Alma Mater Friends : A Short Story

It was raining and he was feeling nostalgic. He was sitting in his corner office and sipping hot coffee
after a hectic day full of meetings and discussions. Everything was perfect but rain was reminding
him of his old friends and good old college days.

He opened his facebook account and started scrolling through old pictures . He soon found what he
was looking for. This was the photo where all five of them were wearing same customized hoodies.
He remembered how they had spent many nights lovingly designing this hoodie on almamaterstore
There were many fights and heated discussions before finalizing the design. The hoodie was far
better than what they had expected. It was comfortable and the printing was just amazing. They had
their unique high-quality hoodie and it was their proud fashion statement. That year they wore only
that hoodie during the whole winters and the fun fact was they could wear the same t-shirt under the hoodie every day. That customized hoodie became their defacto uniform and
their identity. It was such a big hit that many people from the college ordered their customized
t-shirts and hoodies too from
The whole campus used to call them Paanch Pandavas. They were always together and used to
have a helluva of an amazing time. Now after 10 years he had everything he had dreamt of but still his
heart longed for that messy hostel and those devil friends. Today again, he opened the Almamater Store
website and started designing a round neck t-shirt. He wrote Life = Friends. I want my life back. He
ordered 5 t-Shirts. He shared the design in the Pandavas WhatsApp group. Immediately one message popped up, Arre is it raining again in your city? Sala dramebaaz! He read the message and smiled.
He was longing for these magic words only…