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T-shirts are among the most stylish and convenient items of clothing used by people of all age groups. A t-shirt acts as a neutral canvas enabling people to express their views and opinions creatively and stylishly. This humble piece of garment can be transformed into something unique and elegant through custom printing. A simple search with the keyword custom t-shirts near me provides potential buyers with countless options to get the design of their choice imprinted on their favorite tee. However, like most other styles, t-shirt design trends also undergo various changes each year. Being aware of the below-discussed design trends that are likely to rule supreme in 2021 can help potential buyers to up their style quotient quite significantly.

Nature Inspired

People are likely to prefer designs that are largely inspired by nature and the environment and their associated aspects. From big floral prints to natural textures such as furs, the demand for earthly prints that are refreshing as well as interesting to see is expected to grow significantly. Moreover, images of mountains, forests, water bodies, rainbows, and even a combination of these different elements are expected to emerge as a major design trend in the coming months.

Animal Portraits

Animals have emerged as major influencers on social media in recent times and this has naturally created a huge demand for animal portrait designs on t-shirts. Large, stylized portraits of dogs, cats, turtles, cows, and a wide variety of both pet and wild animals have been gaining much prominence. This design idea is especially preferred by individuals keen on expressing their solidarity with Animal Rights Groups or people who want to send out a strong message about their personality by wearing t-shirts featuring such designs.

Cartoon Characters

T-shirts and tank tops featuring a wide range of cartoon characters are back in vogue and with a bang. These t-shirts help in bringing out the child inside the wearers and remind them to have some fun despite the struggles and stresses in their everyday life. These t-shirts are quite humorous, extremely exciting, and add a playful twist to the overall appeal of the wearer besides making them feel young and energetic. They are sure to bring a smile to the lips of the wearers as well as countless people who view these designs.

Urban Style

Urban-style t-shirts have been gaining much popularity over the past several months especially among younger generations. These designs are generally hype and complex and in most cases, the designers use vibrant and lively colors to highlight them. They often strike a perfect balance between casual and stylish design besides offering an insight into the happenings in the world. These designs are a combination of images and texts and are generally themed around popular music and sports such as hip-hop, rock, skateboarding, and basketball etc.

Bold Statements

The trend of printing bold statements on t-shirts is another trend that is likely to become even more popular in the coming months. The t-shirts provide the perfect medium for the wearers to say what they might not be able to express boldly and clearly in normal conversation. Opting to print t-shirts online with a word or phrase that helps the wearers to get their point across can sometimes be all that they need to do to make an impact. This approach works really well if the garment is used for advocating a cause, a political campaign, or social movement.

Inspirational And Fun Quotes

Most people today can do with a good laugh or even a knowledge bite that inspires them. This is perhaps why t-shirt designs featuring inspirational or fun quotes are gaining much popularity. Such designs not only bring happiness to the wearers but also brighten the day of people who get to read the quote while coming across these wearers. With thousands of such quotes to choose from, there are literally unlimited styling options for the buyers seeking a great design for their favorite tee.

Typography Styling

Another popular trend is in the form of different styles of typography and one that has been in vogue for quite some time. This design trend enables users to present the same design in different formats by simply altering its writing style. From retro fonts to psychedelic colors, designers are offering a wide choice to people to create a look that matches their style preference and budget.