Customized T-Shirts

Reasons for Demand of Customized T-Shirts

Khyati Kaushik  |  21 July

The fashion industry is revolutionized with the print on demand items especially T- shirts as they can be customized as per your requirements. There’s no luck factor in being Customized T-Shirts extremely popular now- a- days rather there exists plenty of reasons behind it.

Why Customized T-Shirts are in Demand:

Here are some of those reasons for demand of customized T-shirts:

Suitable for several occasions

Customized T-shirts suits almost every occasion and makes one of the best gifts to give. You can gift it as a birthday present, anniversary gift and more. For making it suitable, you just need to customize it with a relevant text or image having a special message for them.

Emergence of more and more customized T-shirts designers

You can easily find so many options not just for designing but in designers as well. Every designer being better than another in some way or other provides people with different options to choose from. If you don’t like the work of any one designer, you can always go to next.

Appropriate as promotional gifts

Customized T-shirts prove to be an amazing promotional gift. Owners can get printed their brand or company name and gift it to their customers or other people just as a promotional gift. Such gifts help companies in developing their brand identity by promoting it.

Adds a personalized touch

As we know, these T- shirts are customized and everybody customise them in accordance as they want it. They add special messages, quotes or memorable images to the T- shirts which adds a personalised touch them. Therefore, they attain a special value and always keep on reminding you of the moments close to your heart.

Fits in your budget

One good thing about customized T-shirts is that buying it does not burn a hole in your pocket. You can select them keeping your budget in your mind. They are made available to you in a wide price range which makes it affordable.

Advancement of Technology

With such advancement in digital printing technology, customized T-shirts demand have increased many folds. It is now easy to get images printed on T- shirts in a really fine and sharp quality that too without spending a hefty amount on it.

Almost everything can be customized

You get plenty of options to choose from and who doesn’t love to have options? You are able to have as many options available as one could possibly think of getting when customizing a T-shirt. You get to choose the type of fabric, size and colour of T- shirt, Type of text on it i.e. the font and colour, size of image and much more.

Transforms your imagination into reality

Customized T- shirts help you in transforming your imagination into reality. With numerous options provided to you while designing it, you get to customize it just as you’ve always imagined it to be without making any adjustments or compromises. Thinking of having your T-shirt in your hands looking just as you imagined can make anyone happy and attracted towards it.

Brings a sense of unity to a group

A group is nothing if its members lack sense in unity in them. When working towards a similar goal, people need to have a sense of unity in them which further motivates them to give their best in achieving that goal. These T- shirts help in providing that feeling to a group by providing them all the same customized T-shirts having their team name and constantly reminds them of it.

Scope for experimentation

With customized T-shirts, there is a wide scope for experimentation as you can customize it with different colours, images and more. It helps in bringing out your creative streak. And good thing about it is that you can see the final product beforehand and easily make changes before ordering it finally.

No limits for quantity

You can place your order on a website when you want to buy a single T- shirt for yourself or for gifting as well as when you want to buy a large number of T-shirts for a big group. This helps in increasing the number of customers without doing much.

Easy to Use

The increase in demand of customized T- shirts also relies on its ease of using the tools used by websites for customizing them. Such user- friendly tools can be used by anybody and therefore, do not scare away people of customizing their T- shirts on their own.

cool t- shirt fashion

Stay Ahead in Fashion World with Cool T- Shirts

Khyati Kaushik  |  20 July

Cool T Shirts- Fashion is the latest popular trend and when it’s about clothing, it always keeps on changing and all of us want to stay ahead in this fashion world. Though this gets a little tricky sometimes so for helping you out, here are some designs of cool T shirts which will surely help you rock the fashion world.

Rock the Fashion World with Cool T Shirts:

cool t shirts

The combination of black and white will always be in fashion so one can most definitely not go wrong with it. Except for the colour scheme, this cool T shirt also has an amazing print of birds which adds oomph to it.

                                              3d colour print
This 3D colour T-shirt will no doubt catch anyone’s attention within an instant. The blast of several bright colours makes this cool T shirt unique, eye- catching and easy to pair. Also, the 3D effect of the colour print makes it even cooler.

knitted wool print tee
This T- shirt has a really cool 3D design of knitting the wool taken from sheep. The 3D print makes the knitted wool appear as real wool attached to your T- shirt. It sure is one unique T- shirt.

comic strip tee
The cartoon comic strip print is what makes this T- shirt cool. Also, the details are finely printed on it. This T- shirt comes in so many variants having different comic strips printed on it which provide you with a lot of options to choose from.

bearded man tee

This cool T- shirt is for the men who love their beards and want to show it off or just acknowledge it. And it is said, without the beard a man is like a lion without mane!

