t-shirt printing


Bob Dylan’s ‘Times are a-changin’, is one song that holds the potential to begin afresh every day. Everything around us is changing in both mammoth proportions as well as antsy nuances. Although it’s safe to state that style is immortal – an aspect that causes it to recur from time to time, it’s also wise that one stays up-to-date with trends that are dominating the hour.

Designing custom apparel is an awesome sauce – it not only puts you in charge but provides you with the opportunity to wear what you want to flaunt. Why go A Capella while making a style statement by pulling on tees or polos that lack designs? Designs, or shall we lay more emphasis on custom designs – curry up the flavour. Once a style-freak develops a thrill for custom apparel, it’s hard to boomerang to the old school slack.

So, all you fanboys and fangirls of custom apparel – do you know what factors influence the price of your custom t-shirt printing order? Allow us to eye-jack you so that you can derive kicks out of a few rather unknown facts:

The Type of Apparel

Let’s get on the same boat with the very first fact – your apparel type matters. Price tends to vary on behalf of what you’re laying your hands on – is it a t-shirt or is it a Polo? A different family of apparel languish in different price zones. Also, what’s premium, it’s going to cost more. What’s comfortable, it’s going to cost more. What’s durable, it’s going to cost more.

The Number of Print Locations

Now, it’s no reason to get salty and all, but more the print locations, higher the price. I resist designs, said no one ever and we do have the habit of getting swayed by the prospect of both front and back printing of our apparel. Now, you might be a cracker in the silent of all nights, who’s all cool with only getting the front of his t-shirt printed. But business organizations have got the dough to flaunt what they are about and when it comes to printing tees or polos for their employees, it’s all about the logo in the front and slogan in the back – and yes, that costs sweet.

White Versus Dark Colours

Boo you KKK, the world has changed for good. We are busy making statements in that direction – custom t-shirt statements to be precise. When it comes to the colours of your tee or polo, dark colours are woke enough to be in popular demand. So yeah, the world is out: darker the colour, more the price. White’s good too – but hey, nobody is too good a suitor to cater to everyone’s taste!

The Number of Colours in your Design

Riddle us this: there’s this black and white design that boasts of the Boston Grunge and the cost of printing it is X. Now, there’s this colourful design that reminds you for the California Hippies and the cost of printing it is Y. Borrowing reference from the previous point, can you figure out which price dominates the other? Facepalm, if your answer is X and ask Y!

Order Quantity

If you have sniff-tested a brand’s apparel to the point that you are content, it’s high time to experience the bigger and better picture. We scratch your back and you scratch ours – that’s probably more like something a Don would say, but hey, it works wonders on so many levels. 

So, the more you increase your order quantity, the bigger and better discounts you get – and when you purchase in bulk, you PPP (price per piece) reduces dramatically! So, if you place a bulk order with Alma Mater comprising of ten or more pieces, the following price chart depicts, what you will be paying for a singular piece that bears both front and back printing:

  • Round Neck Flat Rate: INR 299 with A4 Front and Back Print
  • Collar Neck Flat Rate: INR 399 with A4 Front and Back Print
  • Hoodies Flat Rate: INR 599 with A4 Front and Back Print
  • Zipper Hoodies: INR 699 with A4 Front and Back Print
  • High Neck Zippers: INR 799 with A4 Front and Back Print

Look at you, all schooled up and enlightened. Now, since you already know what goes into customizing your apparel, don’t you think it would be a good idea to visit our website and check out our design tool? So, what’s the wait for – changing lanes online is all about switching tabs and there you go – voila!