Customized Tees are Pocket Friendly- Buy Budget Friendly Custom T-Shirts

Saurabh Chhabra  |  22 June

Custom T-shirts cater to passionate communities as well as individuals who want to showcase their interests or hobbies. Wearing these T-shirts gives one a strong sense of belonging. Whatever be the occasion, customized T-shirts can play an important role as they are designed exactly according to your requirements.

Not only are they common among corporate employees, college-going students enjoy sporting such T-shirts too. Apart from promoting one’s corporate brand name, or displaying that one is part of a club (related to a subject, a hobby…), custom T-shirts serve several other “purposes”. Friends or families who travel, or meet for a reunion, can go for custom tees that are theme-based.

It is convenient to customize T-shirts in a fun and pocket-friendly way. Below are some ways to make custom T-shirts easy in your pocket:

  • Screen printing – Customising T-shirts with the screen printing technology gives out a high-quality finish that is not easily achieved by other printing methods. It is the best option for designing on darker as well as lighter-colored T-shirts. There is no degradation of colour with this method, and the prints last for a long time. Such quality is highly priced in branded products.

customized tees are pocket friendly

  • Minimal designs – Custom T-shirts with minimal designs, usually on one side of the T-shirt, become economical to a greater degree. Custom tees with boxed typography or simple phrases are the recent trend and do not cost a lot.

customized tees are pocket friendly

  • Bulk orders – With the traditional screen-printing technique, it is easier to place bulk orders. When there is a large number of orders with similar designs, the overall cost of the T-shirts is minimized largely than what you would have to shell out if you purchased them separately. This makes customized T-shirts ideal for larger passionate groups who share a common interest.
  • Type of shirts – Cotton T-shirts are relatively easier to design. Also, the pre-shrunk cotton tees are less expensive.
  • Use of colours – Customising T-shirts become less expensive when fewer colours are used. This is the case with single orders. On the other hand, customizing T-shirts with an extensive array of colours on the designs and artwork would cost much less with bulk orders.

customized tees are pocket friendly

  • E-commerce stores – With the availability of online stores, it is now easier for anyone to order their designs in bulk. These e-commerce stores allow one to customize any apparel with a simple click. On their websites, buyers can design the T-shirts by choosing the fonts of the text, images, names, or even add numbers conveniently. This process not only saves money but also precious time.

customized tees are pocket friendly

7 T-Shirts Every 90s Kid Should Wear

7 T-Shirts Every 90s Kid Should Wear

Saurabh Chhabra  |  5 June

National Geographic called the 1990s the last greatest decade. The culture, the vibe, the movies, the music and the technology, there is not a lot that didn’t happen in that decade. From controversial relationships with huge age differences (we’re talking 20s and grandpa) to the ancient novelties that are floppy discs now, everything great happened before the turn of the century.

Children born in the 1900s form somewhat of a U/V rated cult. The ratings are obviously subject to relatability and the type of humour coming out of it. Children relate, they make humorous memes; memes which only the kid of the 90s would understand. The struggle, the reminiscence, and the camaraderie are all very real. When people talk about this sub-culture of humanity on the interweb, it is a MAJOR throwback. Things have changed since then, and, like the innocence of the child in everyone, something we cannot go back to. However, as the promoters of the 90s, as a fight in the everyday millennial culture, we love to love the past.

Here are seven t-shirts that every 90s kid would relate to; would love to own as well:

DISCLAIMER: This list is not just for the kids of the 90s, it is also for the people who lived through the 90s and loved it; people who hate how ratchet the world has become and would love to go back to the awesomeness of the last great decade.

  1. Tapes: Remember those long summer days, during your holidays, when you would just chill around the house, playing music on your stereo? You must also remember the struggle of a broken rewind button or the lack of one, and your only saviour was the pencil. Boombox-ing away to Lucky Ali. Those were the days. Who wouldn’t want to wear this relatable design from the 90s on a tee?
  2. Arcade Gaming: Taken, Mustafa and Mario. Name one child who didn’t spend their entire allowance in coins at the gaming arcade. This isn’t one for the male gender, girls took their turn as well. Let’s not forget the side business of the owner of the establishment, as a comic book seller. Takes you back, doesn’t it? A t-shirt with Lin on it, sure would be fabulous for the original gaming generation. These new age console gamers don’t know the struggle of a joystick and single button UI of a game. Let’s also not forget the horror of a stuck coin.
  3. Crazy Balls: Admit it, they got lost as quickly and frequently as you bought them, but it was okay because every new ball had a different pattern than the previous one. They hurt like hell anyway; sibling fights? For those lonesome days when friends were busy, time spent bouncing these off the walls took away loneliness. An interactive design for the same on a t-shirt customized to your childhood. TAKE MY MONEY.
  4. Kisme, Poppins and Mango Bite: This is perhaps the last greatest way to induce a friendship with someone; they were sweet and delicious and cost nearly nothing. Poppins came in a rather shareable pack, with a flavour for every child’s taste. Candy from the young years sure would make anyone homesick. Design a custom t-shirt for someone who loved these as much as you.
  5. Phantom Cigarettes: Picture this, a group of children less than 10 years of age, strolling around, pretending to smoke cigarettes with this delicious sugary candy. Rather convincible in winters, when breath was puffed out like smoke for added drama. A sight to behold in memories for reminiscence, when you’re adulating now and actually trying to quit smoking. Those were the days when innocence prevailed and sugar rush was unavoidable. Cool quotient was over 9000; still would be if you decided to design a custom t-shirt along these lines for a group reunion perhaps?
  6. Gully Cricket: No rules, or maybe some rules, but always by the ones who owned the bat and the ball. Summer vacations were incomplete without the eclectic rules of gully cricket, friends and the question ‘who will go get the ball from Aunty’s balcony?’. Nothing comes as a better theme for a t-shirt for your gully friends.
  7. Cartoon Network in Hindi: Dragonball Z, Tom & Jerry, Power Puff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Laboratory and many more; everything dubbed in Hindi, so as the cultural appropriation to the west is avoided. Classic 90s life for the classic 90s babies. They watched Cartoon Network evolve into something that doesn’t feel home to these babies. They would agree that they had it better. Take it with a grain of salt, you could always design your favourite cartoon t-shirt online.

