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T-shirts Printing in Bulk: Why you should consider Screen Printing?

Gagandeep Singh  |  9 July

T-shirts printing in bulk- Technology has a significant impact on every aspect of the way we live. Many things get changed, and so is the printing industry. Since a couple of decades, the printing industry has been through a lot of changes. The tradition approaches made now getting affected by the presence of the technology around.

In this guide, the readers will be enlightened about the reason why one must consider high-volume screen printing. But before that one also requires to know about the trends of printing. Go through this guide to know well about screen printing and why it is one of the excellent options.

What is the difference between digital printing and screen printing methods of t-shirts printing in bulk?

The digital printing is the process of t-shirts printing in bulk that is used for a small number of t-shirts whereas when it comes to a bulk order custom t-shirts, then screen printing is the best option that one can choose. The digital printing uses a four-colour system of colouring and printing t-shirts like those of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black. This does not at all require screens or plates.

This can get a print of 120 inches at maximum. But the advantages that are associated with this system is that this can help in printing many colours with a single pass. Any graphic can be produced. The prep time is also very less, and the completion of the project is also done efficiently. This is a great way which can help in saving cost and getting the t-shirts having graphics. The quality of processing is excellent.

There are more dots per inch, and this is one of the most significant advantages of digital printing. The art file scan also directly be moved from computers to be press. Altogether, the digital process is convenient. But there is a disadvantage, and that is it is not a productive method. To meet the orders of bulk, this will require a lot of time.

Advantages of screen printing

Screen printing features are the best to meet the requirements of a majority of products. The colours are laid down at a time, and there are different screens for different colours. This helps in t-shirts printing in bulk. The maximum print size of the screen in 32 inches. Some of the advantages of screen printing are this is a cost-effective method of distribution. The inks used are affordable. The inks are even more opaque than that of the digital ones. They can be used to t-shirts printing in bulk with graphics with a considerable bulk.

Which is the preferable option?

The best way of t-shirt printing is the screen-printing method, and there are reasons behind that. The order of t-shirt customizing comes in bulk. In these cases, the digital process can fall short of producing t-shirts printing in bulk. The productivity of the screen-printing process is just unbeatable.

This is the reason why screen-printing is considered to be the fittest option. The screen printing apparel is quite nicely finished as well. The quality of the apparels is also the best. The slash in the investment is also a benefit that is offered by this method, whereas, digitally, the cost that is to be spent for the printing is too high.

Thus, these were the few things that one must know about screen printing and  t-shirts printing in bulk. This is the best way to be preferred. The advanced technology has led to a lot of changes. They have made the bulk order t-shirts produced at a faster rate. Thus, the productivity of the industry is also positively affected. The bulk order custom t-shirts are produced with the advanced printing trends which are opted. Amongst all the methods chosen; screen printing is the most opted ones.

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10 Summer Polo T-shirts that will Make You Feel like you’re Always on Vacation

Gagandeep Singh  |  9 July

Polo T-shirts- Fashion is not about how you look; it’s about how you feel. Comforting yourself has always been one of the significant wings of style. In the summers, we are more into comforting ourselves rather than caring about the way we look. But both can be done at a time. Here is a guide for the readers with the help of which men can know some fashion tips which can make them feel on vacation always:

List of Polo T-shirts that you can Wear on Summer vacations

  1. Mack Weldon Dry knit:

These are the navy polo t-shirts which have the best fabric. The fabric of the cloth has a moisture-wicking technology that can help to keep you two-degrees more relaxed. This is a great t-shirt to beat the heat. If you are looking for the custom t-shirts, then you can choose the polo one as they are unbeatable how far the quality is concerned.

  1. Bonobos Retro Linen:

Are you willing to conquer the summer? Here is the perfect one from the cool boy’s collection. This lightweight and a soothing colored t-shirt make everything breathable for you. You can avail the utmost comfort with these polo t-shirts.  You can be both relaxed and sophisticated at a time.

  1. Patagonia Squeaky Clean Polo:

This is a classic cotton polo t-shirt which is worth investing in summers. The cotton material is soft and can be paired with almost everything. While choosing t-shirts online, this can serve you as a great option.

  1. Fila Enzo Polo Shirt:

This is one of the most elegant pieces from the collection of all the polo t-shirts. One can experience cooler summers with these t-shirts. These are the dry fit t-shirts that can give you incredible fittings.

  1. Rhone Delta Pique Polo T-Shirt for Men:

This is a light wash fabric mesh tee that can be cool to be paired with anything ranging from the trousers and track pants to those of the denim. This is one of the favorite choices of the customers amongst all the other polo t-shirts. You will look perfect without having to think much about the sweat.

  1. Bonobos Men’s Classic Pique:

Are you willing a chic look? Here is what you are seeking. These tropical printed t-shirts are the best ones that not only just give a funky look but at the same time strike a right balance with the elegant styling. This t-shirt can be perfect for partying at night and can also be perfect for a cuisine.

