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Holi is undoubtedly one of the most exciting, fun filled, and somewhat unusual festivals celebrated in India. Even though most people traditionally wear white clothes to celebrate this festival of colors, it is also time when they upgrade their wardrobes with clothes and accessories in the latest trends and styles. As the trend of bright colorful outfits has already become quite popular in the first few months of 2021, it is only natural that most people are looking to add a bit more color to their wardrobe. Discussed below are some cool ideas that can prove beneficial for people in this context.

Colorful Text Printed On White T-ShirtsColorful Text Printed On White T-ShirtsWhite t-shirts are a garment of choice for most people as they help in ensuring a simple yet graceful look. Adding a twist to this popular attire, people can opt to get different phrases or even complete sentences printed on the plain white t-shirt in large colorful letters. The text chosen to design t-shirt online may be themed around Holi or any idea or message that the wearers intend to express. The focus should be on using a combination of colors that add value to the text while also maintaining the elegance and appeal of the design as well as the end product.

Colorful Vests With Party Themed Designs

Holi is a time to enjoy with family and friends and what better way to express this idea than investing in colorful tees and vests with party-themed designs. From casual outings with friends to enjoying pool parties and Holi bashes, these vests tees can prove to be the best choice for a cool casual attire. With countless colors and party ideas to choose from, designing such vests is just a matter of opting for the right combination that suits the personality of the wearers. Moreover, these garments can be used all year round or anytime the wearers are in the mood to party and have a little fun.

Choose From Different Types Of Colorful FootwearChoose From Different Types Of Colorful FootwearHaving the right footwear is essential to complete the cool casual look that most people seek around Holi. From beach sandals to colorful Kolhapuries, sliders, and even the good old Hawai chappals, people can select from a wide variety of different types of footwear to match their colorful attire while celebrating the festival. The most important thing to remember is that the choice of footwear should be based on the comfort and stability offered by it rather than the brilliance of its colors and its overall appeal.

Go For Full Sleeve Tees In Solid Colors

Full sleeve t-shirts have a charm and appeal that is quite unmatched by any other type of garment, especially when the tees are in solid colors. Such tees help the wearers to spread the message of living in peaceful harmony with nature and thus make a style statement of their own. These tees can be combined with formal bottom wear to create a professional look or with something more casual to get a cool and comfortable feel. The full blast of color offered by these t-shirts helps in celebrating the true essence of the festival of Holi in a fun way.

Invest In Appropriate AccessoriesInvest In Appropriate AccessoriesWhen it comes to adding a bit of color to the wardrobe, people often tend to overlook the importance of upgrading their accessories as well.  So, it is important to avoid making the mistake on this Holi by investing in the most appropriate accessories. Be it a pair of colorful shades or vibrant jewelry in multiple colors or even stoles and scarves to match the specially designed customized t-shirts online, having the right accessories is a must.

Colorful Bandhani Or Phulkari Dupatta

When it comes to adding color to one’s wardrobe, including a bandini or a phulkari dupatta is an absolute must. Both these traditional style stoles are known for their bright vivid colors that fill the hearts of the wearers with a sense of happiness. They can be combined with almost any attire to create a radiant and pleasing look and can be used by both men and women with traditional Indian attire. Their grace and appeal offer a perfect way to spread the beauty of colors without actually getting the hands dirty. They are made available in various sizes and designs ensuring that they match the style and taste preferences of most people.