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Creating an Iconic Customized Printed T shirts

The punk band stage of the 90s is fondly remembered by a cross-eyed smiley face. The band nirvana, other than creating some seriously stellar songs, also created one of the most iconic T-shirt’s ever; the smiley face with crosses for eyes. Nirvana rose to worldwide popularity with songs such as It Smells Like Teen Spirit and Never mind. These songs are widely regarded as the greatest songs in the history of rock music.

This T-shirt has left behind a remarkable legacy. A legacy that has long been cherished by each forthcoming generation. Even current day megastars like Adam Levine and Justin Bieber have been spotted sporting this T-shirt.

Another such T-shirt is the legendary Rolling Stones T-shirt. Fashionistas like Gigi Hadid and Miles Cyrus have been seen wearing this T-shirt. This T-shirt epitomizes coolness. It is symbolic to ones coolness. This T-shirt is no more just about Mick Jagger and his moves. It’s about all those fans who have stood with him and his group and supported them endlessly.

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An iconic T-shirt is not just about the design. It’s about the essence and memories that it encapsulates.

All that can be said at the end is that stop treating a T-shirt like a piece out of your wardrobe. It’s much more than that. It’s a formidable legacy. And you, the wearer, are the legacy, personified.

Creating such a T-shirt isn’t tough, it just requires good idea and execution. But, more than anything, it requires honesty. Honesty in its design and honesty in its meaning.

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