Raksha Bandhan Customized T-Shirt Ideas

5 Raksha Bandhan Customized T-Shirt Ideas for you Sister

Saurabh Chhabra  |  14 August

 5 Raksha Bandhan Customized T-Shirt Ideas for you Sister- With less than a month to go for the much-awaited celebration of utterly cute and lovable bond of brother and sister, most brothers must be having a hard time coming up with some endearing gift ideas for their sisters. We completely understand your pressure of finding a gift that perfectly suits your sister’s taste and likes. We suggest you not to give her cliched gifts – instead, surprise your sister this Raksha Bandhan with something that makes her feel you value her more than anybody else.

Raksha Bandhan Customized T-Shirt Ideas for you Sister-

Customised t-shirts have become the next most innovative and affordable gift, perfect to go with all seasons and festivals. No one can say no to a clothing that spells tonnes of emotions and slays when it comes to fashion at the same time. You must be aware of your sister’s love for clothes while struggling to find a place for your clothes in the same cupboard as a kid. Her overflowing closet with clothes and her dramatic dialogue, “I have nothing to wear” are so relatable. We have searched through a plethora of ideas to come up with 5 uber cool ideas that you can incorporate in customised t-shirts for your sister.

Matching t-shirts- Twining can never go out of fashion. It is stylish and cool at the same time. All you adorable brothers can get customised t-shirts for yourself and your sisters on this Raksha Bandhan. Don these t-shirts on Raksha Bandhan and mingle in the spirit of this adorable festival. Do crazy stuff this Raksha Bandhan and get the quirkiest t-shirts for your sister to relive the naughty childhood days.

Raksha Bandhan Customized T-Shirt Ideas

Favourite cartoon t-shirts – A walk down the memory lane will help you fetch a few cartoon characters that you as kids went crazy about. Yes, maybe get her a customised t-shirt with her childhood’s favourite cartoon character. Let her know that your childhoods days with her are not just a thing of the past but the most cherished and unforgettable one’s.

cartoon tshirt for rakhi gifts

Sarcastic and funny one-liners t-shirts – The relationship of a brother and her sister is always associated with lots of fights and teasing. We have all grown through this. It’s time you rejuvenate those old days of irritating one another by gifting her customised t-shirts with added hint of sarcasm. Get her customised t-shirts with one of your dialogues that makes her go nuts or with playful one-liners that make her throw a cushion at you. It’s never too late to fight with your siblings and age is definitely not a barrier.

Motivational Customised t-shirts – You love your sister and wish her all good things in life. Then why not be a reason to make her feel confident about herself. Be the motivation to help her pursue her dreams and goals. Let your Raksha Bandhan gift be a customised t-shirt with a motivational quote that makes her remember your presence on days when she’s all bogged down. Inspire her on those days to get up and chase her goals with a customised t-shirt. After all, a real brother is not just that protects her but motivates her to excel in all her endeavours and participates in her journey. Give her wings to fly high.

motivational customized tshirts

Emoji t-shirts – Whether she is full of smiles or burning hot in fury, there are customised t-shirts for all her moods. Tease her through all her moods swings by giving her customised t-shirts with emojis, she most relates to. Let me just reveal a secret, all girls love those awe-so cute emojis. Just gift her one of those customised t-shirts with emojis and wait for the spectacle that enfolds, thereafter.

If you already have some Raksha Bandhan Customized T-Shirt Ideas in your mind, try ALMA Play Tool and surprise your sister with a unique gift this Raksha Bandhan.

Design Your Own T-Shirt

T-Shirts for Independence Day

T-Shirts for Independence Day: A T-Shirt that Embodies your Patriotism

Saurabh Chhabra  |  10 August

India’s 72nd Independence Day is just around the corner. On 15th August, we commemorate our freedom fighters and celebrate the independence we now enjoy, thanks to their unrelenting efforts and bravery. Like every year, there will be flag-hoisting ceremonies at schools and institutions. You will find both young and old flying kites and listen to patriotic songs wherever you go. And the good news is that there are plenty of new ways to honor this day now.

Customising T-shirts with unique themes for Independence Day is one of the most creative ways to display your patriotism and celebrate along with your friends, co-workers, and family. Here are some fun ideas for this special day that you can easily try out on your T-shirts:

  • Your favourite historical heroes: Try customising your T-shirts with modern or sketched portraits of Rani Laxmibai who played a major role in the Revolt of 1857, or Shaheed Bhagat Singh, a revolutionary and an influential figure who remains the symbol of heroism and sacrifice. These would be a definitive style statement on this special day.

You could also go for famous slogans on your T-shirt by Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose among other important figures and wear them with pride.

T-Shirts for Independence Day

  • Patriotic movies: Add the element of nostalgia to your look on Independence Day with prints inspired by posters from old patriotic movies depicting India’s struggle for freedom. The iconic film Mother India (1957) is an excellent example. This film depicts the struggle of a single mother trying to raise her children and is a metaphor for the struggles of the newly independent nation. Another important historical film is Shaheed (1965), a biography of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. The vintage poster of this movie on a white T-shirt promises to evoke nostalgia while being fashionable.

