Saurabh Chhabra  |  2 October

Whether it’s your wife, mother, daughter, sister or friend, life is incomplete without women. They are a great support and offer the best advice – be it a relationship problem or a career dilemma.

With the spirit of October and Breast Cancer Awareness month, it’s important that we gift them something which celebrates girl power and helps convey themselves better. A customized T-shirt will speak your mind, creativity, and thoughts. We have come up with various ideas that will help you achieve that perfect customized t-shirt, which will truly showcase the girl power in them.

  1. Being sassy

A girl is a great amalgamation of sweet and fiery nature and an air of sassiness surrounds her. She is dynamic, high-spirited and does not give too much of a damn. That sassy nature needs to be reflected in her clothes as well. Choose a line or quotes that you swear by. It can be as simple as “Too glam to give a damn” to let the society know that you aren’t amongst the ones who will care about their unnecessary commentary.


Don’t hold yourself back and let your sarcasm make way to your t-shirt. It will speak volumes for you. People will know about your sense of humor even before having a word with you.

  1. Get motivational

All the girls have it in them to prove themselves. Be it a household chore or a mess at work, they have their sleeves rolled up. But that is followed by some days when you are at your lowest. Let your t-shirts motivate you in those hard times, reminding you that you have overcome large obstacles and soon this will also be a thing of past.


  1. Getting inspired by the strongest women characters

There are a lot of women who inspire us, but then there are some who are our favorites like Jane Austen’s Elizabeth, Wonder Woman, Rani of the movie “Queen”, Powerpuff girls and many more. We have grown up reading and watching them. We could easily relate to them and that assured us we are not the only one undergoing a time of dilemma and chaos.  They also made us believe that we girls can achieve anything, even if we stand alone.


  1. Break the Stereotypes

Use your t-shirt to send a message across the society which has formed useless stereotypes. Show them that women are better drivers, they can earn well, that their world is not limited to the kitchen, not every girl likes pink and many others that you find useless. Legendary Mia Hamm too came across this and she gave a befitting reply “My coach said I ran like a girl, I said if he could run a little faster he could too.”

lord of the rings custom t shirts

Five T-Shirts to bring out the Movie Fanatic in You

Saurabh Chhabra  |  6 July

Movies play a big role in our lives and their influence is certainly far-reaching. As movie watching has always been a collective experience, we can find plenty of people all over the world who are up-to-date about a much-anticipated release. With so many fans around the world, it is always great to meet people who share a common interest in movies. Films not only let us feel that we are part of something bigger, but also let us engage in passionate (and interesting!) debates about our allegiances to a particular hero or a villain. Whether you are a fan of Star Wars or Star Trek, or even if you love Marvel films more than the DC adaptations, you can always show your loyalty and nerdiness by wearing T-shirts that show which side you are on.

Below are five T-shirts that would easily bring out the movie fanatic in you:

  • Marvel: Marvel’s cinematic universe has taken the world by storm. Superheroes, antiheroes, and villains have become a part of our everyday lives. Think about Avengers, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Deadpool, X-Men, Thor, Iron Man and the list is never-ending. Display the fandom of your favourite Marvel movie that you recently watched and collect all before you go to the theatres for the next big hit.

marvel custom t shirt


  • Harry Potter: Are you a fan of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, or Ron Weasley? Or, are you among those who side with the menacing villain, Lord Voldemort? Maybe, you feel like you belong to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and may remember your favourite spells from the 7-part series. T-shirts with funny prints about Lord Voldemort or some funny spells from the movies would show out how much of a fan you are.

Five T-Shirts to bring out the Movie Fanatic in You

  • Star Wars: Star Wars has had a long fan following over the years. There is at least one person in one’s extended family who would have made you watch this entire saga of wars in the galaxy. With so many interesting characters in the movies, you may relate to the Jedi Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader or the protagonist, Luke Skywalker. Perhaps you may associate with the Stormtroopers from the Galactic Army. The list is endless.

star wars custom t shirts

  • Lord of the Rings: The greatest epic of the 20th century which has been adapted into a long three-part series, Lord of the Rings is one movie that has been watched by all. From the brave Frodo Baggins and Golem’s scheming villainy to the inimitable Gandalf, there are fans for all who belong to Middle Earth.

lord of the rings custom t shirts


  • DC: Just like Marvel cinematic universe, there is another cinematic universe from DC. Movies such as Wonder Woman, Flashpoint, Green Lantern, Batman and Justice League Dark have made fans around the world. Go ahead, be the superhero you want to be and show that you are a DC fan to friends who are Marvel-loving fanatics.

dc comics custom t shirts

Why Custom T-Shirts

10 Reasons why Custom T-Shirts are the new in-vogue thing!

Saurabh Chhabra  |  18 April

Why Custom T-Shirts- You might not wear your heart on your sleeve, but wearing your own designs is easier than ever. For as long as humans have known clothing, the concept of designing clothes for oneself has been almost unheard of. But now with digital designing and endless pop culture references, printing custom t-shirts has become a flourishing trend in itself. The retail level quality of printing custom t-shirts, along with personalized designs and texts, make for an enticing product. People have the freedom to do everything and more when it comes to custom t-shirts.

