Design Custom Apparel


In a world dominated by screen printing, creating and designing your own customised t-shirt can stand out from the crowd. Brand apparel quickly grabs eyeballs; it is tangible, it pops and leaves an impression in people’s mind for a long period of time.

A custom t-shirt can serve different purposes for different organisations or companies from varied sectors of the economy. In the corporate world, a customised t-shirt can make staff look more professional and approachable. A screen-printed customised t-shirt for charity work is a great way to raise money and draw attention. If we talk about the entertainment industry, a box filled with unique custom t-shirts can be sold to crowds of loyal fans to earn money and build reputation. In a nutshell, a custom t-shirt is a great way to spread the word about your company, team, club, NGO, etc.

With some mindfulness, your customized t-shirt will look better and help you achieve your goals. Before we dive into the deep end, it is wise to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Concentrate: Why do I want to make my own t-shirts?

The first and foremost thing you need to be sure about is the purpose you need to serve or the goal you want to achieve by making your own customised t-shirt. Different organisations or companies have different reasons to opt for a custom t-shirt for themselves. The most common reasons due to which people order custom t-shirts are:

  • For commercial purposes, i.e. to raise money by selling them as merchandise.
  • To give your company’s staff a more professional and approachable outlook.
  • For building up staff unity and morale.
  • To acquire the loyalty of fans and members by giving them out as prizes.
  • To draw attention towards your brand or cause and help to spread the word.
  • To express an awesome artistic vision.

When you have a clear picture of the reason to make your own customised t-shirt, you will have a clear vision throughout the design and ordering process.

  • Reflect: What is my brand’s identity?

There is something special and unique about every company or organization that grabs some eyeballs. Identify what is your USP that makes you different from all other brands and organizations in the market. Take a moment to reflect on your brand’s current identity. To identify your brand’s identity, you can begin by looking at your logo and social media presence – however, your brand’s identity goes deeper than that. Consider who your employees, followers, and customers are and why they chose you out of all the existing options. After knowing your secret ingredient, keep that in mind while you are designing your custom t-shirts.

  • Visualize: How do I want these t-shirts to look?

Put yourself in a hypothetical situation, where your custom t-shirts package has arrived and you are holding your customized t-shirts in your hands. Visualize yourself holding the soft fabric, smelling the clean cotton, and witnessing the design in your hands.

Explore every color and every design of t-shirts available in the market ranging from varied designs to varied pricing. The more freedom you allow yourself in this step, the more memorable your t-shirt design will be- so relax and get a pencil and paper out. Doodle, sketch, and color your mockup apparel until you’ve really explored a ton of options. By the end of this exercise, you will have a lot of options to choose from, so choose your best one.

  • Centre yourself: Find your inspiration

By coming onto this stage, you will have a clear picture of your customized t-shirt. You know the reason behind your need for a custom t-shirt. You also know your brand’s voice and visual identity. You even have a lot of creative designs that are completely out of the box. You have cleared all the necessary doubts about your custom t-shirt. Now just step away from all of this and centre your mind. Take a deep breath and calm yourself. When you are in the place of uninterrupted calmness, the customized t-shirt concept that you want to create will become clear.

Try all these 4 meditation practices as you design your custom apparel. This can be really helpful for you and you will see that it is not as difficult as it looks when it comes to designing your custom apparel.