Dress Yourself on the Weekend

Slay it With Style– How to Dress Yourself on the Weekend

Gagandeep Singh  |  28 June

The weekend is the only time after a tiresome and weary week where you can dress up and showcase your styling abilities. One does need a break over the weekend be it by going for parties, shopping, meals or a visit to the mall so it is important to dress yourself on the weekend to create the weekend vibe. Every person has their own comfort zone when it comes to dressing up, some like it the simple way while some like to ‘bling’ it up. The weekend is the one opportunity where one can dress up and put a little effort and still look effortless.

Effortless Steps to Dress Yourself on the Weekend

After a hectic week of hard work and sweat where you are clad with official or formal outfits, do not lose the opportunity to dress yourself on the weekend! For people who like it simple, can go for basic t-shirts and pair it up with a fitted pair of jeans and smart accessories. There are fashion styles that you can master like the monochromatic look by pulling of separate items of the same color or shade. For an absolute comfortable and outdoor look, custom hoodies are topping the fashion charts. The concept of multiple layers is trending not just during winters but also during other weathers.

The weekend is meant to be a happy occasion and for that, one should wear happy colors. For a brunch meal out with friends, one can bet on stunning floral print dresses or jumpsuits. The pastel colors are also very much in for a day out. For a night out, one can always go with the classics- black and white and even keep their bet on dark shades of red or maroon. The individual should keep in mind that the outfit they select should compliment with their skin tone and should fit them well. The fabric of the outfit selected should be done based on the occasion and the weather. For instance, wearing a velvet dress is apt for the winter weather only. To make a weekend look like a weekend, spend a little time and put some effort to dress yourself on the weekend.

There are famous magazines and articles that can help both men and women choose their outfit for the weekend. These magazines encourage dressing yourself on the weekend by giving expert advice as they are aware of the trends and what color looks good on what body type. They are aware of what kind of jewelry, footwear and bags can go well with which outfit and can help the readers. What is the point of letting a weekend go without dressing up a little? One should enjoy the process of dressing up and not take it as a task. There are some individuals who find dressing up a very tedious job like applying makeup or selecting an outfit for the weekend but it is all easy and convenient as there are so many YouTube videos put up by young bloggers who can help you with exactly what you need. Do not waste the next upcoming weekend and make the most of it by dressing yourself on the weekend in the clothes you find comfort as well as style in!

appear great in a t-shirt

5 Secrets to Appear Great In A T-Shirt

Gagandeep Singh  |  28 June

Every individual wants to appear good wherever he or she goes but with that, they also want to wear comfortable as well as effectively stylish clothes. People often intend to leave an impact on others based on their apparel and their dressing sense. It may be surprising but true that one can create a style statement and appear great in a t-shirt itself. The best part about wearing a t-shirt is that it is the simplest clothing that can make anyone look extremely good. It is true that t-shirts are the most found clothing item in one’s wardrobe, be it a man or a woman. Let’s find out more about how one can appear great in a t-shirt.

Easy Steps to Appear Great In a T-Shirt

It is important to make your dressing sense talk about you, which can be done by wearing smart t-shirts as one also appears great in a t-shirt. There are online websites that also sell customized t-shirts for customers at a low cost and of high quality.

The first and foremost secret to appear great in a t-shirt is to ensure the correct fit. One should purchase a t-shirt based on their body type in order to make a t-shirt look good on them. The t-shirt should either be fitted if you want it to be tight on you or a baggy if you want it to appear loose on you. It should fit perfectly on the body so that it enhances the body as well. There are different kinds of fits of a t-shirt, for instance, in the men’s collection, there are muscle fit and classic fit t-shirts. The fitting of the t-shirt should be such that when one raises arms, there should not be a gap around the neck. It should not be that tight that it restricts movement.

The second secret to appear great in a t-shirt is to choose the right color. It is important for all to have the basic, classic and natural colors like the grays, whites and blacks. The colors should be selected by ensuring that it complements the color tone and appears good on your body type. One always has the choice to experiment with different colors by even choosing dark colors. It should be ensured that the t-shirt color doesn’t clash with the skin tone.

The third secret to appear great in a t-shirt is to choose the right fabric of the t-shirt. It is preferable to use absolute cotton, which looks lighter, thinner and runs longer. For instance, polyester is the kind of fabric that is light and dries quickly but is not a breathable material. Even synthetic blend is a type of fabric that is in a stretchy form.