Why Custom T-Shirts

Merchandising is not just limited to brands or companies anymore. It is a trend that is fast moving into the realm of individual style statement. From pop-culture references and memes, to college and university merchandising, everyone seems to opt for them.

Presently, the websites offering custom design and printing services have upgraded to on-web softwares that make the end product look like something a merchandise designer made on Photoshop and Illustrator.

Why Custom T-Shirts:

Similar to the art of getting yourself a bespoke tailor, the reason why custom t-shirts are soon becoming viral is that it speaks of an individual’s personal tastes and liking. Read on to know the top ten reasons why getting a custom t-shirt designed it the ‘it’ thing in effortless everyday fashion.

  1. Quality apparels, affordable price with scope for varying quantity.
  2. The process is quick and efficient as professionals employed for screen-printing custom t-shirt, who use the latest in technology.
  3. This is the best route to take, if you are a company just starting out and looking for some visibility in the market.
  4. Endless scope for creativity and design.
  5. A very in-person way of marketing.
  6. Shows the team spirit of the organization or group getting the merchandise printed.
  7. Scope for inducing customer loyalty by giving merchandise as giveaways in contests and goodies for members/VIPs.
  8. Revenue aspect of merchandise can be tapped in to, by selling your brand identity as products.
  9. A subtle way to promote and grow yourself as a brand.
  10. Influence people with your design and content.

There are many avenues of printing custom t-shirts with authentic designs, which can serve beneficial to you, especially if you are looking for some traction in the marketing department. It is the best way to go if you as a brand are suffering from visibility loss or starting out in the business and need a subtle way to promote and grow your brand’s identity.

Other than the obvious brand- centric benefits of customised merchandise, it is a great way of interacting with your customer base, earn their loyalty and trust; this will also enable you to set a standard for yourself in the market and amongst your targeted consumer.

Why Custom T-Shirts

It must be noted that the reason why custom t-shirts are a hyped commodity at the corporate and university level, is due to the freedom of bulk order at an affordable price. Since many businesses have now started to cater to an order of less than the initially required number of articles, it is possible to tap into the market of families, groups, gangs, duos etc, which need between 2-10 pieces.

Everyone can get a printed custom t-shirt; everyone can express who they’re through their clothes.

Funny and Creative Designed T Shirt Ideas

Top 10 Funny and Creative Designed T Shirt Ideas

Sanjana Shenoy  |  12 January

Funny and Creative Designed T Shirt Ideas- You walk into a t-shirt store, look at all the trendy t-shirts with the latest design prints on them. You spend some time in the shop walking by each row scanning the stock of t-shirts displayed. The t-shirts that are trendy in style are placed under the ‘New Arrivals’ stand and are often over priced. The t-shirts that are moderately priced are just not designed witty enough for your liking.Maybe you didn’t find a creative designed t-shirt that reflected a part of you.

Here are some Funny and Creative Designed T Shirt Ideas

Modern Family and T-shirt Designing

The famous television series Modern Family in its season 7 has an episode showing one of it’s characters, Dylan switching to a new job involving t-shirt designing. He designed t-shirts with words containing the letter ‘V’ in it. The neck of the t-shirt depicted the letter ‘V’. But Jay didn’t find it amusing as there were 2 Vs in the word EVOLVE on his daughter’s t-shirt. So if there are 2 V’s can there be 2 necks?

Funny and Creative Designed T Shirt Ideas

The search for Creative Designed t-shirts is finally over! 

We often hunt for that particular funny designed t-shirt or creative designed t-shirt that we could instantly connect to, the moment we lay our eyes on it. Well look no further! Take a quick peek at some of the 10 best creative designed t-shirts below and let your imagination run wild in conceptualizing t-shirt ideas to suit your tastes. They cater to Punny People out there, Pop Music Fanatics as well as the Out of the Box Thinkers! You can purchase the t-shirts by checking out the links provided below or customize your own t-shirts with a little stimulation from them.