You can also opt for prints inspired by the minimal poster designs of the newer patriotic movies such as Border (1997), Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001), Mangal Pandey: The Rising (2005), Rang De Basanti (2006) and 1971 (2007), among others.T-Shirts for Independence Day

  • Based on the Tricolour: Try sporting saffron, white or green T-shirts on this day with patriotic and inspirational quotes. The saffron colour of our national flag stands for the country’s courage and strength, the white represents truth and peace, while the green represents growth and fertility. These colours also represent the secularism and diversity of India.

You can try alternating or match them with your friends and family as you head out to celebrate this day. Sporting these at your workplace during the Independence Day celebrations would be a great way to break the ice among co-workers.T-Shirts for Independence Day To Design your T-Shirt, Try Alma PLAY Tool.

Custom Designed T-Shirt to promote business

4 Ways How A Custom Designed T-Shirt Can Help You Promote Your Business

Saurabh Chhabra  |  6 August

Custom Designed T-Shirt to Promote Business- Long gone are those days when mobiles, letters, and e-mails were the most sought mediums of communication and marketing. People have run their creative minds in the most innovative manner to let clothing do the talking.

Yes, customized designed t-shirts.

Whether you are promoting an idea or organization, expressing your feelings for your loved ones, celebrating togetherness or simply making a fashion statement, customized t-shirts have gone a long way in catering to diverse needs and purposes. The element of versatility and far-reaching appeal makes it a reliable resort.

4 Best uses of Custom Designed T-Shirt:

Mentioned below are the four best uses customized t-shirts have been put to:

1. Successful Marketing Tool

Obsolete ideas and techniques don’t fetch sky-rocketing profits for a business organization. It’s always something fresh, interesting and thought-provoking that makes a lasting impression on the minds of customers. The concept of customized t-shirts has invariably been productive in marketing several brands.

Custom Designed T-Shirt

Thinking of a start-up?

Do you lack initial marketing strategies?

In that case, customized t-shirts can be your first stronghold strategy for marketing your product among the masses. Your team as a business entity will stand recognized when you sport similarity. And what better way than to wear similar customized t-shirts with your company logo and slogan on it. It enhances the visibility of the company in the eyes of the general public.

Simply, the distribution of customized t-shirts among the consumers or by giving away customized t-shirts as gifts in events can be a solid way to build the first relationship with consumers. Give them customized t-shirts that they’ll cherish forever. It is strategies like these that compel customers to come back to your store for products and services.

The catchy slogans on customized t-shirts can interest many to be a part of your company. As an owner or employee, you must have seen heads turning towards you when you wear your organization’s t-shirt.

startup custom tshirts

Congratulations! You just marketed your business organization successfully.

In business events, when people see numerous individuals in the same customized t-shirts, it strikes a chord in their mind regarding the company. It puts forth the team spirit and enhances the image of the company.

Even the cost of bulk booking customized t-shirts is low, which doesn’t drain much of your money. Therefore it’s a win-win with the customized t-shirts. You get a  powerful marketing tool at the least cost.

Custom Designed T-Shirt is really a successful marketing tool to get your business in front of others eyes.

2. Fashion statement

Comfortable and stylish.

Nowadays, this is exactly how you describe a customized t-shirt. The embellishments in the form of quotes, emojis, sarcastic remarks and graphic designs on the t-shirts are chic and cool. They are perfectly suitable for all moods and seasons.

custom tshirts for fashion

Introverts, you no longer need to hide our emotions and words.

Don’t speak it, just print it.

So don’t forget to be emotional, sarcastic, witty or anything you feel at the moment. Just adorn your customized t-shirt and let it speak volumes for you.

Wear them oversized or well- fitted.

Knot them up or leave them hanging.

Just, remember to slay it with your customized T-shirts.

3. Social awareness

It’s not always what you hear but also what you see that leaves a lasting impression upon somebody.

social awareness custom tshirts

This is absolutely true for organizations working for social awareness. Customised t-shirts have been consistently promoted on such platforms with the cause of the event and slogans printed on them. The event rejuvenates with a vibrant zeal and energy. You leave everlasting impressions on every next person who sees you wearing a customized t-shirt for a cause. It moves them and makes them a part of it automatically.

4. Celebration of bonding and reunions

Ganging up for a bike ride?

Planning on a college reunion?

Best friend’s wedding functions around the corner?

If anything of similar weight is your concern right now. And you’re looking for not so normal ways of celebration, then customized t-shirts can be the next best thing.

Skim through the old memories and design a quirky one-liner for custom t-shirts. Distribute them among all your batch mates and rejoice in reunion by mingling with all in the same color and feel. You’ll be back in time when you all dressed alike in the school uniform. It’s worth it to re-create those days.

reunion custom tshirt

This vacation makes sure you get customized t-shirts for your entire family. It is through these customized t-shirts that you will bond in the most unusual ways and celebrate the enduring connections with them. From elders to kiddos, let everybody wear the same customized t-shirts to make for a wonderful family vibe.

Whatever be the occasion, you can always experiment and celebrate oneness in style.

If you also want to go ahead for Custom Designed T-Shirt to promote your business online, try Alma Mater PLAY Tool.