  1. Lacoste Men’s Slim-Fit Stretch Cotton T-Shirt:

This is one of the plain t-shirts in the rich collection of polo. This can never run out of trend as this is classic, chic, and sleek. The crazy group can engulf you entirely and thus, shop your summer closet from the full bandwidth of polo collection.

  1. UNTUCKit the Damaschino Wrinkle-Free Polo T-Shirt for Men:

This is an ideal go to strike the bro-code. You can create all of a fresh and light look. The untucked look is fantastic on this t-shirt. This is one of the ideal t-shirts for men. This can be the best thing in your closet that can let you have a fresh look. You can completely own your look and evoke your personality. This is a great t-shirt to be purchased. You can look awesome with this tee as it won’t bunch around your bottom area.

  1. Obey Men’s Rader Classic Zip:

The zipper in the tee is alone responsible for giving you that amazingly chic look. You have had many polo t-shirts with buttons on them. Here is a range of tee which is coming up with the cool zippers. They are the best summer attire that any men can be. The best things about this range of t-shirts are they are the best options in the category of classic t-shirts for women.

  1. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Mesh T shirt:

The beauty of this polo t-shirt is words. This will never run out of fashion. This t-shirt has something fresh to offer you. You can experience the ultimate trend with these t-shirts. You can wear it to the party or in shopping and mostly everywhere. This will be the best purchase of yours amongst all the others in your closet.

Hence, Polo t-shirts always serve as the best option when it comes to fashion and comfort. You can choose to wear all of the in summers and yet be elegantly in the best style. One just does not require to be in formals to strike a right chord with the fashion, that can be done with the casuals as well. These causal polo t-shirts are not only just fashionable but at the same time, they are soothing to the skin in summers. You can take the vacation feeling throughout the summers by wearing these comforting products.

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Cricket T shirt for Indian International Fans

Gagandeep Singh  |  4 July

Custom t-shirts or self-designed t-shirts are in great demand. If you have a design in your mind and communicate to a graphics designer, he or she can print the exact typography or logo you want on your t-shirt. This is what makes it popular. You can have your preferred style of design on the t-shirt. You can make these custom t-shirts on your own. But, it would be wise enough if you hand it in the hands of experts.

If you are doing it yourself, you may not know the fabric, size, color, or printer to complete the task. On the other hand, experts or designers have all equipment handy. Custom t-shirts are so much in demand that even the indian team cricket t shirt are made out of the graphics. That is why; you see logos and brands printed on the t-shirts of fans and players.

Why are Indian Cricket team T-Shirts customized?

If you have noticed the Indian t-shirts, whether a player or a fan is wearing, some logos or brands are printed on them. The actual reason that gets concentrated is that the brand which customizes these t-shirts gets reflected and bigger business is invited. Indian team cricket t shirt for fans this year has been rumored to come in orange color. Custom t-shirts avenge the excitement build up in fans who would be wearing.

What are the reasons for the demand for customized t-shirts?

The design and fashion industry are revolutionized because of printed or typographer t-shirts. You can customize the t-shirts as per your requirements, and this is the basic reason for Indian team cricket t shirt to have printed or designed clothes. There are various reasons for their high purchase rate.

Adaptable for various events

The best feature of custom t-shirts is that they can fit into any event depending only upon the design you want. You can wear it to a birthday party, a game event like Indian team cricket t shirt and many more. It serves as an absolute gift for multiple occasions. It can be an anniversary or other family functions. Its relevancy depends upon how relatable image or text you put on the t-shirt.

Number of customized T-shirts Designers 

You do not have to take appointments to get your custom t-shirts printed. With the advancement in technology and expansion of the designing industry, numerous designers will fit into your requirements for a t-shirt designed according to your taste. And with a different designer, you have different designs ready. So, variety serves to be only constant. You can always head to the next when the first fails to provide service.

Great Promotional Gifts

Custom t-shirts have proved that they are one of a great choice for a promotional gift. What happens is that if you are an owner, you can assign a designer to print your company’s brand name and hand it over to the customers. It helps in increasing the visibility of the brand and promotes it as well. This is what Indian Cricket is raising custom t-shirts for fans to increase their enthusiasm, and even t-shirts for men are available.

Budget fixation

Custom t-shirts always come according to your budget. You can select budget keeping your classic fit pocket in a sense. It is affordable as custom t-shirts are open to everyone from all walks of life.

Technological Advancement

Now you do not have to spill colors on to the t-shirt. There are different kinds of printers that finely and you won’t’ find a difference in it. The best part of custom t-shirts is that you get a wide range of options to select. You get a chance to decide the color, size, and fabric, type of text or picture that you want to print on your choice of t-shirt. If you want short sleeves, you can have it also works on long sleeves. You find a route to bring your imagination into reality.