Though the 90s were great; a piece of the classic culture of colourful dressing and weird combinations of culture and tradition, they’re passed. However, it shouldn’t be too difficult to remember them here and there with a cute customizable t-shirt for yourself, your group of friends or just old pals catching up. A gift to the self or a fellow ranger from the era, Alma Mater PLAY lets you design whatever you please.

Cult Dressing: A Modern Take

Cult Dressing: A Modern Take

Saurabh Chhabra  |  22 May

Circa way before you were born; things were a stark contrast from the present day. Groups of people, congregations of ideas were referred to as ‘cults’. The idea behind cults was the plausible deniability of notions that strayed from the standards of societies. However, this did not stop the cultists from formulating the base for their beliefs.

Dressing according to your beliefs, has always been the way of mankind; it is the way humans have distinguished between types and thinking. The ‘KKK’ was easily recognizable for their white supremacy by their signature white-cone headgear and white gowns; this does not account for the horrendous nature of their cult. It is a neutral way of understanding that whatever ideal they might hold, a group of people with a similar goal, will always dress the same.

In the present day, cults have taken on a new name, groups or clubs, but the baseline remains the same. There is a cult/group for everything. It is not limited to the archaic ideas of witchcraft, satanic verses, and unacceptable Scientology groups. It is the up and coming way of interacting with people who share the same vision and ideas as you. Take for example the counter culture that emerged from the Beatnik Revolution, the generation that exercised ‘flower power’, known as ‘hippies’. These inhabitants of the 1960s propagated a style of dressing that is still prevalent in the 21st century.

Modern technology has done mankind a favour, dressing according to a belief or a group is as easy as taking a print out, literally. The present scenario, when it comes to groups and clubs, includes customised wearables, like t-shirts and hoodies, which represent the organisation. Printing technology and techniques are so advanced that designing a great custom t-shirt can be done seamlessly and quickly. A great custom t-shirt needs a group and a great group t-shirt slogan, and that’s all. A logo, a quote and a great creative design, and it can be made in a matter of hours.

Read on to know some creative t-shirt design ideas or youth group t shirts design ideas for your brand or collective.

Presently we can classify some modern day cults as follows:

  1. Biker Gangs: It is an age old tradition in every Hollywood movie to portray a group of bikers with leather jackets and their logos stitched on them. It is not just a wearable, but a lifestyle. There is much scope for creative t-shirt design ideas for bikers because this culture is an old one. Go for quotes like, ‘ride or die’, ‘some do drugs, others pop bottles, we solve our problems with wide open throttles’, ‘four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul’ etc. Being a biker group, there is no chance that there is no motto. Hence, the best way to go is getting your motto printed on the t-shirts along with the name of the member it must be worn by.
  2. Book Clubs: This isn’t a new thing either, for as long as literature has existed, so have book clubs. To take this age old tradition to the next level, getting customized wearable for the members is a great way to go. As group dressing up ideas go, the reach is endless, because literature is endless. Get a nice quote printed by the individuals’ favourite book/author, along with their names, to give your club the identity it needs, in a crowd.
  3. Martial Arts Groups: Martial arts is something every individual with a mind to be able to defend themselves, opts for. Fighting styles are as old as time, and their growing popularity in the present day is baffling. Some avenues to explore include Maui Thai, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, and Kali etc. Every art has its own culture and every art has its own instructions. However, it isn’t quoted that stand out in the crowd; it is the representation of the art itself by the collective, and there are enough custom t-shirt ideas for martial groups that will get the team in frenzy. Get your team logo printed on a custom t-shirt and represent what you stand for.

The age of information has softened the blow on cultist beliefs and organization, so name that group of yours and give it some clothing. The scope is endless.