be unique tee
Not just the text Be Unique adds the cool element to this T-shirt but also the way it is written in between a ‘fingerprint’ print. We agree that one should be as unique as their fingerprints and that is what will make you cool.

graphic skeleton tee
No one can deny that graphic print T- shirts are cool T shirts. If this T- shirt having a black base and print skeleton fingers symbolising peace and dope is not cool then what is? Also, the print quality is brilliant and the details make it stand out of the crowd.

sab moh maya hai funky tee
You can also play it cool while telling the world a fact- Sab Moh Maya Hai! T- shirts having cool texts written in even cooler style can never be out of fashion.

super heroes tee

This cool T- shirt pleases the eyes with its colourfulness. It has names of various cartoon characters or games printed on it. The print also looks nicely structured as no single name is completely hidden or taking up all space.

mickey-hand-peace mickey-hand-signs-heart
Do you recognize these hands? Well, Mickey Mouse was and still is one of the most popular shows of all times and the Cool T- shirts having these cute hands printed on it making a peace symbol or a heart shape looks pretty cool. You can get this in various other designs as well.

street style customized T- shirt

15 Street Style Customized T- Shirts to try this July

Khyati Kaushik  |  15 July

T- shirts being one of the most comfortable clothing items ever, we know their importance in your life. It’s awesome that you can make use of your creative streak and Customized T Shirts. Also, street style is definitely the most accepted and popular style as it is generally associated with youth. It makes you look uber cool effortlessly so be ready to rock this upcoming month of July with these amazing street style Customized T Shirts-

15 Street Style Customized T Shirts


hi, im awkward.

This T-shirt helps telling people about you beforehand. It may or may not be true but definitely is cute and funny.


Suming up age

This funky T- shirt sums up your age in quite a different way. But, isn’t it true you guys? We bet it is.


singh tee

Who doesn’t love turbans? This cool street style T-shirt having a cute print of a Sardar dressed up formally is definitely a must to try this July.


coffee, sarcasm and lipstick

This is almost every woman’s life story. We sure run on coffee, sarcasm and lipstick. Who wouldn’t agree to it?



You Live Only Once! Do I say more? Surely, try it out this July if you haven’t already.


throwback tee

Throwbacks are so popular now so why not have a throwback Tee in your own collection to try out this upcoming month of July? You can have it printed with anything you consider a throwback for you.


love pokeball

Pokemon is love. All of the now- young people know how much importance this cartoon did hold in our childhood days. And this Pokeball in a heart shape makes it look all the more sweet and lovable.


lighter tee

Ain’t this Tee lit? This out- of- the- box T- shirt will always come in handy when you are smoking. Even if not so, this sure is one of a kind and pretty cool design to try.



A devil T- shirt can probably never go out of street style so it sure is worth spending money on. This July flaunt your devilish side of personality in front of your folks.


cute but crazy

Cute? Yes, I am. Crazy? Oh! a sure yes. Not all cute faces are sane, some are crazy too and this chic and groovy T- shirt is a must have for them.


gangnam style

Everybody is not just acquainted with Gangnam Style but this song has made all of us tap our feets. So, all the Gangnam Style lovers out there, this customized T- shirt is definitely the one for you.


No care for #

Who else is not concerned about the hashtags used amply be people on social media websites? This customized T- shirt definitely speaks of the mind of most of the youngsters.



SWAG– It has become one of the most used words ever by the youngsters. But only speaking it always isn’t mandatory, you can also express it by getting it printed on your customized T-shirt. Be a SWAGGER this July.


masterpiece Tee

Enough of No Shave November, let’s have a No Shave July this time! This is your masterpiece to be flaunted and appreciated. So, why not flaunt it by having a customized T-shirt just for your moustache.


stone paper scissors

This Stone- Paper- Scissors Tee will surely bring back your childhood to you. Get this customized T- shirt in any colour you want and be all prepared to rock the street style this July.

Customized T Shirts

10 Best Customized T shirt ideas to Inspire your Weekend

Khyati Kaushik  |  13 July

Who doesn’t love T- shirts? They are the most comfortable and easy to pair out of all the clothing items ever. You can simply wear a T- shirt paired with denim and you will be all ready to go out without thinking or doing much. T- Shirts can never go wrong and suits almost every occasion when paired nicely especially

Customized T Shirts. With customized T-shirts, you can experiment and make your T- shirt look just as you wanted to. You can make use of images or texts for making your imagination transform into reality. Here are some

Customized T Shirts ideas to inspire your weekend:

1.     A Tuxedo Style

Customized T Shirts

This T-shirt design is both cool and elegant. Its unique design is sure to make heads turn. The print of Tuxedo on a T-shirt is definitely a good combination. This T-shirt will provide you with the classiness of a Tuxedo as well as the comfort of a T-shirt.