You do not have to make any compromises or adjustments with your thoughts. These t-shirts are great to use to team games like cricket, football, and their legacies. In team, you need unity from all spheres. If there would not be a common jersey, lack of unity can be visited. But custom t-shirts draw these negative points from a team and build team spirit. The material of t-shirts after customization increases as it is overdue with colors and prints.

What are the different methods for printing custom t-shirts?

There are different methods to print a custom t-shirt. Depending on the fabric you have chosen and the color, different printers will be required for a single purpose. Starting from screen printing, digital printing, dye sublimation, heat transfers, and airbrush, prints are embellished upon t-shirts.  The fabric of t-shirts depends on you. If you give your preferences, the designers will work on that particular fabric only.

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15 Pro Tips for Creating Best T-shirt Design

Gagandeep Singh  |  3 July

T-shirt printing has been a trend in the past few years. The power of t-shirt design has got into the minds of designers in terms of advertisement. With the advancement in technology, you would have marked the purchase of t-shirts has grown higher. You can customize your t-shirts, which is the new revolution where words of mind can be put into the picture. Surveys condemn that t-shirt design industry are expected to cross the US $10 billion by 2025. These days the best t-shirt designs come in different brands.

What tips should you Consider for Manufacturing Best T-shirt Design?

T-shirt designing appear fun activity from its rear view, but it involves a lot of strategies to converge the market to make it a marketing tool. So, read out to know the tips that will help you create the best t-shirt designs.

  1. Explore your Concept

It is not necessary that you publish your design upon a t-shirt in the first stroke. Prepare a scratch of the thought you want to print. If nothing comes to design custom t-shirts, then, walk around, eat, take rest, brainstorm, and come with creative options.

  1. Designing Process

If you are a designer and working for a company, then strictly keep your company’s objectives at the front foot. As an old saying dominates this industry saying that ‘a picture is worth of thousand words.’ So, to create the best t-shirt design, you should know the brand you are working with. Promotion of custom t-shirts is similar to that of advertisement.

design process

design process

  1. Audience’s knowledge

The second thing to do when you get your prints ready is identifying your target audience. For example, ask yourself who is going to wear that custom t-shirts or the interests that person has or the social media they come from or the last and important thing if at all they want to purchase your services or products? The preferences for different age groups for t-shirts design will be unique and independent.

  1. Consider BAT

Here, BAT stands for Budget, Quantity, and Timeline. These three parameters will help you design better. Budget is the first thing among it. Your design becomes powerful with the amount of investment it indulges. Best t-shirt designs are carved out of quantity and the time attached to complete it. Remember to complete your t-shirts design within timeline and before the deadline to avoid that last moment running race.

  1. T-Shirt Type

T-shirts are available in different shapes. You will get a round neck, v-neck, long sleeves, polo-neck, long sleeves, and many more. If you want t-shirt design in bulk, your choice for your design will enable you to set distinctive designs on it. If you take long-sleeves, you can print your brand’s name upon it.

  1. Good Fabric

Fabrics are always good. But, what you want to print should be given importance. If you want custom t-shirts printing for screen printing, then cotton is the most preferred type. If you want to mount directly to the garment, then again cotton should be your choice. For transfer and sublimation painting, the preferable fabric should be polyester. Best t-shirt design are not that easy to carve like normal or regular shirts.

  1. Right Size

This is a basic formula that you have to remember are small designs normally vanishing like a dot in big t-shirts. So, try encrypting big designs on small-sized t-shirts. The right size of the design is essential to provide a complete look at the t-shirt. You can place the bulk order t-shirts printing you want to design on a table and position the paper on it.

right size

right size

  1. Color Scheme

Each color embellishes a different personality. As a graphics designer, you have to make sure that different attitudinal people receive the right color and right message. Color combination is the breaking point for an outfit. You either break the ceiling or don’t even get a chance to reach there.

  1. Placement of the Design on A t-shirt

Place the logo or design in the right place of the t-shirt. You need to determine to keep the size of the t-shirt in mind.

  1. Right Typography

If you know your audience will understand the text that you want to set in their t-shirts then go for this traditional method.

  1. Printing Options

Check minutely for the number of printing options you have. That can be either Direct to Garment (DTG), Dye Sublimation, Screen Printing, or Heat Press Printing.

  1. Search for a Designer

If you want a logo to be printed in your t-shirt, leave it in the hands of experts. Chances are there you might mess up.

  1. Evaluation of the Design

Evaluate your design from top to bottom in terms of budget, pricing, sizes, colors, and all parameters possible.

  1. You need a Printer

Now, you are not going to put your fingers to your design to see it alive. You need a printer for it. So, take a printer and set it to pre-press proof.

  1. See in furtherance

Do not copy designs from anyone. Put your efforts to get your product launched in the market. You will get good brand results and high purchase.

These 15 Pro-tips will get you through the custom t-shirt printing task.