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Five T-Shirts to bring out the Movie Fanatic in You

Movies play a big role in our lives and their influence is certainly far-reaching. As movie watching has always been a collective experience, we can find plenty of people all over the world who are up-to-date about a much-anticipated release. With so many fans around the world, it is always great to meet people who share a common interest in movies. Films not only let us feel that we are part of something bigger, but also let us engage in passionate (and interesting!) debates about our allegiances to a particular hero or a villain. Whether you are a fan of Star Wars or Star Trek, or even if you love Marvel films more than the DC adaptations, you can always show your loyalty and nerdiness by wearing T-shirts that show which side you are on.

Below are five T-shirts that would easily bring out the movie fanatic in you:

  • Marvel: Marvel’s cinematic universe has taken the world by storm. Superheroes, antiheroes, and villains have become a part of our everyday lives. Think about Avengers, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Deadpool, X-Men, Thor, Iron Man and the list is never-ending. Display the fandom of your favourite Marvel movie that you recently watched and collect all before you go to the theatres for the next big hit.

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  • Harry Potter: Are you a fan of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, or Ron Weasley? Or, are you among those who side with the menacing villain, Lord Voldemort? Maybe, you feel like you belong to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and may remember your favourite spells from the 7-part series. T-shirts with funny prints about Lord Voldemort or some funny spells from the movies would show out how much of a fan you are.

Five T-Shirts to bring out the Movie Fanatic in You

  • Star Wars: Star Wars has had a long fan following over the years. There is at least one person in one’s extended family who would have made you watch this entire saga of wars in the galaxy. With so many interesting characters in the movies, you may relate to the Jedi Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader or the protagonist, Luke Skywalker. Perhaps you may associate with the Stormtroopers from the Galactic Army. The list is endless.

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  • Lord of the Rings: The greatest epic of the 20th century which has been adapted into a long three-part series, Lord of the Rings is one movie that has been watched by all. From the brave Frodo Baggins and Golem’s scheming villainy to the inimitable Gandalf, there are fans for all who belong to Middle Earth.

lord of the rings custom t shirts


  • DC: Just like Marvel cinematic universe, there is another cinematic universe from DC. Movies such as Wonder Woman, Flashpoint, Green Lantern, Batman and Justice League Dark have made fans around the world. Go ahead, be the superhero you want to be and show that you are a DC fan to friends who are Marvel-loving fanatics.

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