The fourth secret to appear great in a t-shirt is to wear the t-shirt in style. There are t-shirts with crew necks that are more suitable for a body with sloped shoulders while there are V-necks as well which are more suitable for individuals with short height. One can style a simple, plain and a classic t-shirt with smart pair of shoes and accessories. There are printed t-shirts available in abundance at almost every shop.

The fifth secret to appear great in a t-shirt is to wear an appropriate t-shirt for occasions that they can be worn to. For instance, a t-shirt may not be the best choice for an official meeting or office work. It can be worn at parties, on a day out with friends, beach or even while shopping. T-shirts are apt when worn for activities that demand a lot of sweating.

online t-shirts printing

15 special Tips for Online T-Shirt Printing on the Same business Day

Gagandeep Singh  |  26 June

Online T-Shirt Printing- Marketing is very essential to promote a business or a brand. But spending a good amount of money is not necessary all the time. Some cost-effective methods of marketing are there and the customized t-shirt is one of them. Business owners can draw the customer’s attention and can easily reach out to the target audience using the t-shirts. In any business related event, branding logo printing t-shirts can easily come to everyone’s notice.

Unique Points for Online T-Shirt Printing

For this, a t-shirt printing plan must be executed timely. But many times, business owners have to take a prompt decision for creating a business event and in that case, they require the same day t-shirt printing services. Not only business professionals but also many other organizations are looking for fast online t-shirt printing services and it is possible because of Almamaterstore with the latest technology.

In any personal or professional occasions, it must happen sometimes that you need to print a large number of t-shirts immediately. For example, music band in an urgent need of same logo printing t-shirts for their band performance. In previous times, this thing is quite impossible to print bulk order t-shirts on the same day. But now it is possible because of modern technology.

In the ancient time t-shirt printing process takes huge time, so many people still believe that same day t-shirt printing is not possible. But now there various online sites, where you can customize the design of the shirts and can get same day delivery. You have to just place the order before 12 pm on the same business day. Modern printing machine takes very less time to print one t-shirt. So it can easily finish the whole printing process in the same business day.

Few important tips when you need online t-shirt printing urgently

1. One simple color: If there is a bulk order of custom t-shirts printing and get very less time for delivering the whole order, then just choose one simple color. If there are multiple numbers of colors then the process may become lengthy. So keep the color simple with just one text, this will ensure timely delivery of the t-shirts order.

2. Free t-shirts designing tool: There are so many online free custom t-shirt designing tools where you can just drag and drop the featured tools and make a custom t-shirts design very quickly. As you have a shortage of time, you cannot just hire a professional graphic designer and want the design on the same day. They will surely take a long time and you cannot afford it. So just use the symbol, icons, styles, and color of the online tools and ensure the online t-shirt printing on the same day.

3. Check design properly: Check the spelling of the text or the quote, grammatical errors and brand name properly before sending it to the printing service. There should not be a single error in the design, because after sending it to the online t-shirt printing service, they will take time to correct it and it will become little impossible to print the whole thing in the same day.

4. Use cotton material: If you want the same day delivery of the custom t-shirts then choose cotton material for it. As cotton easily absorbs ink, the whole printing process will be faster. Customized polo t-shirts can be a good option for any casual event.

5. Know the different printing techniques: There are some different printing methods – heat transfer printing, DTG printing and embroidery, silk screen printing and dye sublimation printing. Before choosing one technology for printing, just know the pros and cons of each technique.

6. Choose the right technique for white t-shirts: If you want colorful designs on white t-shirts then you should go for Dye sublimation methods for online t-shirt printing.

7. Use the DTG printing method for cotton material: If you want full-color, black or darker color soft cotton material t-shirt, then just choose the DTG printing for online t-shirt printing purpose.

8. Heat transfer printing: Use heat transfer technique if multiple color design is the prime factor of the custom t-shirts. It is one of the online t-shirt printing cheap techniques and provides a thin layer quality design print.

9. Silkscreen printing: Silkscreen printing is preferred for just one color t-shirt. It is long lasting and provides a quality product. This technique is mostly preferred for mass production.

10. Right t-shirt designing services: You should do proper research on online t-shirt printing services that has good designing tools and can provide a good quality product.

