Cult Dressing: A Modern Take

Cult Dressing: A Modern Take

Saurabh Chhabra  |  22 May

Circa way before you were born; things were a stark contrast from the present day. Groups of people, congregations of ideas were referred to as ‘cults’. The idea behind cults was the plausible deniability of notions that strayed from the standards of societies. However, this did not stop the cultists from formulating the base for their beliefs.

Dressing according to your beliefs, has always been the way of mankind; it is the way humans have distinguished between types and thinking. The ‘KKK’ was easily recognizable for their white supremacy by their signature white-cone headgear and white gowns; this does not account for the horrendous nature of their cult. It is a neutral way of understanding that whatever ideal they might hold, a group of people with a similar goal, will always dress the same.

In the present day, cults have taken on a new name, groups or clubs, but the baseline remains the same. There is a cult/group for everything. It is not limited to the archaic ideas of witchcraft, satanic verses, and unacceptable Scientology groups. It is the up and coming way of interacting with people who share the same vision and ideas as you. Take for example the counter culture that emerged from the Beatnik Revolution, the generation that exercised ‘flower power’, known as ‘hippies’. These inhabitants of the 1960s propagated a style of dressing that is still prevalent in the 21st century.

Modern technology has done mankind a favour, dressing according to a belief or a group is as easy as taking a print out, literally. The present scenario, when it comes to groups and clubs, includes customised wearables, like t-shirts and hoodies, which represent the organisation. Printing technology and techniques are so advanced that designing a great custom t-shirt can be done seamlessly and quickly. A great custom t-shirt needs a group and a great group t-shirt slogan, and that’s all. A logo, a quote and a great creative design, and it can be made in a matter of hours.

Read on to know some creative t-shirt design ideas or youth group t shirts design ideas for your brand or collective.

Presently we can classify some modern day cults as follows:

  1. Biker Gangs: It is an age old tradition in every Hollywood movie to portray a group of bikers with leather jackets and their logos stitched on them. It is not just a wearable, but a lifestyle. There is much scope for creative t-shirt design ideas for bikers because this culture is an old one. Go for quotes like, ‘ride or die’, ‘some do drugs, others pop bottles, we solve our problems with wide open throttles’, ‘four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul’ etc. Being a biker group, there is no chance that there is no motto. Hence, the best way to go is getting your motto printed on the t-shirts along with the name of the member it must be worn by.
  2. Book Clubs: This isn’t a new thing either, for as long as literature has existed, so have book clubs. To take this age old tradition to the next level, getting customized wearable for the members is a great way to go. As group dressing up ideas go, the reach is endless, because literature is endless. Get a nice quote printed by the individuals’ favourite book/author, along with their names, to give your club the identity it needs, in a crowd.
  3. Martial Arts Groups: Martial arts is something every individual with a mind to be able to defend themselves, opts for. Fighting styles are as old as time, and their growing popularity in the present day is baffling. Some avenues to explore include Maui Thai, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, and Kali etc. Every art has its own culture and every art has its own instructions. However, it isn’t quoted that stand out in the crowd; it is the representation of the art itself by the collective, and there are enough custom t-shirt ideas for martial groups that will get the team in frenzy. Get your team logo printed on a custom t-shirt and represent what you stand for.

The age of information has softened the blow on cultist beliefs and organization, so name that group of yours and give it some clothing. The scope is endless.

Is it even a Vacation if you didn’t Post it on Instagram?

Saurabh Chhabra  |  1 May

The first thing that we notice about social media platforms is the feasibility with which it lets its patrons, portray their lives over the internet. To thousands of followers, or the few friends and family that follow them. It is the age of showcasing every good and bad moment of life, as it is led by the individual. There is a sense of beauty in it, and not just convenience.

A prevalent trend in this avenue of social media is travel. Traveling patrons posting images and stories of their travels, however big or small their vacation may be, is something that everyone keeps a track of. It is a means by which one can experience the place that their friends or family are travelling to, with the help of visual and audio platforms that apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter provide. It can be witnessed upon various pages, the vast scope for humour via funny t-shirt designs for holiday season due to influencers and groups travelling during the season.

family vacation and custom t shirts

Social media and propagating information via social media is not just an aspect of modern-day human interaction, it is a norm that suggests social stature and portrays a person’s likes and dislikes.

In recent days, it can be seen that people are giving more and more importance to travelling. This is probably so because the work culture vs. satisfaction is changing. People are becoming freer, with every passing day and that is something that is leaking into the travel industry. Familial units, travel groups, groups of solo travellers etc. are putting more monetary means into travelling, than ever before.

Custom Tshirts on social media

It is common practice for groups of people to be sporting similar, custom t-shirts for holidays. This is often done to:

  1. Establish a brand identity, for travel groups.
  2. A means to bring uniformity to a group.
  3. Collecting sense of belonging to the group itself, be it family or casual travellers’ group.
  4. Team spirit; this is a definite plus when it comes to travel groups aiming at adventure sports and other activities along the same lines.

If designing outfits for holidays or getting custom t-shirts for summer holidays is your cup of tea, then you have the soul of a traveller, willing to experience eternally.

Many travel pages and groups also award people customized t-shirts as mementos, commemorating a hike or trek. For example, a trip to a hill-town in Himachal Pradesh would include a t-shirt with the name of the group and perhaps, the name of the traveller on the back. A trek to Kheerganga, at an altitude of 9700 ft. is a big achievement for regular people who do not indulge in adventure sports as a religion. Hence, a custom t-shirt with the date, name, and altitude of the trek, with an individual’s name on it is certainly something that will be appreciated as a memento during the holiday season and after. This case is similar to people adorning their alma mater hoodies and t-shirts post graduating from an institution as a mark of belonging to that establishment.

Along those lines, social media plays another vital role in people’s lives, as opposed to a general interest in the platforms. People love to post memoirs of their travels online – it helps them share an experience with their friends and family, and in case of large following, have the platform to be an influencer. If you’re looking to design a custom t-shirt for the holiday season, then you can look to these influencers for some custom t-shirts ideas for the holidays.

More often than not, social media plays a vital role in terms of marketing or visibility. Custom t-shirts provide visibility for:

  1. The brand.
  2. An individual’s travels.
  3. The place of travel itself.

Tapping into this market is a great way to set up a business for one’s self, as customized wearables and travel are the trends of the decade. This practice notes the most traffic during holiday seasons, such as summer vacation and Christmas holidays, when travel season is at its peak and people just want to leave the hustle of the city behind.