Biker and the Old Man – Cherishable memories with Alma Mater T-shirts

Satyam was now feeling tired. For the last 5 hours, he had been driving non-stop. Although his Bullet was comfortable and strong but the rough terrain was too much to handle even for a seasoned biker like him. He had been on this bike trail for now almost 7 days. The beautiful snow-capped mountains, blue sky, and rivers along the way had connected him with a new Satyam.

This Satyam was calmer, happier and soberer than Satyam who had run away from the concrete jungle and poisonous air of Gurgaon a few days back.

Suddenly he saw a flickering light at some distance. He was glad to find some kind of settlement in this wilderness. He accelerated the bike and reached that small cottage quickly. He knocked on the
door and waited for somebody to respond. After a few minutes, a very old man opened the door. The old man’s face was wrinkled and he seemed to be really old almost somebody hundred years old. But the face seemed familiar. Old man welcomed him like an old friend and ushered him in. The cottage was small and cozy but very welcoming. The room was neat and clean and full of books and magazines. The room was also filled with the aroma of something very tasty being cooked. This aroma was making him even more hungry. The old man smiled and said get fresh the food will be ready soon. The old man pointed him towards the bathroom.
Satyam went inside and washed his face with the warm water and felt refreshed immediately. He
opened up his backpack and took out his favorite t-shirt. This t-shirt was his comfort wear. He had
ordered this from and had many happy memories associated with it. His
whole bikers’ gang was very happy when he had gifted them this specially designed, customized t-shirt with their individual names printed on the back and front. But he was still thinking why this
old man’s face looked so familiar and what was the reason for him being so friendly with him.
He came out of the bathroom but the old man was nowhere to been. Suddenly the door opened and
the old man was standing there with an old Bikers leather jacket. He was smiling and came closer to
Satyam and said, Satyam can you tell me more about your RE bikers club. Satyam was shocked to
hear his name from the old man’s mouth and how did he know about his RE bikers club.
Looking at Satyam’s bewildered expressions, the old man laughed out loud and said Hey Satyam,
breathe easy, cool down dear there is nothing mysterious happening out here. I just read your
name and your club’s name from your t-shirt.

Alma Mater designed Custom T-shirts for bikers gangBikers Gang in Alma Mater Custom T-shirtsSatyam also laughed out loud and enjoyed the rest of the evening having a tasty dinner with the old biker.