T-Shirt Online


T-shirts are the most favored items of clothing among people of all ages and are often considered to be a perfect way for individuals to express their personality. T-shirts with printed designs even prove to be a great tool for business promotion and hence are often used by companies as their brand merchandise. In recent years, custom-designed t-shirts have also gained much popularity, especially among wearers keen on flaunting their unique style and ideas. For such individuals, having a proper understanding of the process of designing a T-shirt online can prove extremely beneficial. Discussed below are some useful tips and tricks that can help in designing professional looking t-shirts for individual use as well as business purpose.

Start By Establishing The Need Of The T-shirt

Having a clear understanding of the purpose behind designing the T-shirt is the key to choosing the right design. In case the garment is to be used for brand promotion, then the focus would be on selecting a group t-shirt design with the appropriate message. However, if the t-shirt is to be used for fashion or personal use, selecting the right colors, themes, styles, and personality traits of wearers would be given greater prominence. Addressing these key issues is essential to design a t-shirt that matches specific usage needs.

Choose An Appropriate Design

Having decided the need for the t-shirt, it is important to select the most appropriate design for the same. The design should be able to tell a story and should have a generally cool look. In case the t-shirt is to be used for brand promotion, then the design should reflect the values and ideas of the brand. Most importantly, it should not contain any elements that are likely to hurt the sentiments of the target audience in any manner. It is also important to ensure that the design works well with the base color of the t-shirt on which it is to be printed.

Establish The Quantity And Budget Of The T-shirt To Be Printed

Before proceeding with the process of designing a t-shirt online, users need to establish the exact number of t-shirts they want to print and the cost of printing a single t-shirt. They may seek quotes from different websites offering such services online and then choose the one that best matches their needs. However, the users should ensure that they do not opt for cheap services and compromise the print and presentation of the design in the process. Generally, the cost of printing designs with multiple colors is significantly higher than printing monochrome or black and white designs.

Decide About The Fabric And Style Of T-shirt

There are several different types of fabrics and styles of t-shirts available in the market. From 100% cotton to a breathable blend of cotton and polyester, and even nylon and wool, users can choose from a wide range of fabrics for their t-shirt. Similarly, in terms of style they can choose between polo, full sleeves, half-sleeves, pullover style, and even custom sweatshirts. Here again they should make sure that the fabric and style help to highlight the different elements of the design rather than making them obscure.

Select The Right Printing Style

This is perhaps the most important aspect in the process of designing a t-shirt online. Here, the differences in cost, the final look of the t-shirt, the production time, and the materials used, all play a critical role in deciding the right printing style. There are mainly three printing techniques described in brief as follows, which are popular in this context.

Screen Printing: This is the most popular method of printing and can be implemented by hands as well as with the help of a machine. The printers make original screens for the t-shirt design thus enabling bulk printing.

Vinyl Graphics: This method is based on transfer printing which helps in creating a different look and texture as compared to screen printing. Designs printed using this method are considered to be more durable than those printed with other techniques.

Direct To Garment: This is a relatively new printing technique and uses the technology of inkjet printing. In this method the ink is sprayed directly on to the garment in a manner similar to an inkjet printer printing on paper. This technique is suitable for creating highly customizable designs featuring intricate details and diverse color choices.