engineering T-Shirts for Techies

De(code)ing Engineers’ Styles – Quirky T-Shirts for Techies

“Mera beta engineer banega”

Doesn’t this sound familiar?

Most of us have lived through this cliché. Some of us happily opted for it as a career option whereas others had to fight fierce battles.

From entering late in the classroom to dozing off in the middle of the lecture, from late night assignment completion to sleepless nights during the exam time – all engineer’s have stories to tell and memories to cherish. Therefore, this engineer’s day feels free to share your experiences and journey with others. But not the usual way, we have a really interesting and artistically driven idea lined up for you.

Why not let your outfits speak for you?

After all, you’re the young brigade full of innovative ideas and mind blowing fashion sense. How can you not experiment with customized t-shirts as your cool and comfy garb for special occasions like Engineer’s day?

Yes, mix it up. It is time to bring your engineering expertise and fashion on the same platform.

engineering T-Shirts for Techies

Irrespective of your field of engineering, you can come up with some really innovative ideas on engineering to print upon your customized t-shirts. You can spread a word about this in your entire class and design customized t-shirts for your entire batch to make this day a special one. You can also organize a cultural programme or sports event on Engineer’s day at your college and wear your customized t-shirts to reverberate the feel of the day.

engineering T-Shirts for Techies

Engineering related quotes or the popular jokes on engineers will all make for an interesting content. Over and above that you can work on the presentation of your design by using eye-catching fonts. To enhance the realistic appeal, you can share your experiences with the usage of imagery coupled with a good sense of humour. After all who doesn’t love a good laugh?

Whether it’s the insights of Satya Nadella or Sundar Pichai; Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk whoever makes it to your list of top influential techies could be your next inspiration for customized t-shirts as well. Their ideas, sayings, inventions can all be transformed into interesting designs for your customized t-shirts. There is no limit to the creativity you can pull off while creating suitable customized t-shirts for yourself. Just, don’t forget to keep it in tune with the theme of engineering.

From fixing broken down machinery to being a Mathematics genius, if you’re proud of your engineering skills then don’t shy away. Just let the world know about your extraordinary talents by wearing customized t-shirts that depict the same. Look for interesting statements like “TRUST ME I AM GOING TO BE AN ENGINEER”, “I MIGHT BE AN ENGINEERING STUDENT BUT I CANT FIX STUPID”, “FUTURE ENGINEER BECAUSE BADASS PROBLEM SOLVER IS NOT A SENSIBLE CAREER GOAL” and others to make heads turn. It is important to be careful regarding the font size when you have long statements to print.

engineering T-Shirts for Techies

Let everybody know that you are a proud engineering student. Shout it loud through your customized t-shirts the same. “LOADING AN ENGINEER” and various other statements can be printed on the back of the t-shirts for an overall engaging design. Sleeve prints are also fascinating. So gear up to design quirky and fascinating customized t-shirts. After all, its Engineer’s day and you deserve to brag about it!

engineering T-Shirts for Techies