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We’re a Family and we Match!

Saurabh Chhabra  |  25 April

Have you been wondering why you keep seeing a lot of people sporting customized t-shirts in bulk numbers? It seems everyone is adorning one these days, be it college groups, book clubs, biker gangs etc. Casually, it is a great way to style your outfit by means of designing a t-shirt or hoodie, which speaks to the world about the things that you relate to, like pop culture, cartoons, quotes and many other things.

However, as a rising trend, it is making a huge mark in the market centered on family occasions and vacations. It has been seen on women throwing bachelorette parties for their bridal friend, on families taking vacations, anniversaries and commemoration of milestones.


custom t shirts

People like to have a sense of belonging, a sense of collective feeling towards a common reason to celebrate or experience something. Custom t-shirts bring a casual type of uniformity to an occasion that is hard to ignore. It makes a statement on its own, while also shedding light on the reason why everyone is present, celebrating whatever the occasion calls for.

When it comes to travel groups, especially the affluent ones, it isn’t uncommon for them to get a whole bunch of custom t-shirts printed for the travelers that will be joining them. It is a great way for them to keep track of the huge number of people that travel with these groups, along with providing brand visibility for people observing the group.

Presently, however, this trend has found itself injected into families and small groups, who travel. Many-a-times, a nuclear family can be seen sporting custom t-shirts with either the family name on them or the names of individual family members. Sometimes, the rather creative ones tend to give their family holiday a name, which is a great way to play around with t-shirt designs and content.

Here are a few occasions where you can opt for getting your entire group custom t-shirts, to celebrate as a unit:

  1. A family vacation for four: It is a fun and quirky way of celebrating your family ties and collectiveness by taking a vacation to spend some quality times with your biological others. A great way to spice it up would be to get matching custom t-shirts for the same.

family vacation and custom t shirts

2. Family reunions and other occasions: This is a time when all of the members of the family come together to celebrate something memorable and timeless, such as birthdays, reunions and even something as small as a young member getting into college or getting their first jobs. There really is no designated reason to get a custom t-shirt printed. All in all, in the end, it is a piece of memorabilia that will last longer than the occasion itself.

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3. Bachelor and Bachelorette parties: If you’re the friend of the bride or groom, you’ve definitely been handed the responsibility for making all the gory arrangements for the bachelor(ette) party. As a takeaway and give-away favour, getting the squad matching custom t-shirts that call out the occasion, will make the person getting hitched happy. Women anyway love coordinated dressing, pinks and everything stylish and quirky. Humour never ceases to disappoint when it comes to friends designing wearables for an occasion.

custom t shirts for girls

4, For the elderly, taking in millennial trends: What’s better than rejoicing the occasion of 50 years of togetherness for your grand-parents? It will definitely make them happy as this minor effort, is perceived as a lot of them.

custom t shirts for parents

Here is one comic take on custom t-shirts, as worn by couples, especially elderly couple, which is taking the world on memes by a storm.

custom t shirts for old couples

It is a very cute way of spreading humane values of relationship, camaraderie, and acceptance. It is also a means by which their generation is giving the present generation some life goals.

There exist, plethora of ways you can work on a custom t-shirt, whatever the occasion may be. There is endless scope for content, satire, humour, milestone and everything else that one can think of. It proves individuality as a collective and there is nothing more moral than celebrating togetherness.

Why Choose Customized TShirts for Corporate Events

Event Dressing: Why Choose Customized TShirts for Corporate Events

Saurabh Chhabra  |  23 April

Why Customized TShirts for Corporate Events- If you’re organising an event and do not know how to choose a customized t-shirt or if you want to understand why customized t-shirts are creating so much noise all across the world and social media, then fret no more, the answer is here. Be it a musical festival, or a corporate event, custom t-shirts are a big hit. They provide uniformity and provide visibility at the same time.
Why Choose Customized TShirts for Corporate Events

Why and How to Choose Customized TShirts for Corporate Events:

One way to understand how to choose a customized t-shirt for corporate events, read the following.

  1. ‘Where are the restrooms?’ you ask the man wearing a black polo with a bold-capitalized “crew” printed on the back.

When people come to an event, such as a music festival, there is generally a huge crowd that has to be managed. A reason why customized t-shirts will prove to be of great help, is that it will help your attendees distinguish between staff and other personnel, in case of enquiries, help desk management and on-ground staff.

  1. ‘Would you like to sample this drink?’ asks the woman adorning a quirky t-shirt with a lot of sponsors printed all over the t-shirt.