Tuxedo style Tee

2.     Customized T- shirt for new Parents

Well, there’s no weekend off for new parents as they have a toddler to look after 24×7. So, who else needs to have a cup of strong coffee than those sleep deprived parents?

may your coffee be stronger

3.     Geeky

Customized T Shirts

This HTML text is too cool and geeky. You can use it for a variety of texts. Here’s a really funny one describing some random stuff about Ninja. Cool, no?


4.     Gym Freak

Customized T Shirts

This T- shirt will keep you going in gym. It’s a great idea to motivate yourself and make you sweat enough to reach out for as maximum as possible. Now, never miss gym, not even on weekends.

Gyming Tee

5.     Chalk Board Customized T- shirt

Chalk Board T-shirts are something amazingly unique and creative T- shirts. These are printed with a special chalk board ink and let you draw on it. You need not worry if not satisfied with the drawing because you can erase that any time and draw a new one. You can have a new drawing every time you wear it, how amazing would that be?

Chalk board Tee

6.     Galaxy Paint T-shirt

Galaxy are loved by everyone. The shiny stars and combination of black and white colours makes it all the more stunning. Also, the concept of falling paint is very unique. So, be all set to give this cosmic T-shirt a try this weekend.

Galaxy paint Tee

7.     Paint man Customized T-shirt

This not- so- basic casual T-shirt is a sure hit. Being casual, the paint man print brings an oomph to it and doesn’t let it remain boring. You can wear it and just laze around in the coming weekend.

Paint man Tee

8.     Stripes with a twist Customized T-shirt

Everybody admires stripes. They are also one of the safest options to wear as they suit everyone. But, are stripes not just too mainstream? So, why not give it a try to T- shirt having stripes with a twist on weekend?

Stripes optical illusion Tee

9.     A Map Customized T-shirt

This shirt has a really unique and playful print of cartoonistic map on it. You can have varities of map printed on your customized T-shirt. So, be ready to show your artistic skills on this one.

Cartoon map Tee

10.    Couple Customized T-shirts

Spending your weekend with your partner? No worries, we’ve got an awesome option for you too. Try out these couple T-shirts, you can also have your names or anniversary date printed on them. A customized T-shirt with a personal touch, sounds amazing, no?

Couple Tee

Top 10 Best ideas about Senior Class T-Shirts

Top 10 Best ideas about Senior Class T-Shirts in 2017

Shruti Singh  |  3 July

Senior Class T-shirts- Staying focused during the senior year can be a challenge. But making the year meaningful has its rewards. You can make those memories in your senior year or can regret it your whole life.

10 Best Ideas about Senior Class T-Shirts 2017:

Your senior year is definitely the most emotional and interesting of all the years. Despite the excitement of looking toward graduation and getting that degree, you are also overwhelmed with anxiety for what the future holds as a young professional. This anxiety can swallow up your nights too. What will you do once you graduate? How will you get a job? Will you move far away from friends and family to pursue a career, or move back home to recollect? All of these questions are daunting, especially with the inevitable Seniority clouding your daily routine.

You may think that this year will go very slowly since it is your last year of college and you can’t wait until it’s over. You’re wrong. Senior year is by far the quickest and is gone before you know it. It is a time for reflection. The majority of seniors are uncertain of their future and are also freaking out. The best thing you can do is to just go with the flow and know that the universe will help you find your path in life. Just breathe. If you take the initiative to apply for jobs, grad school, or plan for other adventures, it’ll all work out. It doesn’t matter if you have twenty best friends, or three. The fact that you have those wonderful people in your life is marvelous. The friends that are still by your side Senior year are ones that will be there forever.

Just know that even if you separate, best friends will always reconnect. Make the effort this year to show them how much you appreciate their friendship before it’s too late.

Oh! This is not about the senior year it’s about what you can wear in your senior year.

T-shirts are the most comfortable and cool outfits. And with this t-shirt printing and the era of customization one can customize their t-shirt online.

These ideas about t-shirts for the senior class of 2017 are a nice way to say goodbye to your college and your juniors.

1. Straight outta here


2. One last crawl, before we walk


3. Senior class 2017


4. One hell of a quote


Adding a quote to anything makes it look more interesting. People freeze their eyes on it to read it and appreciate it. So this quote on your senior class t-shirts will show how creative you are.

5. Yes, it is!


6. Too Legit to Quit


7. Happy about it

Leaving school or college maybe the hardest thing to do but deep inside we all are happy about it.

8. Greatness overloaded


9. Dabbing all the way

This is one of the coolest ideas to get printed on your senior class t-shirt.

10. Seniors always rule

Seniors have the power to rule over their juniors and it makes their life more fun. This t-shirt for senior class is a creative way to rule out all the rules from the rule book.

These t-shirt printing ideas for the seniors of 2017 are some of the best ideas which can make you look out of the box in your senior year.