4 Reasons Companies Use Bollywood Movies for Brand Promotion

1. Bollywood is a Religion in India: It is an open secret that Bollywood is a religion in India. Masses flock to the cinemas to worship their favorite stars like Gods. Like religion, Bollywood takes the masses on a journey of entertainment. For three hours, people forget their daily routine and go on a flight of fantasy with their beloved stars. Brands understand this unique relationship between their target customers and Bollywood and try to piggy ride on the same.

Scorpio SUV has become a leader in its segment by riding on the success of hit movies like Singham.

2. Immense Reach: Bollywood movies are loved by one and all in India. People across all age groups rush to cinemas on every weekend to catch the latest Bollywood offerings. Brands by associating with the right genre of the movie can also reach maximum target customers in the shortest possible time. Zandu Balm association with Dabaang movie has been a great success story of recent years.

3. Positive Rub Off: It is often said that nothing succeeds like success. Brands take calculated risks by associating with Bollywood movies which they think can strike the right chord with the audience and become a hit. If the movie becomes a hit then everything associated with the movie also basks in this reflected glory. Target customers of the brands relate the brands with the movie and the brands enjoy this positive rub off in terms of increased brand awareness and sales.

4. Youth Connection: As we all know, India is one of the youngest countries in the world. Almost 60% of India’s population is below 30 years of age. This huge young population is a major attraction for all the brands of the world across different product categories. Almamater Store which also caters to this age group recently tied up with a Bollywood movie Chhichhore which was primarily targeted at the college-going crowd. Almamater Store took the right to become their official merchandise partner. Almamater Store also targets the same segment with its product range of Customized Hoodies and T-Shirts. Almamater Store is very popular amongst the college-going crowd and young professions for its high-quality range of custom printed hoodies and t-shirts. Chhichhore and Almamater coming together worked perfectly well for the brand as well as the movie.