Madhubani Art : Adding Style To Customized T-Shirts And Hoodies

Indian civilization is one of the oldest living civilizations of the world. The whole country is full of various ancient art forms which are spell bounding in their imagery. One just needs to open one’s senses to feel the magic of art spread all across the landscape of this great country.

One such art form is Madhubani which as per historical data has been existing since 2500 years. Fortunately, this folk art form is still alive and thriving in today’s modern times.

Madhubani art form originated in the Mithila region of Bihar and till this date it is being practiced in Bihar and Nepal. As per folklore,  King Janak had Sita’s marriage with Lord Rama captured in this Madhubani art form only.

Madhubani art form has some conspicuous characteristics features like fish like big eyes of the depicted characters and also the pointed nose.

In today’s hectic world, when many people are looking to reconnect with their cultural roots Madhubani art is providing a beautiful gateway.

Many popular brands like Almamater Store have launched T-Shirts and Hoodies depicting Madhubani art. In some cases, designers have given a modern twist to Madhubani art to create a popular range of customized hoodies and t-shirts. Giving this modern twist has attracted a new range of customers to this ancient folk art. This young generation is loving this art form and now exploring it in much more depth with a lot of interest.

This revival has proved to be economically beneficial for the women of the Mithila region as the sales of their Madhubani paintings have gone up generating more income for them. The popularity of Madhubani designs is increasing day by day and one can find Madhubani prints on various products like cushion covers, mobile covers, custom t-shirts, custom hoodies, coaster sets, etc.

India is fortunate to have such art treasures in abundance and the popularity of Madhubani art form will definitely lead to the revival of many such other art forms.