customized t-shirts online


T-shirts are amongst the most popular items of clothing worn by men and women of all ages and sizes. They are extremely versatile and comfortable and are available in different shapes and styles which make them suitable for use as both formal and casual wear. A perfectly fitting t-shirt paired with an appropriate lower can enhance the personality and appeal of an individual significantly. It is the task of finding the perfect sized predesigned or customized t-shirts online and even offline that the users find most difficult. However, before learning about how to choose a perfectly fitting t-shirt, it is important to understand what the concept means.

Understanding The Concept Of Perfect Fit

A perfect fit may mean different things for different people, but in general, it refers to the shape and size of the t-shirt that flatters the body of the wearers. Moreover, the sizes of t-shirts vary from one brand to another, which is why wearers should always check the actual measurements of the t-shirt rather than just relying on their size tag. The below-given guidelines about choosing the perfect t-shirt size can prove extremely beneficial to prospective buyers struggling with this problem. 


A perfectly fitting t-shirt should be neither too tight nor too loose. If it’s too loose, it’ll hang on the wearer like a box and look completely unflattering. A t-shirt that is too tight will give the appearance like the wearer has been squeezed into it and is about to burst out at any moment. In either case, the overall appearance will be unpleasant and even annoying for the wearers.

Shoulder Seams

Shoulder seams play an important role in determining how well the t-shirt fits the wearer and ideally, they should reach the end of the shoulders of the wearers at the very top of their arms. If the seams extend down onto their upper arms, the t-shirt is too big for them. If the seams don’t reach the end of the shoulders, the t-shirt is smaller in size, even if it seems fit during the trial.


The fitting of the sleeves varies according to whether the buyers opt for a half sleeves t-shirt or a full-sleeved one. In the case of half-sleeve t-shirts, the sleeves should extend about halfway down the upper arm of the wearers. In the case of full sleeves t-shirts or even custom hoodies India, the sleeves should extend just slightly beyond the wrists of the wearers. They should neither be too long as to reach beyond the palm line nor too short to just reach the wrist. 


The ideal length of a perfect fitting t-shirt is when its bottom hem reaches below the hip line of the wearer. The lower end of the t-shirt should cover their waistband and extend a few inches past that. If it is shorter than that, it’ll look like a crop top when the wearers raise their arms and if it is longer, it’ll look like a dress. Hence, the buyers should raise their arms while trying on a t-shirt to see exactly how far it rides up.


Many cheap t-shirts have no definite shape and hang like boxes when they are worn giving them an extremely unattractive appearance. Hence buyers should opt for a t-shirt that has well-defined body lines while avoiding those that are cut in the shapes of large squares.

Body Type

The body type of the wearers is also a major contributing factor in deciding how well a t-shirt fits on them. Hence the wearers should learn about their body shape before choosing a t-shirt that would fit them perfectly. The most common body types include the following.

Rectangle: People with this body type have shoulders and waist of roughly the same width. Such people are generally tall and slightly built.

Oval: This body shape is quite similar to the rectangle build except that these individuals have a larger frame and a softer middle.

Trapezoid: In this body type, the shoulders are wider than the waist and it is generally associated with sports stars and actors.

Inverted Triangle: People with this body type have shoulders that are much wider than the waist creating the look of an upside-down triangle.

Non-Inverted Triangle: This body type is the exact opposite of the inverted triangle and is distinguished by a waist that is wider than the shoulders.