College Reunions : Time To Relive Those Golden Times

College Reunions are bound to be funny and emotional. Older the reunion batch, funnier and emotional they become.  One’s beautiful classmates now look more like one’s mother in law and self too looks more like uncles of the female classmates.

The first couple of hours of the reunion are spent in face recognition only.  Friends are there in all types of weird shapes and sizes.  Most of the males look like different versions of Amrish Puri and Anupam Kher.  For a few hours, the venue of reunion resembles more like their alma mater’s Hostel. People forget their age and status and go back to their college day avatars. The whole venue is filled with laughter from decades-old insider jokes.

Batchmates meeting after 20-30 years start off amazingly exactly from where they had left so many years ago. One feels like a time traveler and gets the feeling of walking back again into the golden era of one’s life when life was fun, Masti, laughter and more fun and nothing else. When the body was full of infinite energy and mind full of craziest ideas. When nothing was impossible and nothing could dare to be stressful.

College Reunions remind oneself of one’s true self and again ignites the passion to go out and change the world once again. Old friends are like batteries who recharge you emotionally and make you feel good about everything life has offered and has to offer in the future.

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