7 T-Shirts Every 90s Kid Should Wear

7 T-Shirts Every 90s Kid Should Wear

National Geographic called the 1990s the last greatest decade. The culture, the vibe, the movies, the music and the technology, there is not a lot that didn’t happen in that decade. From controversial relationships with huge age differences (we’re talking 20s and grandpa) to the ancient novelties that are floppy discs now, everything great happened before the turn of the century.

Children born in the 1900s form somewhat of a U/V rated cult. The ratings are obviously subject to relatability and the type of humour coming out of it. Children relate, they make humorous memes; memes which only the kid of the 90s would understand. The struggle, the reminiscence, and the camaraderie are all very real. When people talk about this sub-culture of humanity on the interweb, it is a MAJOR throwback. Things have changed since then, and, like the innocence of the child in everyone, something we cannot go back to. However, as the promoters of the 90s, as a fight in the everyday millennial culture, we love to love the past.

Here are seven t-shirts that every 90s kid would relate to; would love to own as well:

DISCLAIMER: This list is not just for the kids of the 90s, it is also for the people who lived through the 90s and loved it; people who hate how ratchet the world has become and would love to go back to the awesomeness of the last great decade.

  1. Tapes: Remember those long summer days, during your holidays, when you would just chill around the house, playing music on your stereo? You must also remember the struggle of a broken rewind button or the lack of one, and your only saviour was the pencil. Boombox-ing away to Lucky Ali. Those were the days. Who wouldn’t want to wear this relatable design from the 90s on a tee?
  2. Arcade Gaming: Taken, Mustafa and Mario. Name one child who didn’t spend their entire allowance in coins at the gaming arcade. This isn’t one for the male gender, girls took their turn as well. Let’s not forget the side business of the owner of the establishment, as a comic book seller. Takes you back, doesn’t it? A t-shirt with Lin on it, sure would be fabulous for the original gaming generation. These new age console gamers don’t know the struggle of a joystick and single button UI of a game. Let’s also not forget the horror of a stuck coin.
  3. Crazy Balls: Admit it, they got lost as quickly and frequently as you bought them, but it was okay because every new ball had a different pattern than the previous one. They hurt like hell anyway; sibling fights? For those lonesome days when friends were busy, time spent bouncing these off the walls took away loneliness. An interactive design for the same on a t-shirt customized to your childhood. TAKE MY MONEY.
  4. Kisme, Poppins and Mango Bite: This is perhaps the last greatest way to induce a friendship with someone; they were sweet and delicious and cost nearly nothing. Poppins came in a rather shareable pack, with a flavour for every child’s taste. Candy from the young years sure would make anyone homesick. Design a custom t-shirt for someone who loved these as much as you.
  5. Phantom Cigarettes: Picture this, a group of children less than 10 years of age, strolling around, pretending to smoke cigarettes with this delicious sugary candy. Rather convincible in winters, when breath was puffed out like smoke for added drama. A sight to behold in memories for reminiscence, when you’re adulating now and actually trying to quit smoking. Those were the days when innocence prevailed and sugar rush was unavoidable. Cool quotient was over 9000; still would be if you decided to design a custom t-shirt along these lines for a group reunion perhaps?
  6. Gully Cricket: No rules, or maybe some rules, but always by the ones who owned the bat and the ball. Summer vacations were incomplete without the eclectic rules of gully cricket, friends and the question ‘who will go get the ball from Aunty’s balcony?’. Nothing comes as a better theme for a t-shirt for your gully friends.
  7. Cartoon Network in Hindi: Dragonball Z, Tom & Jerry, Power Puff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Laboratory and many more; everything dubbed in Hindi, so as the cultural appropriation to the west is avoided. Classic 90s life for the classic 90s babies. They watched Cartoon Network evolve into something that doesn’t feel home to these babies. They would agree that they had it better. Take it with a grain of salt, you could always design your favourite cartoon t-shirt online.

Though the 90s were great; a piece of the classic culture of colourful dressing and weird combinations of culture and tradition, they’re passed. However, it shouldn’t be too difficult to remember them here and there with a cute customizable t-shirt for yourself, your group of friends or just old pals catching up. A gift to the self or a fellow ranger from the era, Alma Mater PLAY lets you design whatever you please.