In the present times, events are not just centered on a venue. Many brands, such as red-bull offer their wings team customized merchandise and backpacks, which they carry to different events, to promote the brand, personally. This is a great way if you want to indirectly be a part of the event, by means of showcasing your brand/ sponsors.

  1. ‘Would you like to buy some of the custom merchandise by the artist?’ asks the man, waiting at the merchandise booth, because every event has one!

Whenever you got to a music festival, you notice there is always a stall with all possible merchandise from the artist, which is on sale for the festival goers. This is another great way of promoting your brand with the help of customized t-shirts. One aspect why custom t-shirts are the in-vogue thing in the music business because artists are influencers and people love wearing their logo, album or other art and music as merchandise on custom t-shirts.

  1. ‘Go United!’ the crowd screams. You can see a storm of red t-shirts, holding banners, rooting for their team.

No sporting event is complete without players wearing their designated jersey; a sporting event is also incomplete without the fans and audience wearing the colours or original merchandise of their supporting team. A stadium is always painted in varying numbers by colours of their teams. People love to feel like they are a part of something, they like to represent something. Hence, a custom t-shirt at a match is something you will never go wrong with unless you’re adorning a team’s merch, which isn’t even playing.

  1. ‘It’s Maya’s bachelorettes’ girls!’ all intoxicated best friends of the bride scream, as the world is surrounded by sexual innuendos and pink furry party decoration.

Women do co-ordinate dressing the best; they also do co-ordinated custom t-shirts for as many occasions and events as possible. We can thank them for choosing custom t-shirts as a fashion worthy trend in the female fashion realm. Bachelorette parties, bridesmaids, pre-wedding shoots, birthdays, anniversaries, heck, even break-up parties, they come up with printable designs for everything. This is a market you can never go wrong with.

  1. ‘Please find your personal customized t-shirt and literature from the conference, in your favour bag.’

‘Wear it with pride for the next one!’

If you’ve ever attended a conference, workshop or any such corporate event, you’re lying if you did not excitedly wait for the take-away bag of pamphlets and other goodies, as souvenirs from the event. It is a whole different thing when exclusive events give out wearable merchandise to their attendees. A reason why custom t-shirts are becoming prevalent in the corporate sphere is due to the linear message from bulk clothing, free on-road marketing (if people wear the t-shirt around casually) and a means to return the favour to the attendees.

There are many more reasons why custom t-shirts are a great piece of clothing to attend events in or to be incorporated into the event itself. It is a booming market of wearable, customized fashion, that holds true for people’s likes and dislikes. If not something ground-breaking, a person could just design a custom t-shirt for themselves and wear it to the event it holds true for; a great way to individually find visibility at an event.

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Why Custom T-Shirts

10 Reasons why Custom T-Shirts are the new in-vogue thing!

Saurabh Chhabra  |  18 April

Why Custom T-Shirts- You might not wear your heart on your sleeve, but wearing your own designs is easier than ever. For as long as humans have known clothing, the concept of designing clothes for oneself has been almost unheard of. But now with digital designing and endless pop culture references, printing custom t-shirts has become a flourishing trend in itself. The retail level quality of printing custom t-shirts, along with personalized designs and texts, make for an enticing product. People have the freedom to do everything and more when it comes to custom t-shirts.

Why Custom T-Shirts

Merchandising is not just limited to brands or companies anymore. It is a trend that is fast moving into the realm of individual style statement. From pop-culture references and memes, to college and university merchandising, everyone seems to opt for them.

Presently, the websites offering custom design and printing services have upgraded to on-web softwares that make the end product look like something a merchandise designer made on Photoshop and Illustrator.

Why Custom T-Shirts:

Similar to the art of getting yourself a bespoke tailor, the reason why custom t-shirts are soon becoming viral is that it speaks of an individual’s personal tastes and liking. Read on to know the top ten reasons why getting a custom t-shirt designed it the ‘it’ thing in effortless everyday fashion.

  1. Quality apparels, affordable price with scope for varying quantity.
  2. The process is quick and efficient as professionals employed for screen-printing custom t-shirt, who use the latest in technology.
  3. This is the best route to take, if you are a company just starting out and looking for some visibility in the market.
  4. Endless scope for creativity and design.
  5. A very in-person way of marketing.
  6. Shows the team spirit of the organization or group getting the merchandise printed.
  7. Scope for inducing customer loyalty by giving merchandise as giveaways in contests and goodies for members/VIPs.
  8. Revenue aspect of merchandise can be tapped in to, by selling your brand identity as products.
  9. A subtle way to promote and grow yourself as a brand.
  10. Influence people with your design and content.