11. Choose the right combination designs: Before placing the order just check that color combination of the design, font style, logos, and base color is giving the eye-catching look or not.

12. Choose a cost-effective platform: There are various factors for increasing the cost of online t-shirt printing. Those are a number of t-shirts, size, colorful designs and shipping cost. So considering all these things, if your budget is low choose that online sites which offer less price than others.

13. Choose good service with a quality product: If you are organizing a big budget business event, need good quality printing t-shirt very quickly then just go for the best online t-shirt printing sites.

14. Choose transparent pricing sites: Choose those sites that provide proper price breakdown for all the things. This is professional and also very trust able.

15. Pay after receiving products: Nowadays in every online site, cash on delivery option is very common. So go for those sites only. You can check all your products and all are perfect then only pay the bill.

customized t shirts for a marathon

How to choose a Customized T-shirts for a Marathon 

Gagandeep Singh  |  14 June

Customized T-shirts for a Marathon-  In sports, Marathon is famous all over the world. It is the long-distance version of the race. Anyone can participate in it, you can either walk or run or both as your strategy. Physically disabled people can also participate in Marathons. They do their run-on wheelchairs as a separate segment. The official distance of a marathon is 42.195KM and is run on normal roads not running tracks in stadiums.

Checklist before choosing Customized T-shirts for a Marathon

Every sport has its own type of jersey and its must. Your team name and the sponsor brand names are mentioned in it but for a marathon, the jersey is not mandatory. You can wear anything, but most of the people choose sweatshirts because it is comfortable. You have seen that most of the people in marathon wear customized t-shirts. The company who sponsors the marathon they mostly provide the t-shirts to everyone. Marathon is a good way of collecting fund for charity or for donation. Choosing a t-shirt for a marathon is not an easy job. Many factors are there you should consider many factors.

Participants who take part in the marathon and wear Jersey in one way are going to represent the sponsored company. So, the organizer needs to be careful while choosing the customized t-shirts for the race, as it will improve the brand value. Things you must consider are mentioned below;

  1. Material:

In market different fabrics are available, all are not the same. One should choose one which is high quality keeping in mind the comfort of the marathon runners. You should choose well-customized t-shirts for a marathon may be made from organic fabrics. That t-shirt should have location, race number, name of the marathon, sponsor company name. It should be comfortable and full of attractive graphics with all details so that everybody can read all the detail from a distance too. Considering the weather conditions is also important.

If it is winter go for long sleeve customized t-shirts. It should be lightly weighted along with the windproof material.

In summer consider a customized vest instead of customized t-shirts. The vest is more comfortable than t-shirts. The material should be light with air pours.

  1. Choose the right printing company

Many online t-shirts printing companies are there who can provide us good end product. Choosing the right printer for customized t-shirts for a marathon is a hectic job. The printer should be experienced so that they can suggest new design ideas within a pocket-friendly budget. Consider the below-mentioned tips before choosing a printing company wisely.

  • Look for a custom t-shirts printing company who can offer advice on the artwork, right fabric choice, weaving technique, and price.

  • Always choose a company with great experience in printing that has good knowledge of fabrics and garments. Should have modern printing technology.

  • Beware of the hidden cost. The contract should be open with a clear deadline for delivering customized t-shirts.

  1. Ultra-violate protection

Participants run for a long time under the sun. So, if the material of the personalized t-shirts is not good it can create a bad impact on your skin. UV ray can cause health issues, like premature aging and skin cancer. So, this is very important that the t-shirt you are wearing should protect you from these UV rays. Do not forget to wear sun block.

  1. Choose suitable fabrics for a marathon

When it is time to choose the customized t-shirts for a marathon, everyone should go for a cotton t-shirt. It is good for all skin type. For t-shirts, cotton is a great fabric. Cotton absorbs sweat and keeps the body temperature down by proper ventilation. That means your garment absorbs the sweat before your knowing.

  • Bamboo

In recent days people go for organic fabrics as its natural. Bamboo t-shirts are soft and it has antibacterial properties too. The bamboo customized t-shirts have anti-bacterial properties too.

  • Lycra

It is one of the oldest fabrics that was used back in the ’50s. Even to date also, the fabric is much popular in every type of sports. This is famous for its durable and for the stretchable nature.

Keeping all points in mind choose the customized t-shirts for a marathon carefully. All the participants should feel comfort when they take part in the marathon.