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Mother Earth Loves These Custom T-shirts!

If you’re a nature lover with a strong commitment to raising awareness about endangered species, you now have one more convenient and fun way to spread your message. What you feel strongly about can be imprinted on your T-shirt, sharing the point with whosoever you come across. Such environment-friendly T-shirts looks trendy too. While some nature-inspired themes can be statements in themselves, designs of spirit animals (ones which represent your soul) or minimal floral prints are always interesting to sport. If you’re in a fun mood, you could get eye-catching caricatures of your favourite animals or use witty quotes about protecting the planet from future disaster…. The options are endless.

Here are a few ideas that you may want to try out:

  • Animals: T-shirts with animal themes are versatile and always trendy. Designs of cute cats or dogs with funny quotes are immensely popular among all ages. Spirit animals that match your character can be used in light-hearted ways as well. Silhouette sketches of butterflies and whales are also in style and can be worn on a variety of occasions. If you want to add flair to your outfits, stylised designs of sharks are also highly trendy.

animal t shirts

T-shirts with prints of endangered animals are a great way to share your concerns. You can go for funky or minimal prints. If you are a group of friends who share a similar concern, customise your T-shirts in bulk to spread the word.

  • Environmental causes: Designs on T-shirts about protecting the planet have always been trendy and communicate messages successfully. Customising T-shirts with themes of environmental concerns that appeal to you and your group of friends can be an effective method of raising awareness. Movements such as Go Green, that speak about conserving the earth, are quite popular and can be easily incorporated into T-shirts with various quirky, attractive designs.

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  • Floral designs: Floral designs are highly fashionable and versatile. Prints with skulls and roses, or roses on the horns of deer give an edgy and colourful vibe. Hand-drawn silhouettes of flowers have a minimalist appeal when they are printed on T-shirts and can be fused into any look. The best part is that floral prints on T-shirts look good on both men and women and you can experiment with a lot of tasteful and elegant colours on the designs while you customise your T-shirts.

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  • Vegetarianism: Promoting veganism and vegetarianism has become quite popular, with plenty of designs and witty phrases on T-shirts. From supporting animal-free products to showing compassion towards our fauna, this T-shirt style promotes a healthy environment for all. You can support this movement by using such stylish prints while customising your T-shirts.

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Always remember, what people see remains on top of their minds. Your trendy customised T-shirt is the first thing everyone will notice about you, making it a great way to get people thinking about how much care our precious flora and fauna need. So go ahead, get your message across while making that chic style statement.