When I think of wearing a customized t-shirt and walking into a casual party, this is exactly the song that plays in my head to describe the situation aptly! “When I walk in the spot, this is what I see. Everybody stops and starts staring at me. I got fashion in my tee and I ain’t afraid to show it show it show it… I’m trendy and I know it” As insane as it sounds in my head aping an LMFAO parody, my bold printed ‘Sarcasm Still Loading’ t-shirt has that effect on people around me. That got me thinking on the reasons people prefer customized products especially tees and hoodies.

These could be the 5 reasons why customized t-shirts are your thing-

1) Promotes Uniqueness

When you wear a customized t-shirt, you not only flaunt your custom made design but also your identity and uniqueness. You can smile at the fact that the t-shirt you are wearing is the first and last piece and not one amongst the 100 other tees sold in a retail outlet.

customized t shirts

2) Chance to put creativity to action

Designing a t-shirt of your own gives you a chance to put your creativity to action. Unleash that hidden artist or the witty writer in you while coming up with your unique creation. You can use your time and efforts in experimenting with different designs, colors, images, brush tools and texts while designing your perfect t-shirt using the  Alma mater Play Store.

customized t shirts

3) Extension of one’s personality

Are you a major fan of the Friends Show? Do you think you reek of sarcasm? Are you a Dancer? I bet you hate Mondays! Customized t-shirts extend to all the quirky and crazy elements of your personality. Feel free to express your various shades through your tees (pun intended).

customized t shirts

4) Customized gifting option

Have you ever spent days trying to think of that perfect gift for your closest friend? A gift which is useful as well as long lasting, which can take your friend’s breath away? Look no further! What gift can be better than a t-shirt or a hoodie of her favorite color printed with her loved comic character or superhero!

customized t shirts

5) Souvenir of Memories

A funky cotton t-shirt adorned with bold prints and designs has the capability of preserving ever lasting memories. Alma mater Play group– India’s first ever Social Tee Networking can be used to design customized t-shirts for colleges, NGOs, start-ups and even rock bands. Using this super tool you can not only design your tee but also save it and share it on social media.

customized t shirts

So if you feel you are a creative person, witty, sarcastic, looking for a customized gift for your friend or even for yourself or probably a perfect souvenir to preserve your memories, you know sure do know what to get!