10 things a wannabe entrepreneur should never do!

1. Thou shall not start a company just because you read Steve Jobs’ biography.

2. Thou shall not start an event management company or a cafe and call yourself an entrepreneur.

3. Thou shall not start a company and put your picture on your website with CEO written below.

4. Thou shall not put “entrepreneur” as work info on your profile. Entrepreneur is not a profession.

5. Thou shall never dream of starting a company. Thou shall only act.

6. Thou shall never start a company to impress girls. Also thou shall never impress girls by telling them you’re an “entrepreneur”

7. Ok maybe the above point can be ignored.

8. Thou shall not constantly meet up with friends over drinks and say “dude lets start something of our own” and forget about it the next day.

9. Thou shall only thing big. Always.

10. Thou shall never posts notes like these .