School Club


Alma Mater  |  23 September

Matching custom apparel for student clubs is a huge hit amongst youngsters. One of the major reasons behind this is that it makes a club’s team more confident and courageous. Uniform custom hoodies or custom logo t-shirts give them a sense of unity and also proves to be a great attention grabber. It is an easy way to popularize your club amidst college mates, schoolmates, society members, etc. From anime clubs to creative writing workshops, from sports clubs to debate teams, the young generation is always very passionate and excited about custom hoodies for the club, they are a part of. 

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customized hoodies online


Alma Mater  |  10 September

Custom hoodies have emerged as one of the most popular and fashionable wearable items that blend with all forms of occasions. In addition to great comfort and style, these hoodies also offer the wearers to unleash their creativity by providing them the opportunity and freedom to design the hoodie according to their own mood and preferences. However, it is also quite common for custom hoodie designs to turn out horribly. In most such cases, people prefer to lock them in their closet rather than going through the time consuming and often complicated process of returning the hoodies, back to the sellers. There are countless websites that enable buyers to design and order their customized hoodies online. Note that in order to avoid the mentioned ‘unwanted’ experience and disappointment of purchasing a badly designed hoodie, it is important for the buyers to take some necessary precautions. Discussed below are some important tips that one should keep in mind while ordering custom hoodies.

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Alma Mater Friends : A Short Story

Alma Mater  |  22 November

It was raining and he was feeling nostalgic. He was sitting in his corner office and sipping hot coffee
after a hectic day full of meetings and discussions. Everything was perfect but rain was reminding
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Saying It All With Just One Word

Alma Mater  |  11 November

“Brevity is the soul of wit .” – William Shakespeare. Nobody could have said this better. True feelings and true emotions, when they arise from the depth of the heart, are always concise and precise.
There are many ways of expressing your true innermost feelings to the outside world. One of the latest and the easiest way of doing that is by wearing a customized printed hoodie or T-shirt. Read article