  1. Casper the friendly ghost is here with Boos!

Funny and Creative Designed T Shirt Ideas

  1. Gym can be kept as a second option!

Funny and Creative Designed T Shirt Ideas

Source: ezyshop

 3. Hema,Rekha,Jaya & Sushma find your t-shirt too white for their likes. One of them is even repainting it Blue!

 Funny and Creative Designed T Shirt Ideas


 4.Gangam style is ever lasting  in your playlist as well as your closet

Funny and Creative Designed T Shirt Ideas

  1. You take your music everywhere you go. Literally!

Funny and Creative Designed T Shirt Ideas

  1. When you know you’re lazy and feeling it too!

Funny and Creative Designed T Shirt Ideas


  1. Chameleon playing Holi in Skittles

 Funny and Creative Designed T Shirt Ideas


  1. Call the fire-fighters! This blazing darkness needs a flash of colour.

 Funny and Creative Designed T Shirt Ideas


  1. When life gives you lemons, read the recipe for lemonade again!

Funny and Creative Designed T Shirt Ideas

Source: pinterest

  1. You are Rolling In the Puns. And you know it!

Funny and Creative Designed T Shirt Ideas


These funny custom designed t-shirts must have surely brought a smile on your face.The t-shirt design ideas provided above are appealing as they relate to the current pop culture, play around with words and are designed in such a way that they are captivating to the eyes.These are  marvelously creatively designed t-shirts that will definitely lead to a chuckle and a grin everywhere you go! There are plenty of  funny t-shirt design ideas and creative t-shirt design ideas on various websites. These pictures can be looked at for further design ideas.  What are you waiting for? Grab your cursor and design your own pun filled customized t-shirt online. play tool custom t-shirts

How to Design your Custom T-Shirts at Alma Mater Store

Saurabh Chhabra  |  9 December

How to Design Custom T-Shirts online at Alma Mater Store?

“At we provide cool and comfortable personalized t-shirts and hoodies ideal for schools, colleges and offices.”

Needless to say this, but your school / college is a part of who you are visit and create your memorabilia, create a hoodie worthy of remembrance.

It has always been our prime duty to give you the design YOU want! Our web based Play tool is the result of years & years of hard work and is designed to do just that.

Some people are extremely artistic and others simply have a small streak of artistic talent. If you think that paying someone else to do a simple design is not worth it, and you want to create a good graphic picture to get you started, is right for you.

Design your Customized T-Shirts via Play Tool: play tool custom t-shirts

Design Custom T-Shirts

Click on ‘Pick a product’ our products ranges from hoodies , zippers collar tees and round-necks. The size chart will tell you the exact sizes that are available at Alma Mater. play tool custom t-shirts

Click on ‘Pick a Colour’ and you have 11 vibrant colours to choose from. Our designers can also help you choose the best colour combination.

Coming to designing your t-shirt or hoodie you have various options to choose from, click on ‘Add Art’; here you are presented with tons of templates which our in-house designers have created over the years. You are then presented with a wide catalogue of categories with over a thousand templates you’re spoilt for choice. play tool

They have hundreds of free graphics, pick the one that best describes your identity and then you could edit the image which appears on the canvas too. And guess what you could resize align or rotate the image too. Any image that you choose could again be duplicated, mirrored or coloured.
The play tool also tells you the exact size (in inches) of your print.

If you want to emphasize visibility, clarity, catchiness keep it simple and click on ‘Add text’ , If you want your hoodie to say something to others be it funny sarcastic dramatic or cartoonish . Subject from approval from Alma Mater you can choose anything you like to write. The popup allows you to select the font you wish to use for your text A wide variety of categories. You could again style it as you like. With over 1000 fonts to choose from you’re definitely spoilt with choice. The tool box on the canvas lets you resize, align, duplicate or mirror your text.

Another cool feature is our brush tool , for those who like to add your own signature. play tool

Feel like a pro already? Looking to create something more artistic?Go no further Click on the

Go no further Click on the Upload Image option

Use the play tool as an outlet of your own creativity and add you own image , the play tool also lets you mess around with your image.On our Play Tool you could upload your own picture and focus on originality and colour composition. When you upload an image our designers could help you scale your image as large as possible without losing quality.

On our Play Tool you could upload your own picture and focus on originality and colour composition. When you upload an image our designers could help you scale your image as large as possible without losing quality.We also have the option of printing a logo of your choice on the sleeve, using the help of our designers.

We also have the option of printing a logo of your choice on the sleeve, using the help of our designers.The option of uploading your own image is viable if you want something that sets you apart, the handles that appear on the edge of the image that you upload lets you, use the alignment tool to resize it flip it around, you could even change the colour and select the most vibrant combination.

The option of uploading your own image is viable if you want something that sets you apart, the handles that appear on the edge of the image that you upload lets you, use the alignment tool to resize it flip it around, you could even change the colour and select the most vibrant combination.

Keep it simple and just add your desired name and number either on the front or back.

And after all of this if nothing works, just click on design ideas, where you just couldn’t go wrong.
If you’d like us to print a different name and number for you just upload an excel sheet with the given format and it will be done. play tool
After All of this you could save and share your designs on Facebook and Instagram.