There are many avenues of printing custom t-shirts with authentic designs, which can serve beneficial to you, especially if you are looking for some traction in the marketing department. It is the best way to go if you as a brand are suffering from visibility loss or starting out in the business and need a subtle way to promote and grow your brand’s identity.

Other than the obvious brand- centric benefits of customised merchandise, it is a great way of interacting with your customer base, earn their loyalty and trust; this will also enable you to set a standard for yourself in the market and amongst your targeted consumer.

Why Custom T-Shirts

It must be noted that the reason why custom t-shirts are a hyped commodity at the corporate and university level, is due to the freedom of bulk order at an affordable price. Since many businesses have now started to cater to an order of less than the initially required number of articles, it is possible to tap into the market of families, groups, gangs, duos etc, which need between 2-10 pieces.

Everyone can get a printed custom t-shirt; everyone can express who they’re through their clothes.

ways to make your t shirt design go viral

5 Easy Ways to Make Your T-Shirt Design go Viral!

Saurabh Chhabra  |  16 April

Does it ever happen to you, that you’re walking down the alleys of a flagship store, looking for some comfortable and quirky t-shirts, but you don’t like the t-shirt design? This is the day and age of expressing yourself, especially through fashion.  But sometimes in life, our likes and dislikes do not figure in fashion for the general population. To cater to the people who believe in wearing something personal – as effortless fashion yet tasteful – exists the industry of customized wearables. It has been a booming industry for quite some time now, with its initial rise coming from universities and alma maters needing custom t-shirts. It is the brainchild of modern-day merchandise marketing, which doesn’t require one to be a brand per se, to have people adorn a customized piece of merchandise.

From teams looking for representation by means of a custom t-shirt design for an upcoming event to college societies designing merchandise is a very organic way to create visibility for anything that can be classified as having a brand identity. This trend has further expanded into something that has emerged from the design sense that social media is slowly starting to develop in its users. People like to see relatable things; humour and satire on a custom t-shirt. Customising your clothing, with the culture you talk about and the sense of humour you inculcate in yourself, becomes a fun activity.

5 Easy Ways to Make Your T-Shirt Design go Viral:

To make sure you know how to design a cool t-shirt designs and make it stand out amongst the masses, follow the tips below:

  1. Choosing the right style is imperative:

One thing that affects the look of a t-shirt is the style of the garment itself. T-shirts come in many styles, like the classic short sleeved one, the polo tee and the long-sleeved classic American inspired style. These styles have different appeals to different types of buyers, depending upon their tastes. Sometimes, a design might look better on a polo tee, than a normal t-shirt.

choose the right style to make t shirts design go viral

Another reason why these tips for creating a better custom t-shirt are important is that if the garment itself doesn’t fit properly then the purpose of design is moot. A person will re-order if the material and fit itself is comfortable, which draws the most attention via a satisfied customer.

  1. Content matters:

What you choose to portray with your content is what will serve as the highlight of your t-shirt. A great piece of content or visualization for a design will be more purposeful compared to a pre-existing design and concept. People generally opt for humour based or satire based comical content. If you cannot think of something original, look for t-shirt design ideas online and go from there.

  1. When thinking design, think interactive:

Take this as a baseline before anything else, what you create as a design should be interactive. It should invoke a feeling or emotion in the person buying or looking at it, as that is what ends up in actual sales. When designing a t-shirt design template, it is imperative to focus on colour pallets and combinations, visibility over the t-shirt itself and the final placement of design.

viral t shirts designs

A great way to shake things up is by using the space given to you innovatively, while also maintaining a level of comprehension with the buyer.  You could always look to your competition to know how to design a cool t-shirt.

  1. Placement matters:

The placement of your design will do wonders for your concept, as out-of-the-box thinking is sure to give results. Some fresh ways, to use designs is by printing on sleeves, using the space creatively, and telling a story with your design.

Here’s a pro tip for creating a better custom t-shirt, place the content uniquely by using words as a preamble on the front and something to validate it in the back, like a story of facing a person and facing their backs when they walk away.

  1. Vintage as a trend:

You can never go wrong with vintage in fashion! The whole concept of vintage is all-inclusive in the sense that it can be applied for a wash or look of the fabric with which the t-shirt is made. Play around with transparency, textures, shapes and distressed gradient.  It can be incorporated as cultural aspects of the design, or as a whole garment, promoting an era itself.

Trust vintage to get you a plethora of t-shirt design ideas, as fashion designers swear by its timelessness as a trend.

vintage t shirts trending

There are many ways to do a custom t-shirt right; however, there is no one correct way of doing it. Viral things go viral because of sheer creativity, so go crazy and let your illustration take centre stage!