custom t-shirts


T-shirts are universally loved, providing comfort and performance simultaneously – be it during extreme summers or the beginning of winter. We like staying in our T-shirts most of the time, as they are quite comfortable and contemporary, which is why there is a popular trend of customizing T-shirts.

Custom T-shirts are in fashion and millions of people around the world consider personalizing their apparel online. You could prefer printing your animation on the front and your favourite quote on the back of your T-shirt. Then, you can make your custom t-shirts in the fabrics of your desire. You can personalize your T-shirts in many ways – however, before you start, here are the five things you need to know before embracing your inner artist!

1. Choose the Right Fabric and T-shirt Style

Your custom T-shirt needs to be unique: otherwise, what’s the point! For perfect customization, you need to start off by selecting the style of T-shirt you’d prefer. It all comes down to choosing between a round neck and collared one. Then, you’ll need to select the fabrics for the same, which would be either cotton or blends of cotton and polyester.

2. Select the Print Areas and Printing Methods

To make great custom printed t-shirts, you can use the following thumb rule. The printed area could be the chest area or the back area. You can also choose to print on sleeves, wrists, shoulders, and caps of the t-shirt. While printing custom apparel, make sure you are aware of the limited print height on the front and the back, so that your design does not spill.

There are several ways to print custom t-shirts. You can opt for the classic screen printing and get a vibrant and durable custom t-shirt. The DTG (direct-to-garment) printing method can create your t-shirt at affordable rates. The Heat Transfer method creates a plastic coating on the fabric. Then, there is dye-sublimation, where you print every surface area of the t-shirt. Some can also choose to embroider logos or design on custom printed t-shirts.

3. Handle the Custom T-Shirt Properly

If you can’t fold a T-shirt properly, then it would lose its fabric quality and print durability. The neat and tidy way to maintain custom t-shirts is to simply hang them in your closet. If you do want to fold them, start off with the shoulders and sleeves, then fold the cap inwards, and eventually fold the t-shirt vertically in three turns.

4. Make Sure the Custom T-shirt is a Perfect Fit 

After learning how to maintain the t-shirt, it is important to select the size that’d help it fit perfectly on you. Before ordering custom t-shirts online, make sure that you know your size accurately. T-shirts are not supposed to be extremely tight-fighting. You can go for a larger size so that the t-shirt hangs comfortably on you. At the same time, do not go for an immensely oversized t-shirt, as it can appear like a complete drag!

5. Wear It at the Right Time

Most people wear t-shirts at home. They are most suitable for sports events and casual hangouts. You can replace your jacket with a full-sleeved t-shirt during light winters. You can also mix and match your custom t-shirt with black or plain coloured full-sleeves. Adding a layer of clothing over your t-shirt can make you feel more comfortable. Also, try not to wear t-shirts during professional, formal, or special occasions. They have an overarchingly laid-back vibe, which does not suit such meetings and appearances.

And, that’s about it! Now, you can unleash your creativity and sport your custom t-shirts the smart way!